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I also caulked the inside of the four middle cabinets.  Some of them had tiny gaps where the side panels met the back panels, or where the backs met the top or bottom panels, and I wanted those perfectly filled before priming. Most people do not understand the importance of caulk an how it makes a paint job look as wonderful as yours does. I simply admire your talent, perseverance, and generosity to share all the details with us. OH, OH, OH, I couldn’t click on your link fast enough to see the green – it is absolutely GORGEOUS!! The simplest way to explain it is that wood filler goes on any areas that you want to sand perfectly flat and smooth. I’ve said it before but I feel compelled to say it again…this blog is so addicting!
Ummmm,not a lover of green but I love everything else you do so much that I am going to keep my mind open until it is finished.

You can already see how spectacular the lighting is going to be washing down the front of those cabinets. Quick question: I had typical builders oak cabinets in my last house with its heavy grain (which I do not like) that is so hard to cover. Well, let me preface by saying that I actually like a little bit of grain showing through, kind of like on my painted floors. But with that said, I don’t like the heavy grain that you often see on oak, especially on older oak cabinets where the grain has become more pronounced over the years.
Such open-grained woods typically have a grain or pore filler put on to level it out before applying a stain or clear finish. If your dishwasher requires a 24" wide opening, then you would need to order the cabinet at 25.50" wide.
For example, if you order this cabinet in a "cherry" wood type, and a tamarack finish, then the interior of this cabinet will be cherry with the tamarack finish already applied to all cabinet parts.

The interior is exposed and therefore will be built with the same material as the exterior of the cabinet. Columbia Purebond plywood is formaldehyde free premium grade plywood (made in USA with North American lumber).
You always second guess yourself (but you know that) and you always stick with the original plan Your kitchen is going to be stunning, absolutely stunning. For example if you choose cherry as the "wood type", then we will build the cabinet case from cherry plywood to match the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

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