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February 8, 2015 By Beckie Leave a Comment One of the trends I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate into my own home is the sliding barn door. This pretty glass paneled door was the finishing touch of a master bathroom remodel by The Space Between. When The Hunted Interior turned a former dining room into a bedroom, something was needed for privacy.
Instead of ripping out a wall to install a pocket door, The Minor Clan installed this modern barn door and shared the tutorial at The Lettered Cottage.
Here’s a completely traditional barn door with a completely unexpected use:  in front of the pantry! This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. Now, no 2 houses are the same, so I am going to tell you exactly what you need to know to make your own, and custom fit it to your space.
Fabric.  I used an old table cloth and some clearance muslin from the fabric store.  You can buy upholstery fabric (it usually comes in wider widths), a sheet, a table cloth, or a combo of all of them!
Once you have built your frame, you are going to attach cross pieces that run horizontally inside it.  When you are measuring for these cuts, just make sure that you are measuring the inside of the frame,  Double check that they are level (its not like anyone will see them, but it will make your job easier down the road!)  We attached 4 boards, about 15 inches apart.  Once again, unless you have someone living inside the closet you wont see these, so guestimations are a-ok with me! Staple a few in the center area on opposite sides, and then switch to the top and bottom and staple there.  By rotating where you are stapling, (this is the technique) and doing the whole thing at once  (as opposed to one whole side at a time) you will keep your pattern straight and help with bunching.
Mark where your holes need to be predrilled.  Predrill (obvs) and then attach the brackets with hex bolts. This is a FANTASTIC, inexpensive way to get the look of an on trend sliding door, without the cost, or the headache! If you are wondering what it sounds like and see how easily it glides, check out this video.

My husband and I just made a sliding mirror for our closet…I don’t know what it is about moving something on wheels but it makes all the difference! This is the best, Ive been looking a hardware for weeks and was just trying to figure out how to do it myself.
3) We learned at the very last stage that our stud finder had misled us into thinking there were studs where there weren’t. Continuing on with Shut The Front Door DIYs: build an antique-style sliding barn door and hang it with inexpensive hardware! There are many reasons why you would want to use a sliding door but the main reason I choose to make this door sliding is because it prevents the door from opening into the room which ultimately frees up floor space. I actually took the existing door off the hinges and installed the pipe track with casters but you can also build this door fairly easily with just two steps, see down below for detailed plans. Before you build this barn door I definitely suggest to measure your doorway and determine how wide your door needs to be. Because I used the 1″ nipple my door clears the moulding and I have space for the door handle. I hope you enjoyed this sliding barn door tutorial, it’s definitely an option to consider when thinking about space savings ideas and room flow plus the farmhouse feel adds so much charm. Over at Timber and Lace, Marci and hubby get creative with scrap timber and a hanging rail to make sliding barn doors to close off an alcove for Marci's craft room.
The plywood panels were layed out on the floor of the garage and the reclaimed wood nailed onto it.
After fastening down the first layer of reclaimed timber to the plywood panels, build a frame around the edge of the panel for effect.
To finish off the doors, use reclaimed timber to create the 'barn-style' effect on each door.

You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. I am going to show this to my fiance in the hopes that he can make one for each closet in our new home!
See everything shared so far here, and don’t forget to come link up your door-related projects here, plus tell us a knock-knock joke for a chance to win $25!
You can use the plywood sheets as a guide to dry fit the various timber sections before nailing them down, so that you can pick the best pieces. This is tough, because if you don’t own a saw, you need to have the people at HomeDepot cut all the lumber to the exact length you need before you leave the store, so get ready to do some math at the store before you leave.
The .75in thickness made using wood screws impossible because there are few screws 2 inches long and skinny enough not to split wood that thin.
We ended having to pre-drill then hammer in a nail for EVERY inner-frame to inner-frame attachment and inner-frame to outer-frame attachment. We encountered a few MAJOR obstacles, all of which were of our own making For those of you thinking about doing something similar, I’ve listed those obstacles below and explained how we fixed them!
Everyone is super impressed with it, and of course I tell them I saw it at Vintage Revivals Now if I could just decide what to paint on it!

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