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The e-trailer video helped me easily install my new rack -- my first time handling a bike rack. Top 2 straps use a simple unlock with thumb, pull to tighten, then release thumb and automatically locks straps in place. Also top straps when using the clamps on the trunk pulls it too far up causing about a finger gap. I had already contacted etrailer for a return but found out the return shipping alone was almost the cost of the product so I decided to keep it and use it for the time being. 120397CommentsI return the product because it did not fit tight on the trunk and cracked the plastic Ridge on the trunk.I have a trailer mount that works excellent.
I just returned from a 3 week vacation where two small bikes were attached with my cruiser bike on the rack. After I received it, I was initially frustrated as even with the Bike Adapter Bar (TH982XT) I couldn't seem to get both bikes on the rack and have decent clearance from the ground -- my test was to drive out of our drive way and if a bike wheel hit the pavement when dropping off the curve they weren't high enough. I was contemplating whether to return or not, and after I realized you could adjust the spacing between the bike straps on the arms. Made a last minute decision to purchase this bike rack so that my daughter would have more room in her SUV for a move to Charlestown, SC.

It did take quite a bit of adjusting to fit the two bikes as they do not have normal cross bars.
Passage mounts securely to your Hyundai Elantra with the patented FitDial adjustment system and straps, and anti-sway cradles keep your bikes from jostling during transport. Passage mounts securely to your vehicle with the patented FitDial adjustment system and straps, and anti-sway cradles keep your bikes from jostling during transport. Without an adapter bar, the bike either will not fit, or will sit far off balance like in the picture from Melony. If you do experience any difficulty in mounting the carrier with the top hooks, as you mentioned you can re-route the top clips to be used as a in clip this is our Versa-Clip design that will allow for multiple mounting methods. As promised by Kelly, it arrived the evening before her departure with only a $7 or so 2- day delivery charge. As the top straps are the most load bearing, we have used a different tensioning system to ensure trouble free operation. Had a little issue with the mount due to the bike's unusual frame, but the design of the rack and the accessories provided more than allowed for a successful and safe installation. My boyfriend helped me the first time but it is simple enough for me to put it on my car alone.

Wish I had a pix of her SUV loaded with the roof bag on top, the bike on the rear and just enough room for her to slide into the car.
But she's already in her new home with a bike rack for future use that loaded so securely that it barely moved when I pulled on it. Once I had everything out of the box and started to put it altogether, I found a paper at the bottom of the box saying that model did not fit 3 vehicles and one was mine. As an added measure, I did velcro the wheels to the bike frame to immobilize any extraneous movement. On a long trip I would suggest checking that the straps remain tight from time to time during the drive. But this carrier was exactly what it said it was and there were no surprise papers at the bottom of the box.

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