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Most people usually associate building a PC for their children (specifically for the 5- to 10-year-old range) with using a collection of cast-off components from older systems or doing some minor upgrades to an out-of-date machine they have lying around. Unlike most of the systems we build, the most expensive component of this PC will be the motherboard.
For the CPU, I decided to go with an Intel Core i3-530, which is relatively inexpensive compared with the new Core i5 and i7 chips.
The Core i3-530's Intel HD Graphics should be just fine for everyday PC use, and things like doing homework on watching Internet video clips. In an effort to keep down costs on this PC, we decided to forgo a Blu-ray drive (though there is an HDMI port on the video card) and go with a standard DVD±RW drive. All in all, building this kid's desktop PC is fairly simple, and at $890, it won't be a huge drain on your wallet. Step 4) If you're using a new CPU and cooler, the cooler will probably have the thermal compound pre-applied. Step 5) Place the cooler on top of the CPU, aligning the supports with the holes near the corner of the socket.
Step 9) Open the front panel of the case and then take out the temporary face plates protecting the 5.25-inch drive bays.
Step 10) Install your graphics card by lining up the gold connectors with the PCIe x16 slot and then screwing the metal support into the slot. Step 11) Slide your optical drive into the front of the case and then secure it with the included screws. The FreeAgent Desk, Seagate's latest addition to its stylish line of external drives, saves both data and money. Halo 3: ODST ditches Master Chief in favor of new weapons and expanded multiplayer options. Gamers que decidiram trocar os consoles mais avancados por um PC, ja estao estudando o Hardware do PS4 para montar um PC de jogos semelhante ao novo console da Sony. Antes de falarmos de um PC Gamer semelhante ao novo console da Sony, precisamos saber quais sao as configuracoes do Playstation 4.
Com base nos requisitos do PS4 logo acima, podemos ver que o novo console da Sony pode ser chamado de “maquina” de jogos, pois o mesmo e acompanhando de Hardwares espetaculares, cujos mesmos sao desenvolvidos exclusivamente para a Sony. Nesta configuracao apresentada para um PC Gamer semelhante ao PS4, incluimos pecas excelentes que fornecem um grande desempenho grafico, sonoro e outros.

No caso do PS4, trata-se de um console de ultima geracao, ao contrario de um PC comum com pecas novas. That's because it should have the ability to be easily upgraded with a new CPU as the kids come to need something with a bit more power. Some would argue that there are other chips at the same price point that pack more of a punch, like AMD's quad-core Athlon II X4 635 ($119 list). But discrete video cards always offer a little boost over integrated graphics, so I decided to add the new ATI Radeon HD 5450 ($50-$60 list) to my system as well. The good news is that these drives are still getting faster and cheaper; the new Lite-On (iHAS424-08 A) drive is a 24X writer and burner that lists for just over $30. For starters, we went with a F1 Red Race Car PC tower case, with its shiny, red exterior—a neat way to make the system look friendly and fun. You even get the chance to spend some quality time with your kids, showing them how computers come together, and maybe teaching them a practical skill that will serve them well for years. First, release the socket lever by moving it slightly sideways, then raise it to a 90-degree angle. To secure the cooler, press down on two supports in opposite corners at the same time, then repeat with the remaining supports. You'll get a small performance boost by placing them in the slots that will take advantage of the dual-channel memory configuration.
Find the 20-pin power socket on the motherboard, and plug in the matching power-supply connector.
Para ser mais preciso, ele chega ao mercado no final deste ano, como um presente de natal ou ate mesmo de ano novo para todos os fanaticos por consoles de ultima geracao.
Pensando nisso, fomos atras de informacoes e decidimos criar este artigo, onde estaremos compartilhando uma configuracao semelhante ao do PS4. Embora as pecas sejam exclusivas da Sony, e possivel criar uma configuracao com poder de fogo semelhante a do PS4.
Trata-se de um computador normal como os outros, mas com pecas mais avancadas do que a configuracao de um PC normal. O PS4 ira ser comprado por completo, sem precisar customiza-lo com pecas novas para melhorar o desempenho. Simples, se o PS4 realmente custar 429 DOLARES (ou 529 DOLARES em sua versao mais completa) apos o seu lancamento, saira mais em conta comprar um PS4 do que montar um PC Gamer semelhante ao console, pois os custos serao praticamente o mesmo ou dependendo da sua vontade, um PC Gamer saira mais caro do que um PS4.

The Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6 motherboard has an LGA1156 socket that can handle the new Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs, which gives you lots of room for expandability and supports speedy DDR3 memory.
I'll admit that the allure of quad-core is strong, but I like the wide range of expandability and integrated graphics the Core i3 CPU offers, so I'm fine with it for now.
It's not well suited to gaming—at least anything more graphics-intensive than The Sims 3 or Lego Star Wars—but it teaches kids the important lesson that when it comes to computers, a small additional investment can make a big performance difference. The slots you use can vary from motherboard to motherboard, so consult the manual before you install the sticks.
Colocamos o preco um pouco acima por causa da variacao de precos entre as lojas, mas com bastante procura, e possivel comprar essa configuracao completa com valor proximo aos 600 DOLARES, o que da R$ 1.200 e alguns “quebrados”. But you may have to brace yourself for some whining, possibly some tears, and the inevitable crushing guilt that tells you you're not letting them develop their computer skills. The challenge here is to build a kid-friendly PC that's fairly inexpensive (why should the kids live better than you?), but has solid performance and has the capacity to grow as your kids do. In addition, we can take advantage of the board's PCIe slots and give the kids a bit more than the Clarkdale integrated graphics.
There are several on the market, but we chose the Learning Keyboard ($29.95 direct) by Chester Creek. The RAM modules are designed so that you can't put them in backward—if one isn't going in, don't force it. Connect all of the leads from the external USB ports, indicator lights, the status display, and audio jacks to their appropriate motherboard partners. The motherboard has ten USB ports, including two dual USB-eSATA ports, along with the standard Ethernet, optical, and audio jacks.
It color codes the keys for young typists, making vowels, numbers, and command keys easily to find and identify. Bring the lever down and lock it back into place to make sure that the CPU is held securely. Finally, connect the wire from the CPU cooler to the appropriate header on the motherboard.

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