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Every week, the craftsmen of Building Wild help their clients build their perfect wilderness home.
We are the hardest workers you will ever know, with a history of carpentry & construction, creativity, lots of love, lots of heart.
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About year ago, after 3 successive weekends (yep both Saturday and Sunday) of going to the office to work on projects, I asked myself – could I build a home suite so I didn’t have to go the office on the weekends?
For some background, I live almost 30 miles from my company’s studio in Silver Spring, MD.

We also apply professional color correction concepts to non-linear editors including: Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer and plug-ins that support them. The Mixing Light blog features a free Colorist interview series with many of the industry's top professional color grading practitioners. But before that, I met his father on the French Broad river as I was a raft guide & his friend was the river photographer. Could I replicate the suite I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on at the office at home? I kept bumping into his father, Raven, at the river, in town at live music, pubs, gatherings.
In fact, our studio is directly across the street from the Discovery Channel Tech Center (DCTC). My commute is ok during the week, but doing it twice on a weekend – well that stinks. In other words, I’d like to build a DaVinci Resolve setup that is functional and pretty well equipped.

I arrived in the night on a moonless night & awoke the next morning to the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. My husband returned as a teenager to get to know his father & the rural life that formed the earliest years of his life. She wants nothing more than to make a home there, to leave a legacy to her great grands & so on.
We only ask to have enough space to gather, share meals & be together to make memories.

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