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Motor Vehicle Accessories are equipped to customise whatever vehicle you own, with whatever customisations and accessories you want. Please fill in the below form for more information about this product or if you wish to chat to someone in more detail.
Individually adjustable rotating bike cradles which provide greater ground clearance, locking knob for added security. Four Bike Macrac with stabiliser strap, modified with custom bracket to suit spare wheel on rear of caravan.
Different combinations eg Bike & Canoe, Ski holders, Ski Board, Boats, Baskets, Pods , Awnings.
Motor Vehicle Accecssories - you can have whatever you want as long as it is legal and your wallet is big enough! The molded form of the Saris Bones 3 makes it compatible with almost all bike and styles, so regardless of who’s riding with you this bike rack can accommodate your needs. The Saris Bones 3 Bike Rack is a phenomenal rack for the avid rider, and is rated one of the top racks in the world by most riders who have the chance to enjoy one of these. If you’re the owner of an RV or motor home, you’ve no doubt encountered storage issues when attaching additional racks to your vehicle.
Normally used by public transportation, front bike racks mount your bikes in the front of a large vehicle rather than the back. However in recent years, front bike racks have become available for most, if not all oversized vehicles. When picking out a front bike rack, make sure it’s something that’s somewhat close to the ground in relation to your vehicle.
Keep in mind that when you install a front end bike rack on your vehicle, you’re adding weight to the already heaviest part of your vehicle.
While almost always more expensive than rear and roof mounted bike racks, front bike racks can add valuable storage space to your RV or motor home. The bike trunk rack, or the Graber Guardian bike rack is easily mountable to most minivans, SUVs and mid-sized sedans. Finally the spare tire rack is perfect for anyone who’s got a spare tire on the rear of their vehicle.
Graber bike racks are available for as little as $60 for the older 2-bike trunk rack model and as much as $168 for a newer rack that meant for pickup truck beds. If you’re not the type of person who likes to store their bike indoors, then you know the possible damage that comes with storing your bike outside. 2) Lock Your Bike – Outdoor bike storage is the number one cause of stolen bikes in the country.
3) Wipe it down…everyday – Outdoor bike storage leaves your bike exposed to all sorts of elements besides moisture. With proper outdoor bike storage, you and your bike can have a very happy life together for a very long time, Happy riding! When you aren’t using it, the best place for bicycle storage is a cool, place, like your garage or a dry, preferably finished basement.
If you plan to only store your bike overnight, it’s best to keep it either in your basement, your living room, or in a large closet. In the off-season of pedaling, you want to make sure that your bike gear is safe and protected. The most important part of proper bike storage is that you keep your bike in a cool, dry place. Second most important part of bike storage is that your storage area should be safe and locked up. When it comes to buying a trunk mounted bike rack, you have several options that can range anywhere from $30 to as much as $300. The bones bike rack also features latching locks that tighten down on the frame of your bike. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are people who are circumspect about buying a bicycle storage rack after investing in a bicycle.
Do you need to take your bike with you on the next camping trip, and just don't have any place to secure them for the trip?
Depending on how many bikes you will be transporting, you can choose from a 2 or 4 bike carrier. For a summit-busting way to haul your two-wheeler, reach for the Thule Apex Hitch Bike Rack. Bicycle carrier - Rhino Barracuda - wheels stand in moulded profile, fits tyre size up to 50mm. When buying a bike rack, you want to make sure that you have the kind of quality that’s in your bike itself. First off, the Saris Bones 3 is built from 100% recyclable and non-rusting material, so it’s eco-friendly and safe from the effects of weather, making it safe to leave on your call all season long. It was designed to fit sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, SUVs and even cars that have been retrofitted with rear spoilers. These straps are 100% adjustable to help to adhere to almost any make and model of vehicle.
If you’re a person who loves to ride with their family, you know that once you load your bikes up on the rear end of your vehicle, you don’t have room for much else and need to consider storing more stuff inside your already packed RV.
You’ll notice that most buses that have bike racks ride with the bike in the front of the bus. To stay out of the way of the engine, these bike racks are installed to the undercarriage of the vehicles body.
If your bike rack is mounted to high, you’ll end up losing your field of vision directly in front of you. Make sure that you have your front bike rack properly installed and you’ll have safe travels on your cross country trip with your family and your bikes.
The racks are mountable in a way that they stay far from the trunk for easy opening and a few of the Graber bike racks of these types even have a locking pin that lets you let the rack down slightly to get you hatch open on your SUV. Four straps hold this bike rack in place, with molded padding that conforms to the shape of your car, giving your Graber bike rack the stability that it needs to hold 3 bikes. While we’ve heard it works with all vehicles this Graber bike rack is known to work best on Jeeps and Chevy Blazers with a spare tire. Low end bike racks should be completely off-limits and are certainly not ideal for a bike that’s cost you several hundred dollars as it is.
They can run relatively cheap to very expensive depending on size, brand and type of material that’s used in the shed. Normally meant for motorcycles, shelters are just a simple thick “box” that lifts over your bike. These are a great protection from all of the elements that Mother Nature might throw your way. Any enclosure for your bike when it’s stored away is better than leaving your bike outside.
If you live in an area prone to rain or humidity, leaving your bike exposed to the elements can do much more harm than you think.
As wind and dust begin to swarm your covered bike, even the smallest of particles can begin to do damage. If you use your bike for a social event or outing, make sure to bring a backpack with a chain and padlock. If you absolutely, must store it in a shed or other outdoor housing, make sure that it is an enclosed area where your bicycle is completely out of site from other’s eyes.

By protecting your bicycle and storing it away safely, you prevent unnecessary repairs that can cost you lots of dough.
Most importantly, you want to be sure that your bike, your most expensive piece of equipment when it comes to riding, is in top shape, and stays that way until you’re ready to ride again.
Remember, most bikes are made from some form of aluminum or metal, regardless of how light they are. Don’t leave your bike anywhere where it can easily be taken by people with prying eyes and fingers. Most bike racks have several bars on them, and when you try to mount a different style bike onto them from your usual bike, you notice that you have the wrong bike rack, and need to splurge for another one, which is more money out of your own pocket. While it’s visually appealing it also serves the purpose of added support, so each element of the bike rack can handle more weight. Most bike racks simply use either a tough rubber that you pull to lock and unlock, while others use 2 way straps that sometimes don’t hold a bike that well. Generally, bike rack straps tie down to the top of a trunk, near the rear windshield, and to below the rear bumper. If you’ve got a mid-sized sedan and don’t want the hassle of any permanent installations on your car, consider a bones bike rack. From trunk mounted, to roof mounted and even a few front mounted bike racks for larger vehicles, you can find a wide variety of racks to suit the needs of you and your bike.
When a bike rack is placed on the rear end of your vehicle, you get better gas mileage, as the front of the car is designed for wind travel. You want the most stable rack possible, or your bike could be swinging on your road trip across the country.
If you will need to have additional bikes transported, an accessory like the skewer kit ( CLICK HERE To View) will allow you to add 2 more bikes totaling up to 6 bikes. Capable of carrying up to 5 bikes, this burly bike rack is perfect for all of your cycling adventures. Carries bikes well, great feature of lock up top for bikes and down low for the rack itself. The Saris Bones 3 bike rack is also built tough, and candle about 105 pounds of weight of all bikes, or 35 pounds each. The simple addition of an arc-based design allows the Saris Bones 3 bike rack to solve your past rear spoiler issue. They let you actually lock the bike into position on the bike rack, preventing any sway that might be caused from wind or while your vehicle is in motion. While this is usually a tough installation, it guarantees a sturdy hold for your bikes and your bike rack. While front bike racks are sturdy, they are meant to have a little bit of give and bounce, given the length of the rack from the under carriage. People have reported some sway when the mount is locked into the hitch, but other than that both of these models get excellent reviews.
These models come with spring loaded buckles that lock your bikes into place so, you can have little more comfort over tying your bike down with straps or rubber pull cords. This bike rack easily mounts right over the top of your spare tire and comfortably holds two bikes firmly in place. This keeps your costs right in the middle of the road while still getting the quality of Graber bike racks that has made them so popular these days. Make sure you spring for a slightly more stable and more expensive bike rack for your car or SUV and go with Graber bike racks. You can also buy a small metal shed from your local hardware store and use that to store you bike as well. They can range anywhere from $200 to as much as $2,000, and you’ll usually need to put some form of foundation down, but you’ll save big time in the long run. Take serious consideration of your financial situation before investing in a bike storage shed. Whether for personal fitness or personal transportation, most of us use our bike at least three times per week. Most parts of a bike are prone to rust, which can do serious damage to parts like your brake handles and brakes. If you don’t lock your bike up on a regular basis when storing it outside, you could be in for a sad surprise when you wake up in the morning. When locking up your bike, be sure to have a chain or wire long enough so that you can thread it through the bicycle tires. You almost always have an eye on it, and if someone’s in your home that you don’t know, you’ll certainly have your guard up a little bit more about all of your personal belongings, especially your bicycle. Also make sure that any storage area you use is free from leaks and weathering, to prevent the aforementioned moisture from getting inside your storage area and inevitably, your bicycle. Bike storage is one of the most important parts of giving your bike the chance at lots of enjoyable miles on the road or the mountain. Even if you’ve got some plastic toy, there are metal elements throughout the bike, including your gears and chain. If you’ve got room, you could even buy some large hooks and mount it to your wall, showing it off like it’s your trophy.
If you’re looking for the perfect middle of the road bike rack that is very sturdy but won’t break the bank, consider a bones bike rack. With the latching locks, you tighten the straps to where you’re comfortable, and there’s absolutely no give to these locks. This takes any use of your trunk completely out of the picture, so you have to either keep your gear inside your car, or remove the rack to access the trunk. Versatility is necessary when you’re carrying multiple bikes, and a bones bike rack is your perfect option. But before you just go to any sporting goods store and pick up a bike rack make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.
So grab a measuring tape and measure the height and length of your bike prior to even going in the store. Additionally, your bike will be protected from natures little creatures and bugs that you often see splattering against your windshield. They also allow you to still have access to your trunk if you need to access tools or luggage while you’re on the road.
Take care to take measurements before your purchase, and in some cases, you can ask sports shops to let you test out the bike rack on your car and see if it fits your bike. Because of the way the bike is secured, you will not have to worry about damage to your bikes or to your pop up camper. Additionally, tire pads can be purchased which add skid resistance of the back bike tires and roof protection to your pop up camper. Unlike most bike racks of this size that can only handle two bikes at one time, the Saris Bones 3 was built to handle three bikes, so you can grab one more rider for a better day with friends, without having to take another car. Bikes are almost guaranteed to be stable and secure when you lock them into the Saris Bones 3. You can open and close your trunk with ease and get to the gear you need to get to, simply by removing your bikes. Statistically, it’s more likely that a bus will get rear-ended than rear-end someone, so this is also for insurance purposes. This sort of mounting can hold an extraordinary amount of weight, so don’t be afraid buy a large bike rack that can hold as many as five or six bikes at once. If you hit a large pothole or speed bump, you’re bound to do damage to not only the bike rack, but your bikes as well.
They’re four most popular models are the mount hitch rack (screw-down), the other mount hitch rack (straps), the bike trunk rack, and the spare tire rack.

The strap type rack is a little more versatile for holding various styles of bikes, but if the upper bar of your frame is straight, you’ll feel more comfortable with the screw-down model. Resting against your tire gives the Graber bike rack ultimate stability and though this model is comprised of heavy metal, there’s literally no sway once this is mounted to your vehicle.
You also know that leaving your bike outside can cause severe weather damage to small parts, costing you hundreds of dollars in repair each year.
With some portable electricity such as a generator, you can even use these types of enclosures to do work on your bike.
One of the limits of a bike that several people have is that a bike can be very bulky to store. This wear will lead you to have to make expensive investments to re-establish the condition of your bike.
Make sure that the wire or chain you use to lock your bike up is long enough that you can run it through your tires as well. It not only deteriorates the look of your bike, but can cause damage to small parts like the chain and chain ring. If someone happens to break into your bicycle storage area, you’ll at least know that your bicycle is locked and safe from would be thieves. Proper care both during riding season and when your bike is in storage is absolutely crucial. If your storage area is prone to mold and mildew, that area would not be an ideal place to store your bike. Regardless of you what area you choose for bike storage, keep it out of sight from strangers, and in a dry area. The bones bike rack style is similar to most bike racks, in that is uses the same double bar feature to hold the bike. If a bike rack is not the proper size for your bike, you could be the sad victim of losing your bike on the road while driving to your destination. While these pests are easy to remove from your car, they can be difficult to wash off of your bike and it will take a lot more elbow grease to remove them. Either way, a good bike rack is a much better option than stuffing your bike in your trunk. So, your bike arrives at its destination primed to tackle toughest trails.To take the hard work out of hauling, the Apex bike rack folds down fast for quick and easy access to your gear.
Roof mounted bike racks are often a hassle to install, and we’re sure you’ve heard the nightmares of cars encountering high winds, only to have a bike get completely destroyed by a bike racking breaking under the combination of wind and car speed. There are no tools required to adjust the straps of the Saris Bones 3, which has a unique “pull to tighten” strap system that keeps your rack firmly in place when you adhere to the weight limits of each bike.
While a front bike rack is very convenient for someone who needs all the storage space they can get on their vehicle, it’s often the case that the technology for them hasn’t quite been optimized as well as rear mounting bike racks, so make sure that you obey any posted signs, and in some cases, you may want to drive slower than usual, simply to protect your bikes. You can face these sheds in any direction you want, so as to hide your bike, and they don’t require any sort of concrete foundation.
However, when used for a bike storage shed, they are perfect for small yards and small garages where you might keep your bike, so if you don’t have a lot of space this is a good option. You don’t have to bring your bike into your house at night to get into light with a fully enclosed bike storage shed. No matter what, make sure your bike storage shed is right for the area you’re in and the weather you might encounter.
Generally, storing a bike indoors isn’t a very convenient option and we’re forced to find other areas to place our bike.
You won’t notice these issues day to day, but if you took a picture of your bike now and six months from now without any sort of cover, you’d notice a huge difference. While you may not see the value of a bike tire without a bike frame, someone, somewhere, wants to sell it.
If either of these elements catch rust, you can lock up your chain while you’re riding, which can cause a serious accident and further damage to you and your bike.
Even the slightest moisture could have detrimental effects on your bike and its moving parts. If you’ve spend thousands on your bike, you want to protect it like you do your home or your car.
You’ll have a much easier time getting your bike back on the road when you take care of it when it’s not in use.
However, the bars are often closer together, allowing for additional options in how you place the bike on the bike rack.
The padded feet of the bike rack sit on the rear top of the trunk and on top of your rear bumper. Rear mounted bike racks are also much more stable and can hold up to four bikes when they are properly mounted. This often requires the loss of your rear seats, and constantly pulling your bike in and out can do damage to the interior of your car.
The Uprights telescoping ability allows you to adjust accordingly to the height of your pop up camper for the bike to fit right. Open bike sheds are great if you live in a relatively dry area that doesn’t get a lot of precipitation. Take the time to build a sturdy bike storage shed and you’ll surely reap the rewards when it comes time to pull your bike out from storage and get riding. If you don’t have an outdoor shed or some type of enclosure for your bike, you’re tempted to just leave it leaning against your home and hope for the best when it comes time to ride again.
The best forms of covering your bike for outdoor storage are the blue tarps available at Home Depot or any other hardware store. If you don’t store your bicycle properly, you risk taking serious years off of it, costing you more money in the long run. The slightest bits of rust that form on your bike could turn into a whirlwind of problems for you when you bring it out for its first ride of the season. This means that if you have to get into your trunk, simply remove your bike, leave the bones bike rack mounted, and you can pop your trunk with ease. I hope this article helps you decide on the kind of bike rack that is most suitable for you. A horizontal load bar (80" in width) holds your bikes in place by using a T-Slot to fit your bikes front wheel skewers. That means more time spent tearing up the track and less time muscling your bikes in place.What's more, the Thule Apex hitch mount bike rack boasts integrated heavy-duty locks to stop thieves from burgling your bikes. If you need to lock your bike up outdoors, you can find several, almost unbreakable bike wires and locks that will hold your wheels down in place.
This is one of the most popular features of the bones bike racks, making this style of bike rack a top seller.
Beware, roof racks are the suspect of the most reduction in gas mileage, so if you’re a green thumb, this may not be the best option for you.
You will need to remove the front wheel of your bike in order to place it on the load bar, but this method is by far the most secure and safest for transporting a bike.
And, it features a Snug-Tite™ receiver hitch lock to prevent theft and eliminate hitch rattle. Make sure to pin the tarp down with either stakes or rocks to keep the tarp securely on your bike. The slightest rust on your gears could result in your chain locking up, and if you’ve never had that occur on your bike, it’s a scary and potentially dangerous problem.

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