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Callaway Golf today announced its new line of X Hot Drivers and Fairway Woods, configured for blistering ball speeds and distance gains. Distance gains of 13 yards* with the new X Hot Driver have been achieved with a host of design and engineering advancements that make the new drivers fast, hot and more lightweight than their predecessors. In the X Hot Drivers, Callaway has implemented its thinnest casting technologyever in the all-titanium head to create a lighter swing weight and overall configuration, a combination that benefits most players in terms of head speed and distance, especially golfers with an average swing speed.
Also featured in the Callaway X Hot Driver is the adjustable OptiFit Hosel, which adjusts the face angle in Open, Square or Closed positions to improve accuracy and trajectory, and allows golfers to dial in their preferred look at address. In addition to the X Hot Drivers, Callaway is bringing a new line of fairway woods that Tour Pros, the blogosphere and industry insiders have been buzzing about in recent weeks, the X Hot Fairway Woods. The markedly low CG in the fairway wood head, accomplished with a novel proprietary design called the Internal Standing Wave, delivers more ball speed and lower, more consistent backspin, resulting in longer, more consistent distances from everywhere on the course: the tee, fairway or rough. Not to be forgotten among the staggering distance gains is the complete performance and versatility of the X Hot Fairway Wood and X Hot Pro Fairway Wood; the sole is designed for improved performance from a variety of lies. To further enhance speed and distance, the X Hot Fairway Woods will be available with a lightweight Project X Velocity shaft as the stock offering.
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Proudly Canadian and uniquely opinionated, from latest news to equipment reviews, we bring you the latest in golf from a Canadian perspective. The difference is that Bridgestone has focused their efforts (or at least the marketing of those efforts) around the idea of core compression (slower swing speed guys can’t compress a regular tour ball), whereas Callaway’s new approach is focused on the aerodynamic properties of the ball. To that end, Callaway has classified golfers into 3 distinct groups (or Regimes…see what they did there?), sorted by swing speed. Technically, the ranges (the regimes) are tied to ball speed, but for the most part you can use ball speed to extrapolate swing speed, and the reality is that while most golfers don’t know how much ball speed they produce with the driver, most have a pretty good idea how fast they swing the club. Within each Speed Regime the ball is optimized for drag (the force that occurs as the ball leaves the club face – drag occurs in the initial stages of ball flight) and lift (what keeps the ball in the air as it descends). Optimized for swing speeds of 90MPH and below (135MPH and under ball speed), SR 1 will offer the best fit for senior golfers, women, and anybody else who doesn’t break the 90 MPH barrier.
Muli-layer, dual core construction with DURASPIN (Callaway’s new soft cover material) Urethane cover.
The aerodynamics of the Speed Regime 1 are optimized to maximize lift at lower swing speeds. Unlike other balls designed for lower swing speed players (Titleist Velocity, for example), Callaway says slower swing speed players no longer have to sacrifice feel for distance. Optimized for swing speeds of 90-105MPH (ball speeds from 135-155 or so), SR 2 will benefit a sizeable number of amateurs as well as LPGA players. Well-balanced golf ball offering reduced drag for stable, penetrating ball flight and additional lift as ball begins its descent. Optimized for swing speeds of 105MPH and above (160 MPH+ ball speed), SR 3 is the ball most of Callaway’s PGA Tour staff is expected to play. Aerodynamics are designed to reduce drag and produce a lower, more boring trajectory, and ultimately more distance for the higher swing speed player. Beyond the specs, Callaway is saying that the new balls are softer than their previous tour offerings (they’re not as clicky).
The combination of a soft cover and soft outer core, which is common to all 3 balls in the Speed Regime lineup, offers outstanding control and high spin around the green…at least so says Callaway. Our own surveys results suggest that while consumers believe Callaway makes a good ball, more than 60% of you told us that Titleist makes a superior ball. If you’re going to take a shot with a new ball, you do it during an off year for Titleist (there won’t be a new Pro V1 in 2014), which is why Callaway, TaylorMade, Nike, and presumably Bridgestone will all be rolling out new versions of their flagship balls in 2014. That’s a tough sell, and a tour ball for a sub-90 swing speed guy, that’s an even tougher sell, but here’s the thing, the golf ball matters.
You’ll never see it if you keep blindly pulling that same box of balls off the shelf year after year. Are you willing to invest the time and effort (and money), or will you continue to perpetuation the mythology of the #1 ball in golf? I can see the reasoning of setting the price of the Regime 3 similar to the ProV1 price to help shape perceptions, but I can’t see the masses buying the Regime 1 or 2 for the same money.
To address the unintended subject of this thread, if someone wants to pay for a expensive ball then promptly snipe it into the marsh on the left, that is their business.
Nobody really needs to drive a Cadillac either, but they buy them all of the time because it makes them happy, for whatever reason.

I am of the opinion that the longest and straightest ball is one that you are not afraid to loose.
If you want to knock off the king of golf balls (Titleist ProV1), you don’t put a comparable ball out at the same price as the king!!
Callaway insiders told us a year ago that they felt the made a mistake with the original Chrome ball. 8 years ago in 2005 I had the pleasure and honour to play with Gary Player than 70 years old in a Pro AM, unfortunately only for three holes, than the next flight had the pleasure, we walk along. As to the comment that Titlest won’t be offering a 2014 Pro V 1,How can you improve on the best! I still really like the TM Penta TP3 and the Bridgestone e6 (much better ball in 2013 than before).
The XR 16 Fairway Wood is bigger, hotter and more forgiving with a new Face Cup that leads to even more speed and distance.Bigger, More Forgiving and Easier to HitThe head shape is bigger, and Callaway has built in an awesome combination of the highest MOI, low Center of Gravity, and highest COR in a fairway wood. An individual who has purchased the reviewed item from our company and submitted their review using a process that verifies purchase history.
The full manufacturer's warranty from Callaway is only valid when the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is purchased from an Internet Authorized Dealer. The full manufacturer's warranty from Callaway is only valid when the Callaway Women's XR Individual Irons is purchased from an Internet Authorized Dealer.
Already adopted by some of the longest-hitting players on the worldwide tours, including newly-announced Callaway staff professional Gary Woodland, the new line of X Hot Woods are a result of Callaway R&D designing clubs for the best players in the world, and using optimized design progression and adjustability to make them accessible and high-performing for all players. Callaway employed its powerfully fast Speed Frame™ Face Technology that increases ball speed, saves weight and optimizes stiffness and stress distribution across the face for more efficient energytransfer. Another benefit of the new, thin casting technology to the golfer is the inclusion of Draw Bias Progression, which changes the amount of draw bias depending on the loft, allowing golfers to better control sidespin and tune their shot shape. As a notable value-add, the Callaway X Hot Drivers also feature Project X Velocity shafts as the stock offering. At 460 cc, it also features attractive crown decals and an alignment Chevron on the matte grey-colored crown.
This new, wave-shaped weighting design engineered inside the club head projects up from the sole toward the face, creating a lower and shallower CG and higher MOI. Contributing to this versatility is the Modern Warbird® Sole, an updated design that builds off of one of the most adaptable fairway woods ever produced to allow for more dynamic shot shaping and a decidedly more useful fairway wood.
The Standard X Hot Fairway Wood will be available in a 3-Wood, 4-Wood, 5-Wood, 7-Wood, 9-Wood and 11-Wood. We aim to promote the game of golf around the world and share Canada’s passion for the game - we strive to make Canadian Golf Magazine a publication Canadians can be proud to call their own. Each regime has a ball specifically designed to optimize aerodynamics within a particular speed range.
Understanding the basics of lift and drag are essential to understanding the differences in the 3 different Speed Regime golf balls.
The Speed Regime 3, while the firmest of the 3, reportedly has a very similar feel to last season’s HEX Chrome +. Getting over that hump is tough for Callaway…it’s tough for everybody not making the Pro V1.
His coverage of golf equipment extends far beyond the facts as dictated by the companies that created them. You can really bang them firm and they really check up better than any ball I have been playing, and no I haven’t been using Top Flites or Pinnacles.
I always used to wonder why I could never generate enough spin to hold a green until I dug deep and ponied up $20 for some TopFlite XL7000 Soft’s.
It would make sense that the prices for these 3 balls would be staggered, the Regime 1 being the cheapest and the 3 being the most expensive. Nor should we care if they are wearing a $100 dollar shirt or a $200 pair of shoes, and they shouldn’t have to pass the handicap test to buy that stuff either. I guess it’s just me, I have tired expensive balls and I have tried cheap reconditioned balls. The reality is that when it comes to golf balls, the perception that price equals quality cannot be overcome. Like the SR series, it was billed as Tour quality, however, at $35 a dozen consumers treated it like a B-tier ball (Bridgestone E-Series, Titleist NXT, etc.). I’m sure they have a great product but lets keep it real most golf balls in the same class are very similar.

I was so amazed how effortless and far he was still hitting the ball he birdied a Par 3 157m, pared a par 5 which was over 520m long. I have tested so many different balls and over this past year I can say that my favorites are either the z-star from Srixon or Bridgestone’s best ball. Most people have no other way of knowing they swing speeds and use the numbers they produce on the jacked up systems.
The salesmen on our floor take a look at a customer and recommend a ball for them based off of spiffs or their age, that’s really it. Titlest can wait 5 years and still be ahead due to the performance it’s had in the past. The forgiveness from Callaway's lightest crown ever allows them to move the weight where they want it. We will match any Internet Authorized Dealer's best price on the Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood. We will match any Internet Authorized Dealer's best price on the Callaway Women's XR Individual Irons. This collection of hot, distance-promoting drivers and fairway woods will be available at golf shops nationwide starting on January 25, 2013. The new face technology promotes more – and more consistent — distance, even on off-center impact.
Players with higher lofts can take advantage of higher draw bias for straighter shots, while players with lower lofts can utilize a more neutral CG that fits their game. As a result, the Forged Speed Frame Face Cup produces significantly hotter responses all over the face, and does so with superior launch conditions. The B330 and B330-S is for guys with Tour level swing speeds, the RX and RXS balls are for guys who don’t quite hit tour level swing speed. Cheap balls don’t find the hazards quite as often, while the most water hazard loving balls for me has been Titleist… and these are very expensive balls compared to the rest.
I loved the TM Penta 5, (but those were discontinued and became hard to find for awhile, although you can now find some around at reasonable prices.) Without the TM Penta 5 and in competitive rounds I fell back to the Pro V1,although expensive, they just perform well all around, always have and probably always will. But as it was for Wilson Staff balls in the seventies it could and will happen to Titlest and any other brand who sits on their hands. Also, if most amateurs would let their pride go they would find that balls like the Srixon Soft Feel, Top Flite Gamer, Bridgestone e6, etc would make them a better golfer. This fairway wood looks easy to hit because it IS easy to hit, and it's highly versatile with a cambered sole for the shots that you want to play. The Callaway Women's XR Individual Irons may be referred to by the following terms: 884885699319, 884885699326, 884885699333, 884885699340, 884885699357, 884885699364, 884885699371, 884885699388, 884885699395, 884885699609, 884885699616, 884885699623, 884885699630, 884885699647, 884885699654, 884885699661, 884885699678, 884885699685, 884885699692, 884885699708, 884885699715, 4950035401576, 4950045401576, 4950055401576, 4950065401576, 4950075401576, 4950085401576, 4950095401576, 4950215401576, 4950225401576, 4950235401576, 4950245401576, 4960035401576, 4960045401576, 4960055401576, 4960065401576, 4960075401576, 4960085401576, 4960095401576, 4960215401576, 4960225401576, 4960235401576. Also, by decoupling the face performance from the rest of the driver head, Callaway R&D is able to boost ball speed without sacrificing optimum trajectory.
I know that lighter balls encounter wind resistance but we have aerospace engineers to deal with that. He sad if anything should ever be regulated in order to stop distance than it should be the ball, not for Amateur though but for professionals, if we don’t do this we will for ever change the great golf courses of the world.
If amateurs were smarter (or should I say, understood their game better) the Pro V1 wouldn’t own the market.
It's longer and more playability from all lies.Higher Ball Speed From A Hotter Face CupCallaway has taken its industry-leading Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup and made it hotter and thinner for even more speed and a large sweet spot. And a tighter curvature face on the X Hot Driver (relative to the RAZR X Black Driver) offers a look at address preferred by better players, along with consistent sidespin and dispersion to promote accuracy.
But it annoys me to no end when those of us who are plugged into the golf industry assume that the average golfer knows just as much as us. Is that something you might be interested in?An Aerodynamic Head Shape For Even More SpeedCallaway has improved the aerodynamics on this head shape to create even more head speed for you to go along with all that ball speed. To some it up I realy dont think that HcP er above 5-8 makes better scores with any of the flagship balls, they might have a preferance for the feel or the sound a ball might create at impact. The real question is, are you prepaered to spend $ 5,00 a pop potentially increasing your green fee by 10$ a round loosing the dam Ball, to be honest in a social round with my mates a good three piece ball for 2,5$ does the job too. I believe the SR series offers all golfers similar benefits rather than just the higher ball speed players.

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