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U lock to attach the bikes to the racks and can lock both narrow and wide tire wheel bikes.
The Hang It 2 can be set at a maximum height of nine-feet to brace against the floor and ceiling. The Topeca is a German engineered, well balanced and sturdy floor to ceiling Bike Storage Stand. The front wheel is held in place with a rubber coated arm to protect the finish of the bike.
It comes with installation hardware, printed instructions, and a lifetime guarantee against defects. It's no secret that all Saris products come with a lifetime warranty in North America. Give your tenant the additional safety of locking their bike onto the steel tray of the WireCrafters Bike Stacker! WireCrafters all steel woven wire storage lockers are an ideal way to secure resident's personal items in multi-family building common storage areas. WireCrafters Bicycle Wall Rider is the ideal way to provide stable, vertical bike storage on unused existing walls. Made of 14 and 16-gauge steel, Bike Stacker storage racks are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.
Simply place a bike onto one of the rack's storage trays and roll forward until the front wheel drops into the tear-shaped tire slot. Where space is limited in a basement or ground floor area, the Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack allows you to store a lot of bikes in a small area. WireCrafters Bike Stacker multiple bicycle storage rack is an efficient way to store multiple bikes in condominiums, apartment buildings, and multi-family dwellings.
Trays have exclusive tear drop tire slot (patent pending) that holds road, racing and mountain bikes in place. Submit your contact information and details about your upcoming project, & we'll quickly get you in touch with your local dealer. Unless otherwise specified by the customer or by the stock finish description on our website, all WireCrafters products receive one coat of gray (standard) liquid enamel.
Custom matched colors require the submission of a one inch square (or larger) paint chip with order, and require an additional charge. Your browser is out of date and can not correctly display all features of this and other websites. As a result, you'll encounter more and more problems as time goes by - problems that are caused not by the websites you are visiting, but by the browser you are using.
If you choose to close this alert and continue, you will likely have trouble viewing and navigating our site as intended. We recommend using one of the Internet Browsers below, or upgrading your current browser to the most recent version. Please fill out your contact information below to receive product announcements, trade show information, and new products and services from WireCrafters. Taking a page out of neat bike rack setups, this is a Dodge Caravan (or Chrysler Voyager) I can’t tell that you can tell the family means business.
We donate a portion of the sales to National MS Society (orange rack), World Bicycle Relief (red rack), and Breast Cancer Research (pink rack).The three dimensional product configuration of the Bones rack is a registered trademark of Saris Cycling Group, Inc.
Many condominium and apartment buildings are currently trying to accommodate residents with a place to store their bicycles. The Bike Stacker storage rack comes in different sizes that store between 8 and 14 bikes simultaneously.

The staggered, formed bike trays hold any style bike upright and in position, while providing added clearance between stored bikes to prevent damage.
The Bike Stacker storage rack can be installed using standard hand tools, or alternatively we also offer a complete installation service nationwide. Users should not place orders based on the colors as reproduced on their computer screens as these may vary from the actual color. We strongly advise you to upgrade to one of the browsers listed below in order to keep your computer secure, and so that you may experience our site as it was designed to function. Taken on the same trip as the best bike rack for ford escape you can tell people that visit Hilton Head Island, SC are out to have a good time. The design of the Bones allows you to create different angles with the cylinder and legs to fit on different vehicles. The bicycle storage issues become exponentially more complex in high rise buildings where it is a major inconvenience to lug your bike up flights of stairs or into the elevator to your home. Our double-tiered rack design allows the storage of more bikes in a smaller space; which is extremely important in larger cities where storage space is at a premium. The tire trays have an exclusive tear drop tire slot (patent pending) that holds road, racing and mountain bikes in place, while the unique positioning makes adjusting the tray spacing a snap. Rather than a cargo basket this family decided to go with a roof box and a big one at that. Or do yourself one better and pick a car rack that matches your personality and a cause close to your heart.
I think there are 4 bikes mounted on the Thule rack, when mounting that many it can get a little tight. It's the same Fabio Pendrini designed car rack with the same 4.5 out of 5 star rating from Bicycle Magazine. If there is a defect in materials or workmanship (rare as they may be), please get in touch with our outstanding customer service team.
Optional stop pins are available to store bicycles forward in the tray if the bike is of unusual size or tire width.
The Delta Michelangelo bike rack is the perfect item to help you do that.Not only that it provides you with an ingenious and simple way of storing your bike, but it also allows you to avoid putting hooks into the wall.
If your rack has been damaged due to incorrect assembly, from backing into a wall, or something not related to workmanship, you will not qualify for a replacement.
I easily attached my Bones 3 (with bikes) to a Miata, Civic sedan, Mazda 3 Hatchback, and a Dodge Caravan. The bike rack allows you to easily store not one but two bikes.View in galleryThe best thing is that you can do that without having to put hooks into the wall. Since the arms fold down easily when you're not using it, I tend to keep it on my car all the time.
The Bones 3 is really nice to put 2 bikes on, with plenty of space between them, or 3 bikes snugly.The Bones 3 is amazingly light (~11 lbs?) and it holds the bikes very securely. Since the bike rack in not attached in any way to the walls or to the floor, you can easily move it around and change its location.The Delta Michelangelo bike rack allows you to store two bikes without drilling even a single hole. The rack simply leans against the wall and secures the bikes with independent adjustable arms. I never worry about that kind of thing with my Saris rack.I like it best for a hatchback because (although the directions recommend putting the lower feet on the bumper) you can put the all the feet and straps on the hatch so you can still open and close the trunk with the bike rack on (even with bikes on it!). On my hatchback the paint does wear away where the strap hooks grab on the inside of hatch (not visible from the outside) but to avoid that I would need to buy and install a hitch, and a more expensive and heavy hitch mounted rack. Moreover, this simple and ingenious system allows to change the location of your bikes whenever you want.

Albeit I took the wheels off the bikes for the length of the journey, the rack held stable the entire drive, both ways. I was so disappointed when I purchased a new car last fall and the old rack would not fit on it. It was fairly easy to install (maybe not quite as easy as the RS but pretty close) and it is solid once it is on. I have not yet placed 3 bikes on it at the same time, but it appears as though this will not be a problem.
I didn't give it five stars because, while I think this is a great rack, I'm not sure any trunk rack is a five-star bike carrier. My research told me this one is probably the best trunk rack, and after receiving it, I believe that is true.
When I filtered available Saris racks by ones that would hold my carbon fiber bike (Trek carbon road bike), this one disappeared from the options list. At highway speeds and over bumps, the rack and the bike both look very secure with very little (if any) sway. I also purchased the cross bar (accessory) to carry my wife's bike (Trek hybrid woman's bike). The cross bar doesn't seem capable of giving that tight, secure, no-sway fit that the bike frame itself gives, but it gets the job done, and I'm happy I can carry both bikes.
I could never really determine how to affix it to my vehicle based on the enclosed directions.
Using this product prevented me from easily raising or lowering the back hatch with the bike rack in place.
This was particularly annoying if I was leaving the rack in place and needed to get something out of the trunk. There is not much of a bumper on my vehicle (couple inches) which worried me but it seems to stay stable. It's awkward to try and hold the bike rack tight to the car and tighten the straps (tightening is a two hand job). The installation was pretty easy and it seems to be much more sturdy than myprevious rack, the Thule 910xt Passage.
I like the fact that the legs are much widerwhen sitting on the bumper, so there is better weight distribution and making it lesslikely that the weight of the bikes will warp the shape of the bumper (something thatthe Thule rack did on my Nissan Sentra).One thing that I was unsure of at first was the fit of the two top arms.
In manyvideos, the top arms are placed as close to the end of the top of the trunk door aspossible. For my 2009 Nissan Sentra, this is not possible because the arms would extendout halfway beyond the trunk door and onto the rear windshield.
Also, if I installed itthis way, the bottom feet would be in so much that I couldn't easily close the trunkdoor. I tried numerous positioning of the top and bottom legs to adapt, but this wasnot possible. The best fit for me was to drop the top legs down one notch so that thetop arms are a little less than half way down the top of the trunk.
After installation, Iwas anxious to take it out for a test drive, so I mounted my bike and drove out onvarious road conditions to see how it performed.
We did need the store manager at lake leisure in daventry to set it up (my assistance wasn't that helpful) .

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