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Families across America are reintegrating home gardens into their lives, working to increase the amounts of health-giving homegrown fruits and vegetables in their diets. Raised beds are a great idea because they protect growing plants from the scuffs and kicks of passersby while allowing the soil to warm faster in the springtime, generating an earlier crop.  They're also quite decorative and can add significant charm to vegetable gardens.
By building the boxes out of a beautiful, durable, and chemical-free material, you'll take an important step toward guaranteeing that your yard bears many decades of abundant and nourishing crops.
The lifespan data above is derived in part from an ongoing study at OSU that tracks the durability of treated and untreated posts in ground-contact applications. After Craigslist scouring, I ended up with nearly enough cement blocks to build two raised garden beds (I had to buy about seven new to fill the gaps, which added up to around $8).
I just went through the same exercise for these coffin-sized planters I got from Craigslist. About ShelterrificThis is site dedicated not to homemaking, but to home loving: Decorating, cooking, entertaining, organizing, gardening and making the most out of the places we call home. A raised garden bed will keep weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails.
Northern White Cedar is naturally insect and rot resistant and is not prone to splintering, This makes cedar a perfect choice for window boxes and raised garden beds.
White cedar is nontoxic, safe to handle, and there are no chemicals added, so none can leach out. In 1993, I found out that I had AVM on my spinal cord and came to the decision to have it removed.
This inspired me to create a website for people all over the country to have a way to purchase my products. J'ai utilise des bastaings de charpente pour mes carres de potager, le cout de revient est de 16€ par carre, et non pas 30 ou 40€.

Ayn a ecrit:Le tout est de les utiliser pour l'entourage, et non pas esperer cultiver dedans Ah ! Ce que tu decris me fait plus penser a de la culture en pots, comme ceux qui ont leurs tomates en gros pots et leurs radis en jardiniere.
J'ai un terrain tres argileux, qui retient beaucoup l'eau l'hiver, dans lequel de simples planches de coffrage sont effectivement pourries au bout de deux ans, mais je constate que mes bastaings tiennent encore la route au bout de 4 ans et pourront probablement tenir encore deux bonnes annees.Apres, effectivement les parpaings auront toujours une duree de vie plus longue. So I ended up contacting a local green landscaper for a bulk delivery of their growing mix: topsoil mixed with compost. I ended up asking friends to save their wine bottles for me and lined the bottom of the planter. L'idee du potager en carre, c'est un potager qui repose sur le non travail du sol, mais malgre tout sur le sol, sauf dans le cas particulier des gens qui installent des carres sur leur terrasse en appartement, avec bache impermeable et substrat artificiel dedans. Si les parpaings sont etroits et remplis de substrat tourbeux avec une faible surface de contact avec le sol, tu ne pourras pas remuer la terre a cause de l'etroitesse, les bestioles ne vont pas s'y plaire et remonter, ca va se compacter la dedans, et bientot plus rien n'y poussera.
After our Summer garden was finished, and it was time to start planning for the Fall, we decided to go with the raised garden bed method.
I paid about $248 to get five yards delivered, and this was more than enough to fill each bed and have a big pile left over for another section of the yard that needed some love. Le tout est de savoir ce que tu recherches exactement : une culture hors-sol, avant tout pour l'esthetique, le cote fantaisiste, l'amusement de faire pousser juste trois quatre legumes, ou un vrai potager ?Si tu as un jardin, pas trop petit, assez de place pour un vrai potager, et une terre de bonne qualite, et l'envie de faire pousser assez pour te nourrir et nourrir ta famille, pas seulement pour un grignotage occasionnel, alors je te conseilles quand meme d'opter pour une solution qui te permette d'avoir acces a la terre d'origine et d'en tirer le meilleur parti.
Le bois est certes dur lui aussi, mais ne griffe pas autant que des parpaings, j'en sais quelque chose vu que l'entourage de mes chassis est en parpaings. Il ne reste plus qu'a amenager des sortes de marches dans les allees pour rendre les deplacements plus aises et eviter le ruissellement. My friends were a little embarrassed and that full visual of their drinking.) Either way, the bottles are green, easy to take out if I ever need the full depth, and it was free.

La, je suis d'accord, ca va pousser.Mais la deuxieme photo ou il n'y a que des parpaings en hauteur, c'est certes tres esthetique vu comme ca, mais bien moins realiste et durable comme solution car c'est super lourd comme entretien pour un resultat decevant, surtout pour du potager. Tu vas vite dechanter.Apres, tu fais ce que tu veux, mais j'imagine que si tu veux cultiver des legumes, c'est avant tout pour en manger, pas seulement pour le fun et l'esthetique ?
Two compounds, alkaline copper quat (ACQ) and copper azole (CA-B), have now replaced CCA wood in the residential market.
The copper keeps insects at bay, and the fungicide prevents soil fungus from attacking the wood. In ACQ, the fungicide is quat, which is also used in swimming-pool chemicals and as a disinfectant. According to Miles McEvoy, who works in organic certification with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, no pressure-treated wood is allowed in soils used to grow organic food. Reply michelle September 22, 2014 at 3:41 pmI look forward to seeing what you fill those boxes with.
My raised beds are now three years old, and have (gasp!) BERMUDA grass growing up through them despite a double layer of thick planting fabric underneath the boxes. Reply George September 20, 2014 at 9:26 amI had very good luck going to a small local sawmill and buying a whole pile of unsalable lumber for $50.

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