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When researching 6x12 youth soccer goals for her recreational league, Rachel from Upstate New York, tapped into Kee Klamp fittings to create this impressive set of soccer goals. Like any DIY project, Rachel started by doing the appropriate research and pulling together a basic sketch of the goal. Rachel's portable soccer goals are a great solution for any recreational or youth soccer league that wants to build a set of rugged goals that can easily be transported to a new field or simply moved for the sake of mowing. Technical brochure that covers the features, benefits and technical data for the Fast-Fit connection system. The Steel Connection Solutions contains information on the BeamClamp, BoxBolt and Grating Clip products. Making a child's soccer goal out of PVC pipe is a great way to save some money and spend some quality time with your child. I went looking to buy a soccer goal for my 4 year old, and was somewhat disappointed to find that anything that looked to be a quality product that would last for years was over $100. If working with your child, don't rush things, the building part is as much part of the experience as playing with the net itself after construction. I literally spent more time trying to find a soccer net (both locally and online) that in the actual construction of the goal. Some other website on how to make a soccer goal suggest you use deer netting from your local hardware store. If you've never cut PVC with a hacksaw before, the cuts will probably go faster than you expect. In my case, I ended up squaring off the cuts with a power miter saw, but I'd expect you'd be fine with relatively straight cuts.

Mark each join with a marker line across the join to mark the proper alignment and rotation of the pipe.
It took me less than an hour to go from dry assembly to a glued up goal, but I was working fairly fast. The first evening this was built, we had 9 kids in our back yard having a great time playing soccer.
Make your very own soccer goal from PVC pipe for about half the price of a store-bought goal!
I wanted to mention that the purple primer isn’t really necessary on this sort of application, and unless you just have some on hand, no need to buy some. I found these instructions very easy to follow and I want to say thank you for posting this! Subscribe below for regular updates and a FREE copy of Seasonal Kids Activities and more great freebies!
If you've ever scoured sites like craigslist for a new boat, you will know that there are a ton of options out there. Her goal (pun intended) was to create a set of small goals for a recreational soccer league.
She decided on what fittings she wanted to use, and how much pipe she would need in order to build two soccer goals.
Commonly called Monet's Arch, these structures aren't available commercially in anything but small sections, but we wanted a 50ft walkway.
The secret that makes these goals easy to assemble and easy to transport is the Kee Klamp fitting.

They do this by encouraging the use of their talents in the construction of "green", useful and fun bike rack structures. Solution: I gave it to a friend of mine, and instead of leaving it a sitting desk, he upcycled it into a standing desk.
The fittings can be loosened just as easily as they are tightened, making it possible to disassemble the goal into sections with relative ease. The net worked perfectly, with the support rope threading through the Type 19 fittings on top-back of the goal. They will be happy to recommend fittings and help you arrive at the right design for your goals.
It makes them more resistant to hits and heavier so it will not go flying if the ball goes fast. PVC soccer goals are cost effective, but over time the PVC can become brittle and it is more susceptible to breakage when being transported to different fields. The only problem is these older boats can tend to be a bit beat up and outdated having gone through the years.

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