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I was inspired by one of the previous see-through computer desks posted on HacknMod, but I wanted mine to be slightly different. I built five LED fans ($3 on eBay) into the desk to keep things cool along with five temperature sensors so I can monitor conditions.
I was just wondering if you guys could help me, i have an entertainment system wich is composed of a surround sound system, an xbox 360, a bell expressvu receiver and a portable hard drive.. This guide will help you understand the most important aspects of building a custom gaming PC for performance. GPU: Graphics Processing Unit which is a dedicated video compiling engine responsible for handing rendering and shaders. RAM: Random Access Memory also known as system memory which is needed to run the real time programs and queue them to the processor and Hard drive.
PSU: Power Supply Unit, which is a small box responsible for distributing the electricity to all components in your gaming box. HDD: Hard disk drive which is mass storage medium to store and access all kind of information in the form of digital files. SSD: Solid State Drive which is newer and highly fast storage device capable to run as fast as 12 time better than that of conventional HDD. Motherboard: The main board at which you place all the motherboards, basically serve as the base layer for your gaming computer.
Case: This is a rectangular box in tower form where you house all the computer parts into a single unit.
When you use a gaming level computer machine it will include a state of art and extremely powerful processor which will have ability to process multiple high processing demanding tasks in a smooth fashion. Installing the fastest CPU is essential for gaming desktops because it is one of the most important resources of your computer machine, when you are building a custom desktop for gaming purpose, processor should be chosen after proper research as the whole speed of your machine as well as the game itself relies ultimately on your computer processor capability to process large chunks of digital data in shortest possible time.
Technically the main board of your desktop or laptop computer, which is responsible for inter-connecting different devices with each other.
A computer machine without a graphic card means no value to a gamer because it will be enable to process the graphical data of heavy games such as tekken 6, Call of Duty, Gran Turismo, Medal of Honor, WOW (World of warcraft) etc.
First of all you need to understand that a computer is a closed system that uses both input and output devices in order to provide the communication from the player to the game as well as from the game to the player. Mouse is one of the most important input component of your computer which is responsible to provide the control of your screen and other miscellaneous tasks.
A gaming mouse uses a high precision gaming grade laser sensor technology which has a higher DPI (dots per inch) rate as compared to standard computer mouses. Gamer mouse utilizes on-board memory which is able to serve as macros which are the programmable keys through mouse buttons to interact with the game directly from your mouse. A perfect design to ensure that it will provide a comfortable usage for long hours is what is called a ergonomic design, designing the device by keeping in mind that it will be used by humans. Ability to change the light colors to match the other gaming equipment color scheme as well as it will help to play the game in the dark room. A powerful gaming hardware will ensure that the player will have the control needed to perform well in the game. The communication between the input device and the computer needs to be fast to avoid the delays in the game. A state of the art design to provide the excellent grip and avoid the slippery of the fingers from the keys. With the ability to save the programming command in your keyboard, you will have more control in your game using the macros keys. There are tons of color options which you can use for the keyboard keys, these colored keys can be used in the dark room to easily identify the keys responsible for gaming control. One of the most influential gaming hardware in the recent years is the controller for video games that rank under racing category.
Steering Wheel Controls: This is the real device which is responsible to provide you the ultimate control over your vehicle within the racing game. Gear Controls: This is just like a car or truck gear system in some way but in a standardize format.
Pedals For Gas, Brake and Clutch: Lastly there are two or three pedals each for separate task.
A headphone is the set of speakers which are placed in ta circular set, which can be wear on player’s head, this way the player can listen to the sound of the game without disturbing others in the room. You can buy peripheral devices for your computer that will give you better control and good performance in game but reality is that you cannot get the true gaming environment without a high quality output from a computer screen.

In order to make you believe that you are virtually part of the powerful gaming environment, you need supreme quality sound system that will rock your room or hall with rumble and beats of real-life sounds. Speaker Satellites: A sound system for a computer system can include one or more speaker satellites, whose role is to deliver the audio output to different sections of the room because each satellite is connected through a cable and you can extend the distance by using large cables.
Acoustic Speakers: Acoustic speakers are considered as the best quality speakers that deliver closer to reality sound and make you feel it is playing in front of you just like a live music. Sub-woofer System: This is the another important component of speaker system for gaming as it delivers the true-life quality of the sound and you will actually realize it is happening around you.
Audio Remote Controller: Lastly there can be a separate audio controller which is connected through a cable and you can bring it closer to allow ease of access, in order to get full control on the audio of the video game. A gaming machine is responsible for providing the processing required for keeping your game without delays. A computer processor is considered as the powerhouse of the whole machine, which is responsible for processing the data of the programs including the video games. All the running programs which are in queue to be send to the processor for processing are stored temporarily in system memory which is also called computer RAM (Random Access Memory), which is calculated in gigabytes (GB). This is probably the most important aspect of gaming computer that it has huge amount of dedicated memory available for the video games graphics processing needs.
Gaming computer comes with at least 500GB hard drive space which is enough to store hundreds of games and the data that they save for each player for several gaming missions. Gaming grade computer parts are essential for ultimate in-game performance & efficiency. Building a custom gaming machine is an art which require experience and knowledge of the individual computer parts, their quality compatibility and the performance level. Secondly the memory of the computer both the system and graphics memory is lifeline and is very important for processing the real time data in the game. Motherboards for gaming plays a important role in improving the computer speed, however the real backbone is the processor for gaming computer.
Even if these computer manage to play these games, the result will be awful and un-entertaining for the user and will include the unwanted lags and delay in the game, which will result in your performance in the video game. But in case of gamers, it is mainly for two factors, the first is the amount of RAM and second is it being a gaming grade memory as you can find high clock-speed modules that provide better performance in your games. Out of these devices the most important ones are the input devices which are responsible to provide the control of your game. If you purchase a gaming grade mouse, it will have a 4000 dpi which is at least 5 times higher than normal mouse which only has around 800 dpi.
You can set multiple macros for different tasks in the game, such as changing the screen to map etc. Keyboard is an important input device, which is used to control the game from different aspects through different keys. These controllers are for racing dominance through a steer wheel like controls, also there are gears control as well as pedals for brake and acceleration. It allows you to change the direction of your car, bike, truck or other vehicle in a simple fashion.
These devices includes the computer monitor or LCD or LED to provide the display and the speakers. But when we talk about high definition television screen then the result is much much better and make the graphics closer to real life scene.
It is believed as the most influential media and a very important gaming hardware to deliver this strong feeling to larger audience who are watching the game in the room or similar environment. It is responsible to produce the rumbles and beats that make vibrations and rock your environment.
Most of the sound systems does not include separate remote, instead it is placed in one of the speaker satellites. So a heavy duty processor will keep your computer run smooth even with multiple heavy program running at the same time. Higher the computer memory, faster your computer will work without freezing programs or delays in the processing. Having a higher memory of graphics will ensure your computer can process or render complex computer graphics without much effort., which will result in close to reality display from screen. Games demands huge share of your hard drive and if you have a small hard drive you will start getting problems due to shortage of the disk capacity. This website does not allow using any article content at other sites, includes both text and images data.

If anyone holding the copyright to any of the images on this website objects to their presence here please contact us and the offending images will be removed immediately. Gaming computer hardware is superior in technology in comparison to ordinary components which are used for everyday computing use. As a naive PC builder you could end up producing a PC which costs higher, without much effective performance. Resulting in a getting low value for your invested money. A high memory will ensure you get good results and fast processing without delays in the game. The most note-able features that makes a CPU chip faster includes the architecture depth measured in nm (nano meter), these days latest ones in the market Sandy and Ivy bridge based models has this number between 35nm – 45nm, however this number increases with time as the processor technology evolves. A graphic card contain a separate processor called GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) especially built to take care of heavy game data for your computer screen. You play the game with the keyboard and mouse and your whole control rely on these components. Speed is crucial for success in the game and the communication is responsible to provide that speed. Examples of such video games include the all times favorite Need For Speed game series, the MotoGP racing, MotoRacer and the list goes on.This is actually a pack of several components. It is similar to the steering wheel of a car, if you turn counter-clockwise, your vehicle will turn left and if you rotate clockwise it will result in turning towards right side.
In short it allows you to perform the gearing tasks of vehicle to obtain the manual gear controls in your hands. These devices are responsible for providing the real time gaming data from the computer to the user or the player, so having a advanced quality gaming output device will ensure you get a faster and reliable output in real time. The headset for the gaming is different from the ordinary ones with the ability to provide noise cancelling feature.There are tons of headsets that includes both speakers and microphone packed in the single box. The benefits of using a TV for gaming needs includes you get a larger screen to view your game scene in more detail and can zoom into every inch of your game, this makes you perform better in the game.
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PC hardware includes the processing machine components as well as the input and output devices : the keyboard, mouse, headphone, speaker, microphone as well as monitor or LCD.
On the other hand if you have epic hardware knowledge and understand the value of research while bundling up the parts into the gaming case then you can work wisely and end up building highly efficient and reliable desktop that runs smooth at the modern sophisticated video games. Lastly a high storage space is provided to save as much content as possible, because now-a-days video games require storage space in gigabytes. Intel compatible motherboards can not allow AMD processors or older generation of Intel CPUs. The tasks such as image rendering and shading are processed faster with a graphic card to give a high quality 3d environment with in detail graphic quality, which will make your gaming experience more realistic through high quality visual effects. Let us discuss the features of gaming mouse and keyboard one by one, which will help you understand how these gaming level devices are superior to standard ones that you use for normal computer needs. Finally the clutch pedal which is required for manual transmission oriented vehicles allows you switch between different gears. So when you buy a gaming headphone with microphone you can be sure that it will provide the ultimate audio experience.
All these components make up your machine and each of them play a vital role in the video game.
This information will help you find gaming components for desktop computer, whether it is about building new computers or hardware up-gradation in existing gaming machine. Second component of processor is the communication between the memory modules and the cpu which has small caches to queue real time data for compilation, higher the processor caches (L1, L2, L3) the better speedy processor and better communication with system memory.
So it is very important to install a high performance graphic card in your desktop computer and convert it into a gaming computer. The latest Intel’s Core i7 backed with Ivy bridge architecture offers up to 8MB L2 cache which is one of the fastest processor in the world. Thirdly it is the cloak speed of your CPU for both normal and turbo boost modes, now-a-days a reliable gaming processor has cloak speed of at least 3.0 GHz at least at the turbo boost level.
It is highly recommended to go for family of Core i7 chips as these are the fastest in the world.

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