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The back of the box is decorated with three photographs of Sam and the other doll in the Best Friend collection, Sally.
The dolls are called Best Friend Sam and Best Friend Sally, but I'm not sure if Sam and Sally are best friends, or if they're meant to be best friends with whoever owns them. I have to pause here for a sec and share something that Rachael discovered after I introduced Sam in my Toy Box Tourist post. I'll admit that when I unwrapped Sam from his shipping package, he wasn't quite as I remembered him.
Many of the wires did not have a protective covering, and these left behind creases in the clothing.
Underneath all of his hair, Sam has a bright, happy face with wide brown eyes and freckles. I like the level of detail in Sam's light brown eyebrows, but I wish that he had eyelashes (Sally does).
Sam's hair looks shiny and soft, but the fiber has a slightly coarse synthetic feel and I fear it will hold tangles over time. The hair plugs are widely-spaced and too visible in some areas--most notably at the top of Sam's head.

Sam is wearing a two piece outfit consisting of a long sleeved shirt and a pair of khaki pants. The crotch on these pants is a little low, made worse by the fact that the waist tends to slip down. I don't have any other dolls in quite this same scale, so I'll just show you a few reference shots with other dolls. I don't have many other dolls that can share their clothes with Sam, but what's fun about him is that he can wear real children's clothing. Sam borrowed this Carter's outfit from one of my Leman babies, so I had to go out and find him his own clothes. I think Sam looks so much cuter wearing these colorful clothes, and he reminds me even more of a real little boy. We have been having a beautiful Mothers' Day here in Maine, with 70 degree temperatures and plenty of sun.
My friend Jaime from That's My Letter asked me to design a simple, more modern toybox for her, with a lid, inspired by this one from Land of Nod.
Jaime also added this beautiful monogram to the top - you can get more details on how she did that here.

But please take a quick second to read Jaime's building post here - she's got everything covered from how she hides pocket holes to what type of hinges she used to how to make such a beautiful monogram. TIP: Fill any pocket holes that you can now instead of later when it's tough to reach inside. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion. To Jaime or anyone else following these comments, where are you finding straight 2x2 lumber? The only thing that was bothering me about him at this point was the fact that he didn't have any eyelashes.
Remember, you'll want to take steps to prevent little fingers from getting pinched from the toy box top. I'm thinking about purchasing pine because it seems to be the straightest wood at Lowes, just way more expensive.

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