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A complimentary on-site consultation service, providing both installation and fire decor advice in the greater Auckland area. Large showrooms also in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin with a range of fires that can be demonstrated together with knowledgeable sales consultants. In-house Technical Manager offering creative solutions for contemporary, traditional or custom-made designed wood or gas fires. Technical and Installation advice available offering Fireplace design or fire decor advice and personalised presentations (on request) to Fireplace Specifiers throughout New Zealand. Quality – We stock only the highest quality products that do justice to your architectural designs, ranging from small studios to expansive luxury homes. Style – The Fireplace is the distributor for Jetmaster, Stovax and Gazco and has the largest range in Australasia. Ambience – Choose between open and slow combustion wood burners, realistic gas log fires or our new dynamic electric flame fire range. Expert advice – Visit one of our four showrooms or selected retailers with your clients, our staff have wide reaching practical and technical experience to share with you.
Design assistance – The Fireplace will check your architectural drawings and give you technical feedback to ensure feasibility. Custom Designs – We specialise in designing custom made wood and gas fires to suit indoor or outdoor situations. Individual service – Head Office Auckland will offer you a personalised tour of our product range in our Mt Eden Showroom. The Fireplaces Technical Manager and Sales Consultants can review architectural drawings and provide technical feedback on the integration of the selected fire to ensure the product chosen is feasible and fit for purpose.
Gas FiresGas fires and stoves are popular in NZ because they offer the visual appeal of a real fire with high efficiency and modern convenience. We offer a huge range of open gas and glass-fronted gas fires in a choice of sizes, shapes and finishes and state of the art designs. We source and stock the best quality gas fires and state of the art designs from around the world for use in NZ including: Jetmaster and Stovax. Wood FiresWood burning stoves and real wood fires create a welcoming atmosphere in every space and enhance any surroundings.
We stock a wide range of styles with sizes and models to suit new and existing chimney cavities.
Visit one of our retailers to be inspired and impressed by the versatility of our wood fire range and enjoy the wood fire ambience in your home.
We source and stock the best quality wood burning stoves and fires from around the world for use in NZ including: Jetmaster open wood fires and Stovax inbuilt wood fires and stoves. Electric FiresElectric fires offer the stunning ambience of a real fire with excellent heating efficiency and no mess or bother. These electric fires can be installed anywhere with a power-point and no venting or chimney is needed. Outdoor FiresThe New Zealand Al Fresco lifestyle is envied throughout the world and we so lucky to enjoy the great outdoors where we can entertain our friends and family. The Fireplace is the exclusive distributor of Jetmaster Outdoor wood and gas fires, and we have a specially selected range of Jetmaster fires that will compliment your outdoor way of life. Our fires are designed to provide you with the perfect ambience; they are aesthetically pleasing and of course they give you the functionality of somewhere to cook on. The outdoor fires come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the vast majority of spaces, whether it is an inner city courtyard, an outdoor living area, restaurant or country home.
Our stunning Fogata fire pit wood fire offers you all the benefits of the open fire, with the added convenience of a removable BBQ Grill and hot plate. The Auckland showroom features over 30 demonstration models, showcasing wood, gas and electric fires, they also have a dedicated Outdoor fire area. Complete this form to email a link of this photo to a friend or colleague that may be interested. By completing this form you are notifying a companyor a person that they were involved in this project. Finding proper outdoor bench plans is a complex process, taking into account there are so many plans, materials and designs to choose from.
A simple garden bench will enhance the look of your yard, if you come with an appropriate design and select the materials in a professional manner. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet!
Building an outdoor bench is one of those straight forward projects that could change dramatically the look of your backyard, especially if you choose a simple design and a traditional shape. Top Tip: In order to obtain a professional result and a beautiful appearance, buy quality lumber, designed for outdoor use.

First of all, you have to build the wooden legs of the bench, as well as the base supports. Drill pilot holes trough the components, before inserting carriage bolts, ensuring the holes are symmetrical. Top Tip: Work with good judgement, making sure you plumb the legs before driving in the screws. Top Tip: You could adjust the size of the supports (the width of the diy bench), to fit your needs and tastes. Top Tip: Use a spacer between the slats (a nail or a piece of wood), to make sure they are equally spaced. Lastly, fill the screw holes and the cracks with wood putty and leave it for several hours to harden. Top Tip: In order to protect the bench from decay and water damage, apply several coats of paint or varnish.
Free plans to build an Italian wood fired brick oven, how to build a brick oven, brick oven construction, brick oven design, build an outdoor brick oven. Guidelines to Build a Brick Oven To begin with, you need to understand what brick building is all about.
Knowing how to build a brick oven stores will all have the plans for many different types of brick ovens. Masterly Wood brick ovens construction pictures, plans for building Masterly firebrick dome, free chimney instructions..
Video and plans for a brick pizza oven in your backyard with used clay bricks and angle Stuart’s book has a bunch of plans and info on building backyard ovens, go buy. I really enjoyed visiting this site as I plan to build an oven (maybe with a kit) in the lawn of my newly built home on Vermont. Gabion (from Italian gabbia "big" and Latin cavea meaning "cage") a wire cage that is filled with stone or other hard materials. With a minimum R value of 38, straw bale is always a great choice for at least one wall in a cold climate greenhouse. Klinker or clinker bricks were overcooked rejects, a product of intense and smokey coal-fired kilns.
Beautiful buildings but the thought of birds flying into the glass is dreadful, so all large panes of mirror should have a deterrent, like a hawk cut-out or strips of ribbon hanging in front. No maintenance, long lasting, impenetrable poplar bark siding is a cradle to cradle siding option.
Old wood from barns, farmhouses, factories, even snow fence, is potential siding for a new home. Styles come in many designs to complement any interior, whether you’re looking for a traditional classic look or an ultra modern design. If you would like to discuss which fire would best suit your current or future projects, complete the form on the web site.
Whether you need an ambient display fire, an effective heating solution or both, The Fireplace can help you find the best gas fire for your needs.
Wood fires offer a classic ambience and The Fireplace brings this favourite NZ heating option up to date with an impressive collection of open wood fires and highly efficient free-standing heaters. The modern design features allow for increased fuel efficiency and maximum heat output with minimal smoke and ash. These built-in appliances can simply slot into an opening in a wall, existing fireplace or surround to give you the perfect solution for efficient heating for your home at your fingertips. It's an electric fire that produces a stunning flame effect and a dazzling glow with the convenience of remote control operation. They come in four different styles to suit your home, room decoration and the space available.
We also have a free standing or built-in Braai which is made from superior quality material and is outstandingly versatile, making it a pleasure to use. When you visit the showroom, ensure you ask one of the sales consultants to take you around the displays and see how a Fireplace fire can enhance your home, deck, patio or pool area. Outdoor Kitchens Houston, Outdoor Kitchen Builder Houston, Outdoor Kitchen Gas Grills, Outdoor Some Basic Principles Of Building Outdoor Stone Fireplace. Whether you are grilling at a pool party, for a family dinner or before the big game, an outdoor barbecue is appropriate any An outdoor fireplace is always a great addition to you can proceed to build your fireplace. Building an outdoor fireplace is something that most anyone can do with the right Backyard Flare, who Building outdoor fireplace grill. Building a fireplace or outdoor kitchen in your backyard creates another destination for you and your guests. Even though we can purchase tool shed pre made design, but without enough skill, we will not finish job fast.

If you are looking for a simple woodworking project, that can be done by any do-it-yourself-er and that doesn’t require a significant amount of money, a wooden bench without a back support is an ideal choice. Taking into account you will place the bench outside, you have to buy lumber designed for outdoor use, such as: cedar, redwood, pine or pressure treated lumber. A wooden bench without a back support is a easy to build woodworking project, even if you don’t have a solid expertise in the field. Therefore, you should consider purchasing redwood, cedar, pine or even pressure-treated lumber, ensuring they match with the rest of the garden furniture and with the design of your house. In order to attach the component into place, you should toe-nail it with several 3” screws. In addition, the three legs should be equally spaced, otherwise the bench won’t have a neat look. Align the wooden boards at both ends before inserting the galvanized screws, in order to obtain a neat look. Next, sand the wooden surface with 120-grit sandpaper along the wood grain and clean the components thoroughly. If you need more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. I want a bit of jazzyness with functionality and I noted a few here on your site which fit the bill. They were considered a waste product until early Craftsman builders found their sculptural architectural merits. Once we have had time to go through the information and drawings, The Fireplace will organise for one of their technical team to get in touch with you.
Gas fires provide a glowing warmth and ambient style you'll look forward to coming home to. It provides instant heat controlled by a thermostat or you can choose to enjoy the ambience with no heat. If your preference is gas then the Jetmaster Bedrock Outdoor Flueless fire is ideal for any outdoor entertainment setting. Outdoor fireplace plans – Where to find a good set of plans for building the outdoor hearth with grill.
In this article we show you step by step how to build the wooden components and what screws to use in order to assemble them together tightly. In addition, you will need tools common to any household to build the components: a drill machinery and several drill bits, a miter saw, a tape measure and safety equipment.
Afterwards, use a framing square and a pencil to draw the cut line, before adjusting the size of the lumber with a miter saw.
Browse your options for outdoor fireplaces with grills, plus view helpful pictures from HGTV Gardens. Outdoor fireplaces can be breathtaking additions to homes, giving backyards a decorative and functional focal point. Generally, a properly-built Roman-plan oven is roughly egg-shaped, with Information related to building, use and cooking. Notable outdoor fireplace designs, plans and images You’ve made the decision to build your own outdoor fireplace. These ovens can get to 1000F and the stone holds the heat evenly, cooking the food with retained, radiant heat from all sides and conduction from the hearth. Helping you design your backyard landscape with an outdoor fireplace with how to build plans, free photo gallery of ideas, and do it yourself designs. Burn wood slowly and it creates soot and particulate matter.An outdoor oven in the summer keeps the heat outside.
An indoor stone oven in the winter, especially in combination with a masonry heater, keeps the heat inside.Stone ovens do not hold moisture, so breads become crusty on the outside.
If you start with a wet dough, the crust will seal in the bread's moisture, within the loaf.An electric oven might draw 3500 watts per hour to maintain a 550F temp. Three pieces of hardwood, depending on oven dimensions and insulation, might give you a hot oven for a few hours. Two types of ovens:A black or Roman oven is one in which the fire (source of heat) is in the same oven chamber where the food is to be cooked. The food can enter the chamber after the fire has been pushed to the side (such as when cooking pizza), or the fire is taken out after the interior of the oven has been heated to a sufficient temperature, and then foodstuffs such as bread are placed inside and cooked by the radiant heat retained by the masonry.

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