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Use straight blade razors to scrape away the old paint and to give the door an ultra-smooth finish.
Step 5: Because hands are going to be all over this board (and at top speeds!) sand the heck out of the edges and then paint.
When the seat board and the long board are secure, attach your 10″ kick board so the 6 foot board slide part rests on top of it. Eine selbstgemachte Gleittur ist eine kreative Weise, auf welche man einen Eingang verschleiern kann.
Das Beste bei diesen Gleitturen ist, hinter denen kann man verschiedene Sachen aufbewahren. Eine DIY Gleittur in jedem Zimmer, an einer Wand oder vor einer eingebauten Offnung zu haben, addiert Charme und Charakter zum Ambiente.
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How to make a Sliding Barn door was hands down the most requested tutorial from The Epic Room Makeover 2012, which I was SUPER excited about, cause it is one of my favorite projects too…. There are a few measurements you need to get right off the bat.  You need the length of the pipe for the door to slide on (make sure you give it enough room to open!) and you need the width of your door opening. Did you know that if you have something huge like this door to cut  that you can take it over to Lowes and they will cut it for you?  Even if you didn’t buy it from them!  Originally I was all for jigging it out, but to get a perfect line in about 2 minutes is a MUCH better option.
Once your surface is smooth and gap free (hooray!!) its time to paint!  Don’t forget to put your ScotchBlue down to get perfect edges and protect the parts you don’t want painted!
To get our bright blue edge I bought a sample pot from Lowes in a great cobalt color and used this technique. Now lets get into the pipe aspect of the door.  There are 2 types of conduit pipe that they sell at Lowes. Save interior space and showcase your DIY skills by building a sliding door from reclaimed building materials and bubble-glass panels. DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2013 is a circa-1892 coastal cottage located along the Crystal Coast in North Carolina. A sliding door can be a great space-saving design choice, especially when covering a larger opening.

If adding a door opening, be sure to consult a licensed contractor or structural engineer to confirm requirements for load-bearing walls and structural headers.
With the outline of the tenon transferred to the side of the stile for the mortise, drill a series of 1" holes to remove the bulk of the material. The door’s width and height were increased by installing salvaged 2x4s around the perimeter. I have worked on this post for a while but still feel like it only makes sense in my head, because that’s where it came from.
Mine is attached to the tree house on one side (the base and the support beam), the back wall resting on a 2×4, and with a wall board on the third side.
Let’s just start by saying whatever plan you use, a 45 degree angle on your slide is ZIPPING.
I wish I would have cut the kick board taller so the slide rested more like 10 or 12 inches from the ground, it would have been easier for the kids to get off. I had to cut out a small nitch at the bottom for my baseboard to allow the board to sit flush against the wall. Viele eingebaute Raume haben schon designte Regale, aber manchmal soll man diese hinter Turen verstecken.
My hubby is going to be so super happy that you posted this (wink, wink!) You said you went to Restore in Phoenix for the door?
The home has been remodeled, based on online voters' selections, and will be given away to one lucky winner in a home sweepstakes in Fall 2013.
Utilizing time-honored woodworking techniques, the door can be built at home from a variety of materials. The door size for a ceiling-mounted track should be the width of the opening to the outside of trim by the height of the wall minus the track and wheel depth, blocking and a half inch. Cut the vertical center stile to the height of the door minus the height of the upper and lower rails. They don't require any sort of bottom track, but you will need a soffit on top to install a track for the doors to glide upon.
The kiddos climb from the tree house to the slide so I don’t have a ladder, I think that’s a whole new beast!

Wenn Sie einen solchen eingebauten Raum haben, der keinem Zweck dient, konnen Sie ihn hinter dekorativen Schiebeturen verbergen.
The plan was to cover the hole that was made for the door knob with our handle (the floor flange fits perfectly!) so that’s just what we did.
For ceiling installations, also ask what blocking may be needed overhead to support the weight of the door. Next cut two more pieces for the top and bottom rails to 1 inch longer than the total width of the door.
Using chisels and an orbital sander with 60-grit pads, slowly fit the mortise and tenon together.
It often comes with a slick, white laminate coating– great to use to avoid slivers and slick for a slide. Au?erdem konnen Sie mit Ihren Kindern basteln und dieses in ein lustiges Spiel verwandeln.  Erstellen Sie zuerst eine Tur fur Ihre Hausbibliothek oder sogar eine ausgemessene an der Wand, und uberprufen Sie das Endergebnis, erst danach konnen Sie sich fur eine massivere Konstruktion entscheiden. Then we realized because we used the best side of the door for the front, we made it so that the handle was on the wrong side. It is also very heavy, edges can be sharp after it is cut, and dense, so best to have either a big saw or the hardware store cut it for you– which is free by the way.
Remove the bulk of the material around the tenon using crosscuts from a circular saw set to the proper depth for each cut.
We moved the handle to the other side and covered that entire center piece with a few scrap pieces of wood.
Once the rough tenon has been formed for all four corners, mock up the rails on the stiles and transfer the tenon outline to the ends of the stiles.

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