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When installing a new exterior door there are three basic material options available to the consumer.
Fiberglass doors are, essentially, the perfect solution to combat the effects of the highly humid conditions of central Florida. Although each project is different, Stewart Construction typically recommends a fiberglass door with a PVC jamb and trim. Thank you for reading, feel free to post any questions, and as always you can contact us at 863-385-9403 for more information.
Choosing the best deck railing design for your deck can make a huge difference in its overall appearance.
As you will see, railings can enhance and beautify your deck as well as provide the necessary safety requirements. A standard 2X2 wooden deck railing system is the most common type of railing, and for good reason. Glass deck railing is expensive, and is best utilized over a lake or to maximize a mountain view. Cables or rods can be passed through posts to form an interesting and nearly invisible rail. Which ever style of railing you choose, make sure you choose the best contractor in your area. Camino Construction Services for the best in customer service and quality construction. Backyard Design Ideas - Proudly serving the Lake Norman area of Central North Carolina including the following towns and counties; Mooresville, Troutman, Charlotte, Statesville, Mt.
Camino Construction Servicesis the best source for decks, porches, gazebos, whatever your outdoor construction needs may be. Due to high amounts of rain and humidity, quite often exterior doors will rot or rust if not maintained properly and wood jambs will also rot. The advent of steel doors was due to their inability to rot, relatively low cost, and high strength.
Because these wood jambs are right at ground level, they tend to fare worse even then doors and tend to rot out at the bottom few inches. This is the best solution for most applications where durability as well as aesthetics are a concern. Juridictions vary, but if your deck is less than about 30 inches from the ground, railing may not be required by your local building code. The overall look is the same, but you eliminate the twisting, warping, and most of the maintenence. The materials cost for any patterned design will be a little higher, and the labor cost will be significantly higher. Numerous options are availabe including solid panels as well as individual "balusters" made of tempered glass or acrylic.
A fiberglass door is entirely impervious to rot and rust and this tends to make it the ideal replacement door in Florida.

Only in cases where a custom look is needed, or where low cost is an extreme concern, would we recommend a wood or a steel door. Rails have an obvious and necessary function - keeping people from falling off your deck - but rails also serve an important aesthetic role.
Over time it will naturally need the same maintenance that the rest of a wooden deck will need, so keep that in mind. Just remember, putting a wooden 2X2 into a different pattern does not stop those "pretzels" from twisting.
There are various styles of handrails and balusters, but overall the options are similar to standard wood railing.
Again, Aunt Mildred doesn't need to hang over the edge with this choice, but for normal use, its fine. However, the handrail on your stairs should be narrower so it can be gripped by the average hand.
Mourne, Davidson, Huntersville, Denver, Iredell County, Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Cabarrus County, Catawba County, Rowan County.
Any amount is greatly appreciated, although donations over one million dollars will get you a personalized note of thanks!
Mourne, Davidson, Huntersville, Denver, Terrell, Stanley, Concord, Salisbury, Pineville,  Iredell County, Mecklenburg County, Lincoln County, Cabarrus County, Catawba County, Rowan County. A wood door must be well maintained to prevent this, including periodic resealing of the finish on all sides of the door, including the top and bottom. When a door is replaced, it can also include a PVC jamb with PVC exterior trim (called brickmold). Now, just because you can build a deck without railing, that doesn't mean you should build your deck without it.
The biggest drawback to this style is that the 2X2 balusters have a strong tendancy to warp and twist. A variety of colors and styles are available, so you are sure to find a look that suits you and your deck. One other advantage of a wood entry door is the fact that it can be trimmed to fit most any opening. This typically happens at the bottom edge of the door and can be due to an improper application of paint.
They are available in smooth, paintable finishes as well as imitation stained wood finishes. PVC jambs and trim are a similar material to fiberglass and are rot proof, paintable, and trimmable.
Some of them will be just fine for years, but it seems there are always a few trying to perfect their pretzel imitations.
On a newer home this isn’t often a problem, but on older homes this can sometimes be necessary. Steel doors tend to be the least Another disadvantage of steel doors is the inability for them to be trimmed.

Most fiberglass doors have the option to come prefinished from the factory with a high quality, durable finish that will often last the life of the door.
Combining a fiberglass door with a PVC jamb and trim can give you a very attractive door system that is nearly impervious to the Florida elements. A 2 year old or a 92 year old could be significantly injured falling off of a 30 inch high deck.
Consistent stud spacing gives a wall structural integrity, especially if the wall bears weight from above. When it comes to price, a well made wood door is usually the most expensive of the three options. Fiberglass doors are often slightly trimmable, but are not quite as customizable as a wood door.
Framing a wall to include a closet or door necessitates replacing some of the studs with a header on a beefed-up frame that forms the opening. Like wood doors, if a steel door is not periodically repainted, on all sides of the door, it can lead to potential water damage.
Vinyl is not quite as sturdy as wood or some other choices, although in general it works fine. Headers are horizontal members that stabilize the rough-in framing and disperse weight in load-bearing walls. If your deck is near the upper end of the requirement range, strongly consider adding railing.
An opening in a typical 2-by-4-inch stud-built partition wall requires two full-length king studs that form the vertical sides of the opening. A standard header for a partition wall is two studs nailed together and turned so the flat sides face outward.
Short, cripple studs install in the shallow space between the header and the ceiling plate. If you have any doubts as to whether a wall is load bearing or partition, contact an engineer or contractor.
Structural changes that affect load-bearing walls usually require obtaining a building permit in advance. Her education includes marketing and a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Kansas. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Home Guides editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story.

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