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Football Manager is back once again with its latest instalment from Sports Interactive, which coincides with the studio’s 20th anniversary as a game developer. Taking inspiration from the stripped back versions of Football Manager we’ve come to see on the iOS and Android platforms, FM Classic mode offers a more streamlined version of Football Manager that has taken away a lot of the ‘meat’ of the main game while remaining a challenging experience. Having played through a season of FM Classic, I found it to still have the same authenticity as the full featured mode despite having a lot of the elements of it stripped back. The interface FM classic also draws inspiration from its mobile handheld counterparts, resulting in a cleaner and modern look that will leave the most hard-core of managers wanting to check out FM Classic just to use the more streamlined UI.
For those that love the full game there has also been some major improvements as well, which may lead to some people trying FM classic because the level of complexity and depth which was existent from previous games has been overhauled to take into account even more factors for example to deal with the taxation systems of each nation.
With having to deal with a lot more real-world factors such as managers who do not want their starts to go off to matches on the otherwise of the world, and the intensity of media speculation and reporting going through the roof, it adds a whole new dynamic of depth and immersion that has previously never been seen within the Football Manager franchise. Network mode also allows you to use a team from the single player mode in the network mode, adding further depth to the single player mode, allowing you to build up a team to take on anyone and everyone. Visually, Football Manager has overhauled a lot more than just the UI that is present in FM Classic.
Football Manager 2013 is introducing a lot of features that people have wanted for a while without sacrificing any of its level of depth. The Top Tec Secure Media Trolley can be used as a mobile secure storage solution or it can be used as a static media cabinet with the optional floor and wall brackets. This trolley is fitted with a high security lock allowing expensive multimedia equipment to be stored safely on the shelves within the trolley.
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Enter the total amount you want to spend, you can take advantage of our no deposit deal or if you prefer you can specify a deposit of up to 50% of total order value. As with every iteration, a range of new features has been added to the world’s most in-depth football management title, the most significant of which is the back to basics Football Manager Classic Mode.
It is not an easy mode for those that are concerned.  FM Classic takes away a lot of the areas of football manager that a lot of people may have ignored in the past such as teams being affected by pre-match team talks, the managing board being a little easier on you and how you respond to the media does not have as significant impact on the team as it does in the main, full featured mode. The game, once again helping those that may not have experienced the game before due to the previously mentioned level of depth required, also offers hints as to what the manager should be doing for example instead of working out a flow chart like match plan, you can simply enter instructions such as ‘if I am losing at half time, change to 4-3-2-1’ formation and the game will do it automatically. Out of a choice of options, you can choose to take on an injury ravaged team for example (this is also the option I picked while playing through challenge mode) and try and keep them from being relegated in the second half of a season. This makes managing a club even harder than before as attracting a star player away from an area such as Dubai much more difficult due to the higher tax rates.
You only get to see the players every couple of months, and their club form can greatly affect how they play in the international matches. Transfer deadline days are an absolute insane day within Football Manager with bids flying back and forward faster than can be comprehended. Unfortunately at the time of writing I was unable to test the multiplayer due to conflict in scheduling but I will write a review on the online at a later stage when the game is released November 2nd.
The 3D Match engine now looks a lot cleaner and more fluid with players on the pitch animations being significantly improved compared to previous years.
In fact Sports Interactive has done the opposite and expanded that level of depth in the main game even more to make the simulation even more realistic.
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On top of this, some players also take on a greedier feel with demands for money and wages instead of loyalty. It is an almost mirror image of what real-world international managers have to deal with, which also allows a unique and fascinating insight into the pressure those guys are under, just by playing this game. Depending on the club you are you will have a very different transfer day, ranging from small clubs hoping that the big clubs won’t poach your players to the big boys offering contracts left right and centre and managing transfers.
Sports Interactive has identified where some of the biggest problems with the game lay, and put the effort into fixing them starting with how you can determine how the match will play in terms of speed, how often highlights will be displayed to ensure synchronicity between users and you can even create your own custom competitions rather than having to take on a major league.
The UI of the 3D match can also now be customised, allowing you to change tactics much more on the fly along with gain information from other matches while they’re in progress.
It would be unfair to finish this review without saying that Football Manager 2013 is a significant improvement on last year’s iteration and a large part of that is the FM Classic mode which ideally will allow you to experience the full Football Manager experience without the huge time sink that has been required previously.

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It without a doubt opens up the game for those that may have wanted to play Football Manager but have always been scared by its level of depth (which of course is not a negative). The taxation system makes transfers much more difficult this time around, but it’s when you get to international management that essentially the ‘extremely difficult’ mode of Football Manager kicks in. This is one of the biggest improvements in the Football Manager series in terms of immersion and giving it a real world managerial feel to the product. This will become one of the most important features on the final day of the season regardless of where you are positioned in the league. It is ideal for those that have kids and jobs yet desire to get back into the game in a meaningful way.
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