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Jewelry Boxes and other exotic wood boxes By Wurrkshopwoods are the finest usance exotic wood boxes available. Jewelry boxes cribbage boards made with Hawaiian koa and exotic wooden boxes exotic customs work on is a specialty. While we specialize in handcrafting exotic Hawaiian forest including Koa we can craft your boxes out of any There are many types of wood Birdhouse designs plans and ideas for building handcrafted wooden. The space to the left of the Removable Box is 10” long so it easily holds legal size envelopes.
This entry was posted in Building Wooden Boxes, Wooden Boxes, Woodworking Shop and tagged Box For Sale, Building Wooden Boxes, finishing, hand crafted wooden boxes, Handmade Wooden Boxes, lacquer, Sanding, spray lacquer. Next is set up the Dado Blades again and Build the two Inside Boxes with Finger Joints in Spalted Boulder Creek Maple. I came up with design because I wanted it to be compact, but still hold 80 or more bags and have the capability to hold Loose Tea. My website has some of my work for sale if you’re interested in a Heirloom Box or a Candy Dispenser. This entry was posted in Building Wooden Boxes, Wooden Boxes, Woodworking Shop and tagged Ballot Box, Bank, Building a Secretary Box, Cutting Veneer, Locked Box, Miter, Raffle Box, Rosewood Secretary Box, Spalted Maple Secretary Box, Spline, Suggestion Box, Tip Box, Veneer Lid, wood box. This Solid Wood Box works well for Tea, but if you think inside the box you can easily find other treasures around that fit perfectly inside. I’ve already Bisque Jointed the Legs and Sides, Fronts, and Backs and cut in the Spline Cut on the Top Edge to attach the Cap. I’m making 2 Walnut with Maple Legs, 2 Maple with Walnut Legs, 1 Cherry with Maple Legs and 1 Cherry with Walnut Legs. In each drawer you have the choice of removing the dividers or switching to the larger compartments to the front.
This box has some nice Birdseye Maple along with this beautiful Medallion.  I really suck at Photography. After I bandsaw the scrolls and sand them on the drillpress with a mini drum sander, I cut splines in them to attach them.
I’ve had a few requests to build another Jewelry box with Swing Out Sides for Necklaces and 4 Drawers since the last one I built sold.
The piece of Maple I found that I want to use for both boxes has a beautiful and different grain.
I mitered the returns on the Swing Out Sides to leave room for Hooks for Necklaces and also a Wire Mesh for hanging Earrings.

I seldom use pins or nails and use glue and joinery to build my boxes because I HATE nail holes. There’s 33 pieces of wood in each of 3 of these boxes and 31 pieces of wood in each of the other 3. Being a old Cabinet Maker, Woodworker, I have learned many ways, by many people, how to build a box. After I plane off the wood left after I bandsaw the piece, I like to use a Orbital Disk Sander. I route a 45% on the 4 corners, sand the boxes and glue the bead molding onto the bottom of the box. I’ll Update soon the steps and progress on the 3 Drawer Jewelry Box with Necklace Hanger sides soon. The next thing I do is Measure and Cut the wood that I’m going to use on on the outside on each side of the Burl Veneer. After I un-clamp the drawers, I take them to the Edge Belt Sander and sand the outsides and fit them to the Boxes. Next step is to tape the two Book-matched veneers together in the middle then roll a thin layer of Glue onto the Lid’s inside and outside. Handmade standing jewelry box made of cherry Ellen Price Wood and burl with 2 side doors and. It would have bothered me to have one drawer that didn’t fit properly and look just right. Just lots of small final touches such as finishing Inlay, Sanding, Sanding, Sanding and Sanding.
I have been taken away from this project a few times by other duties but did manage to get those two things done. I’m using my pin gun to fasten on the drawer stops and the Drawer rail pieces to the sides because I am Veneering the outside of the boxes and it will hide the nail holes.
One is Fun, but I have WAY too much trouble choosing which wood I like best and which woods look best together. Now that the boxes are glued together, it’s time to add a little strength and beauty. You can see the Walnut Base pieces that I’ve Bandsawed the scroll and sanded on the Edge-Belt Sander. BOXES BY KURT PRODUCES antiophthalmic factor assortment OF pass MADE EXOTIC WOOD BOXES inward A MODERATE damage Our jewelry boxes get in a variety of woods aboriginal and exotic that you can take from.

I added a second Removable, Adjustable Divider so it works well but better without the Lift Out Tray. I Glued and Dadoed the bottoms in and used splines to attach the cap above the legs and sides. The Cope and Shape fit together perfectly so with glue they make a very strong and long lasting box. Then put a Dado Cut for the bottoms and a cut in the top of the Fronts, Backs, and Sides to attach the Cherry Cap.
The glue I use has a hour set time, but I always Glue and Clamp my Veneers for at least 5 hours. I also have a small sanding drum that I put in the Drill Press for the small, tight scroll’s. Handmade Wood Jewelry Boxes afternoon tea Boxes Men's Valets Watch Boxes and Humidors from Exotic and Domestic Woods.
Won’t need to worry about the box warping and causing problems with the drawers working well.
All the inside and outside Measurements for this box are in the description at my Etsy Shop. The Felt would be nicer glued in if you are going to use it for Jewelry, Pictures, Valet Box, or Keepsake. So do people who don’t understand wood, like me when I do something for the first time.
Disconsolate Moon Exotic Wood wants you to puzzle the virtually of the woodwind you purchase from us. The good news is that you can easily build to allow for this, or even stop it from happening.
I get VERY familiar with each piece of wood through the process, no mater if I’m building One Box or Six Boxes at a time.

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