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This handy guide to measuring kitchen doors, carcasses, cabinets and wardrobe doors should tell you what you need to know when ordering. If you are replacing existing doors, drawer fronts and panels measure the doors and not the cabinets. This is done to allow sufficient space between the doors to allow for easy adjustment and opening . Check the height and width of every door It's dangerous to assume that the cupboard doors on one side of your kitchen are exactly the same height as the doors on the other side of your kitchen, they may look similar, but they may have been fitted at a different time, and the size may be different. If you can, get somebody else to double check your meaurements, remember the old saying "measure twice cut once".
We recommed calculating the door size from the internal gap then adding 16mm for the hinge and a 16mm overlap for the opposite side. It's important to have the two vertical frames parallel and if you can wait it can be a good idea to build your frame then measure for the doors.

The frame height gap can be any size to suit your needs but plus 15.5mm top and bottom works well. If you do not have parallel sides plain MDF doors can be useful as they can be trimmed before painting. We have been designing and making bespoke kitchens and built-in furniture in Brighton, Hove and Sussex since 1997. As we design and make everything from scratch, cabinets, face frames and doors can be built to the exact size to fit the room.
You'll see from the photos on this web site that we are equally at home working in contemporary or period styles. Your built in cabinets or built in cupboards can be designed in a traditional or modern style.
The widths of doors can vary too, for example the last door on a row of what appears to be 500mm wide doors may have been made a special size.

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