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How to Build Recessed Shelves - Adding Extra Storage Space - Built-ins, Shelves & Bookcases. Install the shelves only on an interior wall so you don't have to remove insulation from an exterior wall. Once you've chosen the wall and located the stud bay you want, make sure there are no plumbing pipes in the bay.
Here the shelving unit is trimmed with a Colonial-style casing that has been painted to match the room's window and door casings.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. My wife wanted somewhere to store her spices so they wouldn't be all piled up in a cabinet.
Now that you have cut an opening in the drywall, measure the exact distance between the studs. Nice work, while the recessed cabinet idea is as old as the hills, this is the first one I've seen disguised as a picture frame. We've included lots of nice details in this site, but isn't going to look like it should in an outdated browser.
Upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer or downloading an alternate web browser would be fine and you can download newer browsers here. Learn how to build a craft table; the table consists of kitchen base cabinets connected with a top covered in durable plastic laminate. Well, I'm on the road again, headed to Mechanicsville, Virginia to visit Steve and Katie Gormanlove. Rather than remove wall studs to create our recessed shelves, we're going to build these shelves into the spaces or bays between the studs.
They can just reach in and get their magic markers, their cotton balls, their shelves, whatever they happen to be working on. Our game plan is to first locate the wall studs, then cut open the spaces in between, and finally build individual cabinets to fit those openings. Now that we nailed down the stud locations, Steve and I draw their positions on the wall, so we'll know exactly where to cut the opening.
A small inspection hole will allow us to take a peek inside the wall and discover potential surprises, such as pipes and wiring before we commit to major surgery. Sawing the edges of the inspection hole at a 45 degree angle will keep the cutout from falling into the wall and allow it to be used as a quick patch if our inspection reveals a problem. When it comes time to cut the pieces to length, it's obvious that Hannah is an eager learner. The top, bottom and shelves are placed in between the sides, held in position temporarily with clamps and then secured with nails. Not to be outdone by her sister, Hannah lays down a near-perfect bead of glue for the back of the shelf. After trimming off the excess paper, we remove the plywood and cut it to shape, using the paper pattern as a guideline.
This is a very satisfying creative challenge, because we're able to incorporate a lot of elements here.
Now remember, this is the bay that we couldn't use because it had the plumbing inside and Katie came up with a great idea, which was to put a bulletin board up here. One last piece of trim completes this Gormanlove original and our shelves are now a piece of art. Simplify building recessed wooden wall shelves by constructing custom shelving that fits in the spaces between existing wall studs without requiring stud removal. Cut wood for the shelves and rim of the cabinet using a table saw to rip them to the correct width. Align the sides for each shelf unit and custom-position each shelf prior to marking the tops and bottoms of each.
Apply a coat of spray adhesive to the plywood and position the drawing for the custom frame on the plywood. Apply dollops of panel adhesive to the backs of the frame components and correctly position them around the decorative shelf.
Add dollops of panel adhesive to the back of the corkboard and position it inside the shelving frame after relocating outlets and patching peep holes as necessary. Details: How to build incredibly strong, custom free floating shelves out of generic slab doors.

This video will show how to create, design and build your own bookcase in the comfort of your own home today! DIY experts Katie and Jon Jasiewicz from begin their series of DIY tutorials this month with a floating bookshelf tutorial.
How to Take Apart a Pallet VIDEO: This unique reclaimed pallet wood wall shelf can be hung in many locations throughout your house and decorated in multiple ways. In light of achieving over one-thousand subscribers (thanks everyone!), I thought I'd make another how-to video.
Allison Oropallo of HGTV's All-American Handyman helps Anna and Shelly build an originally-designed 9'x11' shelving unit! DIY expert Craig Phillips shows how to hang floating shelves on a stud wall in this step-by-step video. We begin to make preparations for the new hardwood, wooden book shelf that I am planning on building. Diy 1.0 Build Hardwood Bookshelves, Book Cases, Entertainment Center, Storage Shelves, Utility Shelf Create your own word-shaped wall decor. Diy 1.0 Build Hardwood Bookshelves, Book Cases, Entertainment Center, Storage Shelves, Utility Shelf A beer garden - get it? Diy 1.0 Build Hardwood Bookshelves, Book Cases, Entertainment Center, Storage Shelves, Utility Shelf Hello, my vintage vultures! Diy 1.0 Build Hardwood Bookshelves, Book Cases, Entertainment Center, Storage Shelves, Utility Shelf Book Shelves. It works great as display shelves in the living room or dining room or as handy extra shelving in a bathroom.
Plumbing runs mostly vertically, so check in the basement to see if any pipes enter the wall directly below the bay. If there is no electrical switch directly to either side of the bay, there's probably no wiring. Just miter the casing and nail it to the unit sides and the wall studs -- neither biscuits nor pocket-hole screws are necessary.
The wooden box fits tight enough that you don't really notice the gap and the box is flush with the face of the drywall. I know just where I want to install this in my house, and it will solve a long-time problem I've had finding a convenient place to store oils and spices.
Construction crews can get sloppy with inner walls sometimes and your box may not fit if the studs skewed on a diagonal.
I may well use this in my shop for extra space for small tools, paint cans, glue, etc.instead of having shelves sticking out into the room.
Now Katie, you thought this might be a good time to use power tools, but this is a job better done with a handheld wallboard saw. I'm going to take this electrical box out, pull these wires up and run them through this wall stud, down on the inside of the wall on this side and put a new box in here.
Hannah and I are just finishing up our first recessed cabinet for the arts and crafts room. Now we clamp the shelf to our wall stud, making sure the face of the shelf is perfectly flush with the face of the drywall. Yeah, I was apprehensive at first and —but once I got in the thick of it, the first couple cuts and I got used to it. The installation is temporary, so we just tack the plywood in place with a few small nails. We apply some pan adhesive to the back of the frame sections, then nail them to the edge of the cabinets.
So we'll start by putting some construction adhesive or pan adhesive on the back of our cork board here.
Apply glue, clamp the horizontal shelves inside the rim pieces, and secure with a pneumatic nail gun.
Remove each section of paper and plywood as a unit and cut along the drawing with a jigsaw to excise the shapes. Next remove the baseboard that has been mounted on a bookshelf so you can attach the screws to the wall, this will prevent the shelves in order not to fall. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of build your own wall shelf PDF plans, blueprints for build your own wall shelf and video instructions for build your own wall shelf, schematics and CAD drawings. Today we are going to transform an ordinary bath into a personal spa by using a simple hack!

In this one, I will show you how to build a wall-hanging light bar that looks quite modern and cool. If you want to learn how to build wall shelves we recommend you to pay attention to the instructions described in the video. What you need: ( I bought everything from Wal-Mart except for the duct tape) 3 foam boards Exacto knife Ruler or Measuring tape Glue gun & glue sticks Duct tape (optional) - I got my leopard tape at Michaels The rack cost me under 20 dollars to make! The plans originally came from Rogue Engineer and then we just shortened them to fit our space. My folks were moving furniture around, my mom needed somewhere to place her photographs so I suggested a shelf. ASK CRAIG A QUESTION: We are always uploading new films so what ever your DIY project, we're here to support you. However, the arts and crafts room they created for their children, shows off Katie's keen eye for design. It cuts quickly, makes less dust and lessens the chance we'll accidentally cut through some hidden plumbing or electrical line. Just imagine you're going to push the wood right into that corner with this other hand, okay? The spray adhesive is applied so that we can temporarily attach the strips of paper to the surface of the plywood. Mark the studs and cut out the sheetrock with a hand tool to avoid damaging electrical wiring and pipes lurking unseen behind the wall. If the base pedestal was ready and a wall-mounted screws, place bookshelves on the base evenly over the base and attach it to the wall studs. Floating shelves look great as there aren't any shelving brackets visible which makes the whole look very streamlined. His easy step-by-step instructions will surely make you want to add this do-it-yourself home improvement project to the to-do list. Diy network shares clever ideas for open kitchen shelving and storage here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found thorough the internet.
This time, the design duo shows us how to make an industrial hanging wall shelf with simple items from the hardware store.
You might instead want to match the window and door trim in the room -- casing the unit just as you would a window. My floating bookshelf also has the added feature of movable bookends with a handmade wooden nut! It sounds silly that such a simple DIY could have made such a difference, but this one did!
So when you're looking to put up some shelves it might be easier to make something of your own.
They can be built in the garage, pantry, den, living room, play room, study, even the bedroom. You can make the unit from any hardwood you like, or use pine with a painted or clear finish. The wood glue used during the installation process creates a very strong and permanent bond. By lisa here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found thorough the internet.
Brought to you make a stylish shelving system for your home using easy to build boxes and hollow core doors. Remember, you can buy online: To see the latest videos we post, subscribe to our channel: From special offers to expert tips and trend alerts, connect with us! There is an outlet just below the location and I'm not sure if it is fed from above or below. If ductwork runs perpendicular to the studs or floor joists, it will be outside the studs or under the joists. An optional front ledge on the shelves will help prevent stuff from falling off the shelf from people walking by. In a multi-story home, you also need to be aware of any vents that may be in the same general location on the floor above you.

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