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Grey Wall Big Plant Pot Red Cabinets Brown Carpet Four Square Mirrors Minimalist Interior Design Living Room Updated by Dick Oatts on Monday, February 4, 2013, is one of the pics from the main page Interior Design Living Room for First or Second Option.There are 12 more pics that you can see below. Botanists, Biologists, and Land Surveyors need to protect their plant specimen collections.
Our herbarium cabinets are designed to offer your plant specimen collection the best protection from light, insects, rodents, dust, and water.
We want to provide you with the perfect herbarium and botany storage cabinets that will meet all of your requirements, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for or you want to pick out a custom color for your cabinet give us a call at or send us an email. If you are interested in more than just herbarium and botany storage cabinets, then take a look at our entomology cabinets and museum cabinets! The plant tissue culture laminar flow cabinet is a work bench or similar enclosure which has its own filtered air supply. The many features of herbarium & entomology cabinets – paint that is non-gassing and non-reactive, heavy duty steel construction, a sealed and waterproof top – make them a secure investment in the protection of your museum’s collection. And if your collection is at risk for water damage from fire suppression systems or insect attacks, these cabinets offer the maximum protection available. Visit our museum storage home page to find herbarium & entomology cabinets, framed art racks, and more for your collection. Sliding mobile shelving is just like your typical static shelving except it moves on tracks. The result is an increase in storage capacity in less space, with dramatic improvements in organization, convenience, and productivity. You’re probably thinking, “what…how can lateral file cabinets be the alternative to lateral file cabinets?” The answer: these lateral file cabinets are on tracks! What this does is use less space because you don’t have to create an aisle for access to stored items.
You can find all of these lateral file cabinet alternatives and much more online from StoreMoreStore! When designing your office, this doesn’t give you a whole lot to work with once you factor in everything you’re going to need – desk space, a conference area, bathrooms, a break room, and storage areas. Of course the last thing you might want to think about is where you’re going to store paperwork, files, and office supplies, but these are necessary items for running a successful business, which means you have to factor them in.
StoreMoreStore has a variety of storage systems that will save space so you can focus your time and money on the areas of your office that are more fun and make a bigger visual impact.
Sliding Lateral File Cabinets: If you’re already using lateral file cabinets but don’t have the enough space to add more, you can just add a row of sliding cabinets.
Personal Storage Lockers: Many times small offices utilize contract workers or workers from home. Mobile Flipper Door Cabinets: These cabinets work great for both saving space and ensuring that your office presents a clean, professional appearance. Pull-Out Storage Shelves: If you have tight spaces, alcoves or wall columns that are making your layout awkward, these shelves are the right solution. Spinning Rotary Cabinets: Double the storage space, security locks, and easy operation make these cabinets an attractive choice for many businesses.
If these storage systems aren’t right for your small office space, check out all the other options from StoreMoreStore. When the copy machine was distributed to businesses back in the 1950s, it enabled office workers to keep copies of their printed materials. Not much has changed in the last 60 years; employees are still printing documents and filing paper. You might be stuck using lateral file cabinets because people are usually resistant to change. Saves Space– With the rows of cabinets compacted together in this arrangement, you’re using less floor space to store the same amount of files. Centralizes Storage– If you have a smaller storage space, putting the lateral cabinets on tracks centralizes your file storage area. Improves Organization– Because files are stored together, your office is better organized. Increases Productivity– Employees will spend less time searching for files in multiple locations.
Another great thing about the sliding mobile shelving systems is how many different kinds we have available.
This one is a bit different from the other systems for two reasons 1) it’s meant for storing framed artwork and 2) technically the shelving slide out instead of back and forth. The lateral sliding file cabinets aren’t shelving exactly, but they are just like many of the other storage systems on the list.

Just like the letter size option above, box sliding mobile shelving is designed specifically for boxes. As botanists and mycologists, you take special care to preserve the form and color of plant specimens – carefully drying, pressing, mounting, and labeling them. The many features of our cabinets – paint that is non-gassing and non-reactive, heavy duty steel construction, a sealed and waterproof top – make them a secure investment in the protection of your herbarium collection. Organizing and storing all the food items you need to prepare meals at your restaurant or cafeteria can be a massive chore. The lateral sliding wire shelving can be used in both dry storage pantries and walk-in coolers. Additionally, all the systems have adjustable wire shelves.And the lateral sliding wire shelving come in chrome with an option to upgrade to rust and corrosion resistant zinc or stainless steel on special request.
Make food storage in your restaurant or cafeteria more efficient, and shop now for lateral sliding wire shelving from StoreMoreStore. At StoreMoreStore, we have a variety of herbarium cabinets that will provide safe and secure plant specimen storage.
We have half height cabinets, wide cabinets, and large cabinets that will provide great plant specimen storage for your collection. It provides product protection by ensuring that the work in the bench is exposed only to HEPA-filtered air. Each horizontal shelf can be adjusted up or down on 1 ? inch increments so that each opening can be customized for storing you museum and gallery collection. Each panel on the rack has heavy duty braided mesh to allow for hanging artwork on both sides. You’ll need a place to put files, office supplies, computer media, marketing materials, and even holiday decorations. Put rows of sliding mobile shelving in front of each other and you’ve got a double, triple, or quadruple deep storage system.
Many people work in offices that are located in downtown high-rise buildings where rent can be very expensive. But this lack of space can be the inspiration you need to get creative and make the most out of your small office space.
And one place where you can typically save a lot more space than you initially thought is the storage area.
This is an extremely cost effective solution to get more storage capacity in a small office space. They’ll fit in these typically unusable spaces and turn them into productive storage areas. And if you need any help or still can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667. In addition, the government started expanding its regulations, requiring businesses to create and keep records.
And sadly many businesses are still relying on outdated lateral file cabinets to store all this paper. But, there is a way to get more value out of your lateral file cabinets – put them on tracks. These systems are great because they are an affordable solution for increasing your storage capacity without using a ton of floor space. With so many different options, you’re guaranteed to find the right storage system for your business. It’s ideal for storing files and works great in healthcare settings, human resources departments, and accounting departments.
It’s completely different from any other type of wire shelving on the market today and works very well for storing medical supplies, food, linens, and electronics. Typically, you’ll have to add either hinged doors or large rolling doors to secure items, but these cabinets have mini doors built right in. But the sliding art panel system still gets included because the shelving slides (and it’s an excellent solution for storing art collections).
More Storage Capacity: The flipper door file cabinets offer 60% more folder storage capacity in the same space as lateral file cabinets.
Extra Space Savings: Flipper door file cabinets extend higher than traditional lateral cabinets to use extra vertical space as storage space. Mobile Arrangement: When you put the cabinets on tracks to create a mobile arrangement, you will save even more space. Locking Capabilities: The doors on the cabinet are lockable to secure your stored files and keep you in compliance with HIPAA.

Filing Options: With the flipper door file cabinets you can use a more efficient color-coded end tab filing system. By gaining more storage capacity, maximizing your space, and implementing a better filing system, your business will become more cost-efficient. Harvard University’s Herbaria and Library states, “As we lose natural habitats the world over, herbaria increasingly serve as a record of the recent history of plant life, and as a repository of precious genetic information.
With the massive amount of work you do to ensure your herbarium collection is mounted and labeled correctly, you need to be using cabinets that will work just as hard to keep everything safe. Everything is sized differently, some items need to be refrigerated, and you are always lacking space.
And the shelving will store everything including canned goods, bulk food supplies, wine bottles, refrigerated meats, kegs, beverages, and other kitchen supplies. Instead of having an aisle in between rows of shelves, the shelving is arranged back-to-back, 2, 3, or 4 units deep. Depending on the configuration you choose (double, triple, or quadruple deep) you will receive one stationary back row and the rest will be the movable shelving.
If you have any questions or want to speak with a representative, give us a call at 1-855-786-7667. In addition, specimens that are studied and researched at your museum need to be properly preserved. In addition, the framed art storage racks have a powder coat paint finish that does not put off gases to ensure your collection will be protected long-term. The racks anchor to the floor with no need for ceiling support, and the linear motion design helps each rack to slide in and out without disturbing the other racks. Before you go for the old standard, lateral file cabinets, we have 4 space saving alternatives for you to consider – and a bonus 5th option!
In fact, check out one of our previous blog posts to learn how you can use document sorters for storing your marketing collateral! The rolling door cabinets offer you all the storage flexibility and space savings of open shelving with the security of lateral cabinets. The fact that no two cabinets are the same color, yet somehow every color is drab and dull.
You can find all sizes, colors, and arrangements of flipper door file cabinets at StoreMoreStore. StoreMoreStore has cabinets that are designed for the express purpose of herbaria archival and storage. At StoreMoreStore you will find a one-of-a-kind solution for restaurant and cafeteria food storage: lateral sliding wire shelving. The lateral sliding shelving is just like regular wire shelving, with one major difference – the amount of space it saves. The front wire shelves slide sideways on tracks to give you access to the units stacked behind. The good thing is that you can buy only what you need now and when your business grows, add a set of tracks with more sliding wire shelving.
That’s why StoreMoreStore has a range of museum storage systems that are specifically designed to protect your collections. Also, there are 13 different colors to choose from for your racks that will match any decor. Because there are no access aisles in between each row, you will easily be able to increase your storage capacity in less space. To access stored files in the back row, you move the cabinets in the front row side-to-side, getting them out of the way to give you access to that back row.
With this set-up, you can greatly increase your food storage capacity while maximizing your space.
Also, the roll-out art racks slide smoothly and quietly, which makes them an excellent art storage system.
There’s something better you should be using instead of lateral cabinets: flipper door file cabinets.

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