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Description: It has always bothered me that if you wanted to do a built-in at a custom size you cant use the Besta products which have the best finishes. After some inspecting of the way the Besta units were put together I figured out that you could hack it so it would look finished and still be able to fit perfect into.
If you cut each end cabinet and hanging track and put the rough ends against the walls you can have a perfect built-in look. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. Jill was looking for a budget-friendly option to add a modern industrial look to her home's new addition.
I've always loved the look of the STUVA system at Ikea, and I thought it might be perfect for the base of my desk. I bought an 8-foot piece of plywood and covered it with concrete, giving it the appearance of a concrete tabletop. After we removed the shelf (by re-Craigslisting it for as much as we originally got it for), we had a nice blank slate for our built-in shelves.
The Bestas have plastic feet that are attached to screws that can be turned to adjust the height of the shelf.
We did a test fit to make sure that the total height of the built-in would be right and that the upper cabinets would fit when everything was installed at the proper height. The cam lock screws are installed sticking up out of the countertop, and the tall shelf sides need to be lowered so that the screws fit into pre-drilled holes in the shelf sides, and then the cam locks are used to grab the screw heads. Here is a view of the shelf sides that have the cam locks (the circles at the front and back), which grab the top of the screws and hold the shelf together and give it some rigidity.

Because we eliminated the bottom of each tall shelf, the rather flimsy backing material for the shelf didn’t have a groove to sit in, so we had to cut it so that it would sit flush on the countertop. The middle shelf that goes between the two side shelves weighs 92 lbs fully assembled (without shelves it was probably around 60 lbs). There are lots of screws holding this thing together as well as lots of screws holding the shelves to the wall. Here’s a picture of the bottom shelf with the side panel, doors, knobs and molding installed. Chris also installed some crown molding at the top of the shelf, to cover the uneven gap at the top and to give the shelf a more built-in look. Total cost of this project was around $700, with the bulk of the cost coming from the IKEA shelves and doors. I wanted a home office that looks like it was builtin but not built from the more simple lines of most of the Ikea desks. Cut the base cabinets to 24″ to remove the top drawer and assemble the base cabinets. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". When not living in 140 characters, you'll find her thrift shopping around Boston, canning, and Instagramming photos of cats.
It was relatively short (only 6 ft tall), which looked a little strange with our 9-ft-tall ceilings. We also installed a filler strip of wood on the back of the bottom to give the backing some rigidity.

Chris had the idea of using a car jack to hold the shelf in place and to make the fine height adjustments needed to fit it perfectly in place when screwing the whole shelf together.
Chris also put the same wood strips behind the middle shelf so there would be more places to screw it into the wall. We painted the countertop, side panel and molding with a white paint that we had color matched to the Besta shelves at Kelly-Moore (our local paint place).
We decided to replace that shelving unit with a full wall of built-in shelves with lower cabinets, using IKEA Besta shelves, with a few creative touches thrown in. Chris used the bottoms of the shelves as a template to drill the holes into which to install the cam lock screws – 4 screws for each tall side shelf. We lifted the middle shelf onto a small side table sitting on the counter and then onto the jack. Moving from the dark TV shelf to a bright white one really brightens up the room while also giving us a lot more storage (especially in the bottom cabinets, to where we moved the printer and other computer-related equipment from the guest room). The two tall shelves on either side (highlighted in red) normally have bottoms, but those were not installed, and the sides of the shelf were instead attached to a countertop (more details below).
We also installed one on the top so that there would be something substantial to screw through when we attached the built-in to the wall.

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