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Did you know that originally Mr Potato Head was just a box full of random body parts that kids were supposed to jab into actual potatoes?
With the right pairing of parts and produce you can create some surprisingly fun-looking vehicles with the collection. Titanosaurs were the largest land animals to ever appear on this planet, but even these lumbering beasts had humble beginnings.
Many of us have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar place, like a hotel, or a friend's house for the first time.

It sounds like a crazy idea, but Mr Potato Head went on to become an incredibly popular and iconic toy — and we can only assume the creators of these Open Toys parts that let kids turn fruits and vegetables into planes and race cars are hoping for the same level of success.
The discovery of a baby titanosaur fossil suggests that these dinosaurs were born with very adult-like features -- and wow did they ever grow fast. But lately the thing that's caused me the most revulsion has been a photoset of someone pouring tequila into a mason jar full of Flamin' Hot Cheetos. New research shows that one hemisphere of our brain stays more active during the first night of sleep -- and it does so to keep us ready for trouble.

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