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Gourmet Kitchen Design Ideas: Whether you are a professional or aspiring chef, or if you simply want a luxury cooking environment, we encourage you to find inspiration in the gallery below. Gourmet Kitchen Appliances: A gourmet kitchen is usually situated around the cooking surface, be it a full range or a range top. Buyers of appliances are likely to consider key measurements as part of deciding whether or not to buy a particular model.
Kitchen units are always built to standard depths and most widths correspond to multiples of 5 cm. Cabinets for built-in appliances such as fridges, freezers, ovens, microwave ovens are 60 cm wide. An alternative to building in appliances is to use standalone ones providing sufficient spaces are available with suitable gaps between them. Dishwashers are usually 60 cm wide but are sometimes offered in the space-saving 45 cm width.
Alternatively if a really large appliance is required, such as a range cooker, again standalone appliances are the solution. Mobile appliances such as vacuum cleaners, deep fat fryers and toasters are obviously not constrained by kitchen unit cabinets or spaces between units.
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Also see our Make Your Own Blueprint tutorial for those wanting to do their own house plan drafting. When deciphering a set of house blueprints, you should look first at the elevation views.These views will give you an overall idea of what the exterior of the finished house will look like.
Typically a set of house plans will include four elevation drawings, one for each of the front, rear and two sides of the house. The elevations detail the building height, the exterior materials used, including siding and roofing. Floor plans also usually indicate finishing information such as flooring types, location of electrical switches, plugs and lights as well as built in fixtures such as cabinetry, sinks, toilets and kitchen appliances.
To understand the various symbols shown on the floor plans, first open our blueprint symbols glossary. The scale used on a set of house plan drawings will be listed somewhere near the page title block.
To make reading blueprints and measuring your house dimensions easier, an architect's scale will come in handy. The cross section could very well be the most difficult view in learning how to read blueprints since a large amount of detail and layers can sometimes be included.

At Discount Appliances we believe that it is possible to combine technology which the Internet offers, with excellent service. General Electric brand name appliances page with information on rebates, warranties, parts and service, special offers, product line and model numbers. Deluxe appliances, large working islands, and food prep zones are expertly arranged in these amazing gourmet kitchens.
The butler's pantry through the arched doorway includes a tall wine cooler just outside the kitchen. Built-in appliances therefore have a standard width so that they will fit 60 cm wide kitchen cabinets. Most standalone appliances are 60 cm wide with some cookers offered with the narrower 50 cm width. Nevertheless the dimensions may be important because of the floorspace or worktop space that they occupy. In order to make the most of your kitchen, you need a range of appliances to ensure that you get the most from every single one. The relationships wea€™ve developed with these suppliers is based upon a mutual desire to produce exceptional products combined with excellent customer service at an honest and realistic price. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
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The elevation view is a completely flat view, in other words, with no artistic perspective. They help give the prospective owner an idea of what the home will look like but are also used by the municipal planning office before issuing a building permit to ensure that the building meets the local zoning regulations. This drawing shows the house from what is called "plan" view - looking at the house from above as though the viewer was in the sky looking directly down on the house with the roof removed. This glossary will open in a new window so you can easily switch back and forth between the How to Read Blueprints tutorial and the symbols glossary as needed. This means that they are an exact representation of the real house as it will be built but they are scaled down to fit onto paper.
In our doll house example, imagine if the "slice" was very thick and included in it a few layers of walls, as well as some doorways, fixtures such as bathtubs and sinks, and details for a built-in cabinet. Our appliances range from wine coolers to microwaves; we have every appliance to suit every lifestyle.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. The elevation drawings are also used by the building trades when finishing the house exterior.

This view shows all walls, room sizes, appliances, plumbing fixtures (sinks, toilets) and sometimes furniture. An interior wall will usually consist of the wood framing covered on both sides with drywall. Think of it as though you have drawn them full size and then used a massive photocopier to reduce their size by a reasonable percentage. The residential designer or architect will often use the cross-section view to detail interior finishing such as built-ins, trim work and stairway finishing for the construction crew who will be doing this work. So if the house was 40 feet long, the draftsperson would draw the house on paper as 40 inches long. If you were to place the 0 on the inside line of an interior wall on your house plans, you could then measure across to the inside line of the opposite room wall.
If you took any one of the slices and looked at it from the flat face you would have a cross-section of the doll house.
This view is also invaluable to the framers since it will give a better picture of how the house is to be built. Since the cross section can also show a slice of the exterior walls, information about the details of the wall layers, their insulation and exterior cladding can be included in this view. Exterior walls will typically be wider than the interior walls since the exterior walls are usually structural (they help hold up the floors above and the roof). So if the opposite wall of the room lay at the number 12 on the scale, the room is then 12' wide. Finally, the refrigerator should be on the large side (either deep or wide), and you might consider a large professional sink and faucet as well.
The exterior wall could be made of wood or metal framing, concrete (perhaps with insulated forms), straw bale, rammed earth, cob, adobe bricks or anything that passes your local building code. The inside walls of the exterior walls are often covered with drywall or stucco and the outside walls covered with either stucco or sheetboard (usually plywood or oriented strand board) which is then covered with some type of breathable waterproofing, then covered with exterior surfacing (wood siding, brick, stucco, etc.) Typically, the exterior walls will appear thicker than the interior walls on your blueprints. You might consider an island or peninsula with an integrated eating area illuminated by pendant lights. A trash pull-out near the main sink is useful, along with a pull-out cutting board or rattan baskets for storing potatoes, fruit or vegetables.
The distances between the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop, known as the work triangle, should be ideally spaced four to nine feet apart. Aisles and walkways should be 36-48 inches wide, and no less than 42" wide where a work zone will be.
If you enjoy the beauty and utility of these gourmet kitchen photos, you might also enjoy some of the Traditional, Italian, and Luxury kitchens as well.

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