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The shelves didn’t squeak or complain when I exuberantly placed all my dishes, Corningware, serving bowls, mugs, and full mason jars on it! I am thinking a torsion box but wondering what to use for the skin to make it the strongest. Enter our contractor, John, who I asked for help because, while they were my vision, they were his handy-work.
Since I knew what needed to be stored on that first shelf (our every day items), we used the measurements to equally distance the three shelves (not including the first shelf of course—it needed more space above the counter top). I'm not sure where to get big angle brackets like that, but you might want to try a local lumberyard instead of a home center.
I can now share with you one of my personally most anticipated projects yet, our kitchen shelves! The middle joints are connected to the back by 2 medium screws each and to the bracket by 3 small screws.

We went with Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut, doing one thin coat, wiping off quickly as we painted. I had never really considered floating shelves in the kitchen before, but if I could do it myself, it’s tempting. This kitchen hadn't been updated in about 15 years, had dark brown walls, boring square white tiles with white grout, and TONS of cabinets.
Wide, white floating shelves to put our every day items at arms reach and display the few items we rarely use but think are beautiful. The primed sleeves spent a few days on the screened in porch while I tiled around the frames, they were pretty heavy and very solid. The seemingly small and simple changes (tile, shelves, new window trim, paint, and soon flooring) made a HUGE impact and not that huge of a cost. Our house is so dark most of the day it’s such a bummer, so white white white it is for me!

I love hearing that I’ve helped other people in some way with their home aspirations!
During assembly, John made sure to position the center supports to match the wall studs in front of which the frame would hang. Another help with support was butting the shelves right up to the corner, putting another screw in another stud.
I really wanted to stack all of my dishes, some serving bowls, and glasses up there so we knew it would have to be strong, no Ikea handiwork here. So my husband was daring and extremely careful and actually shaved off divets into the wood with his table saw to fit over the frame joints.

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