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There are still a lot of people out there who prefer the old warm traditional type kitchens than the modern glossyminimalistic ones. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes.
Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. One of the main concerns I had when I was thinking of painting my cabinets white was the oak grain.
Of course we used Sherwin Williams’ top of the line, ProClassic oil based paint in Alabaster. Since I had molding trim on my cabinet doors, he went around and caulked everything so paint would not get in the cracks and crevices (that was a nice, perfectionist touch!).
For the cabinet bases, he used Kilz primer and did that by hand with a brush and a small foam roller. Once the paint was starting to really adhere to the cabinet doors (meaning not just sinking down into the grain), he sprayed HEAVY coats of paint. I may be just another guy who prefers natural wood to chip board or MDF, but considering real wood costs a fortune today, I would think ANY real wood is a preference over composites, and to paint over it seems destructive. I drove by an MDF processing factory a couple of years ago and was appauled to see whole truck loads of trees being driven into the factory just to be put in a chipper and made into MDF. As with all trends and fads, the stuff we are covering up oak with will eventually become outdated too. I read some info on websites promoting cabinet resurfacing, and they actually said they would apply a veneer of either MDF or PLASTIC film to the honey oak to update it. To me, cabinet refinishing is along the same lines as the people who insisted on ripping out solid oak flooring a few years ago, and replacing it with fake woodgrained vinyl Pergo.
So many refinishing projects ruin your cabinets, because they rarely turn out exactly like the picture on the paint can (that was done professionally), and the time and money you spend correcting your mistakes aren’t worth the project in the first place.
If it were up to me, I would rather see real wood, over painted MDF, granite counters over Formica, and I wouldn’t concern myself over what some fad or product pushing company has to say about my personal preference for kitchen cabinets.
As a successful interior designer (and architect) I can definitely speak for the masses of clients I work with on a regular basis.
I’m old enough to remember when painted kitchen cabinets (of any color) were considered outdated and tacky. Thank you for these tips I will be needing them soon, I have wanted to paint my cabinets gray or white for years (since I don’t want to replace my white appliances I will be doing the cabinets gray). A question about your painter: does he specialize in painting cabinets, or is he a general painter? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just have your doors replaced and have someone paint the cabinets bases?
I had my oak cabinets professionally painted cream with a glazing and I purposely wanted my grain to come through. Exploring various design ideas and calculating budget for the renovation of your kitchens are not the only two things that home owners have to do before redesigning their cooking space.
Once you finalize the placement of the kitchen cabinets then, start considering the material that you will like to use in them. After finalizing the kitchen cabinets material next step is to choose a cabinet door style as it defines the look of any kitchen.
Next, consider hardware for the cabinets which is more like an opportunity for the home owners to show their personal sense of style. Home owners must know that whichever design, finish, hardware or colour they will choose for kitchen cabinets it will have a big impact on their home. Kitchen cabinet refacing can be a great option to consider if you want a whole new look to your kitchen without make your budget breaking.
Most homeowners want to keep the layout of their kitchen the same especially if the kitchen well designed, built and functional. Kitchen cabinet refacing cost can range from simply refreshing existing cabinets and drawer fronts and cabinet doors and hardware to update to strip veneer or other decorative elements to apply. By the Kitchen Remodeling Ideas you should expect to see a return on your initial investment of 75 to 130 percent.

You can save a significant amount by updating your existing cabinets since they are already installed, leveled, ready and operational. In the going with of a kitchen cabinet refacing instead of the cabinets you actually get replaced all the advantages of a large custom remodeling job at a much more affordable price. As new kitchen cabinets can be expensive, kitchen cabinet refacing can a viable alternative because it’s your anywhere from 33-60% off can save on the cost of introducing new kitchen cabinets. Some other advantage of kitchen cabinet refacing includes: the work can be performed in a very short time (a day or two). And then also by the new kitchen cabinet hardware will be added to your kitchen cabinet refacing job will the newly refaced cupboards look like brand new custom built cabinets including better functionality with the installation of roll-out shelves, better drawer slides and storage.
In most kitchens the cupboards offers the most visible area and therefore a major influence on the style and design of the kitchen. Classic kitchen design is one of our favorite designs for the majority of people in the world. Many people run away from remodeling their kitchens, because they assume that Kitchen Remodeling Cost them a fortune. This collection from Stosa is meant for those people and it rediscovers the kitchen as the centre of family life, a miniature world all of its own in which to live and work. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. 155 Comments Ok guys, first of all I need to thank you all SO much for all of the love on the kitchen makeover post.
I already said in my makeover post that I hired this job out for many different reasons and listed them there. He also filled in any other obvious holes or cracks with some wood putty, then lightly sanded that down again.
For the cabinet doors and drawers (which were sprayed), he used a product from Sherwin Williams called lacquer undercoat. Heavily grained oak is just not my thing and not what I consider beautiful, and I am going to do things in my home that I love, not what I think others think I should do just because oak might be considered more valuable. It may indeed be true that the look of oak will be preferred in the future, but to create what is beautiful now is totally acceptable. While some are declaring they like the look of oak, I guess I have never met them, except maybe for the occasional husband that just doesn’t care. Whoever came up with that should be forced to quit the design business and sell timeshares forever. I have to admit I hear so much about acrylic and actually used that myself a few years ago when painting my kitchen cabinets. Not too bad…You do want to make sure the paint is nice and dry before putting them back in the kitchen. And it especially would not have been cheaper to get the same quality of cabinets like I had. They also need to explore kitchen cabinets designs before beginning this venture, as their placement, design and colour can completely change the look of a kitchen. Kitchen cabinets can be placed above and below the counter in order to segregate your cooking space from the dining room.
Generally people like to go with wood as it is the popular choice but there are some other finishes too such as laminate, solid surface and stainless steel. Today’s cabinets boast streamlined design as they have clean and straight lines without any extra adornments. Then consider kitchen cabinet refacing. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Average Cost is considerably less than the cost of your kitchen completely stripping and in a much shorter period of time. But sometimes the Kitchen cabinet refacing is usually includes covering the outer surface of your existing cabinets with a fresh laminate. Refacing can also contain completely replace cabinet doors in a new style with new materials.
It better for you to find that depending on what’s old they are the existing cabinets often of better quality construction than that by today’s standards. The budget of the kitchen cabinet refacing are will be depend on the number of cabinets, on the Cabinet veneer and the also the hardware choices (hinges door knobs, etc.).

It is a more affordable and faster way to get a new fresh look for your kitchen than a complete remodeling job to reach. If the cabinets are dark the kitchen darker feel and if the cabinets are bare and old looking this will the kitchen look older will be outdated. Remember that first sample I had made a few years ago from a different painter that did not look good? I just personally don’t like the look of painted oak cabinets, that LOOK like painted oak. I may be middle class, but that doesn’t mean I need to shout it from the mountain tops by living with an oak kitchen or driving a Taurus. To my deep shame, three of the last four houses I’ve bought came with pickled oak which had to be eradicated.
However, if you are looking to follow a modern open floor plan then, you can always place them in the middle of your cooking space or an island. Then, there are exotic wood and high-end materials like glass that can drastically improve the look of your kitchen, but they are likely to boost your kitchen cabinets expense. In contrast, traditional kitchen cabinets usually feature raised panel doors or details like curved posts or wainscoting.
You can purchase the handles, glazes and paint at low prices by visiting numerous retailers. The sooner a home owner map out their new kitchen plan, the sooner they will be able to get it finish and start preparing food in the area.
And also make an old door, drawer fronts is more than replaced by new custom made doors and drawer fronts. Provides the kitchen with an entirely new and fresh look, It also increases the value of the House. I really don’t think chipping will be an issue (especially since I put felt pads on everything) but I will definitely keep you posted. Oak cabinets look fine in an 80’s country style farmhouse, but we are not in the 80’s and if you ever want to sell your home, you better not have oak cabinet built-ins everywhere, unless you want to drop the price of your home 25%! All the others said their was a great cabinet paint that would hold up great and I would never be able to tell the difference.
Open floor design is a latest kitchen floor plan and how you place your cabinets will decided whether you have followed this design or remained glued to the traditional layout. If (and I say that with a big IF) oak ever makes a comeback, the rounded edges will not ever be trendy again! Also, I never thought about the calking in the cracks idea…I can see how that would make the product more finished looking. I actually painted kitchen cabinets in 1997 with a SW oil based paint and they STILL look good! He said the latex will chip off much more easily and when you wipe the cabinets down, the water wouldn’t do well or hold up well with multiple cleanings. It’s better than tossing them out, which is basically the only other alternative if you want a house that doesn’t make a person with taste cringe! I painted my bathroom vanity in a latex (coming up soon) in satin, and it’s a huge difference in how they clean. Again, there is nothing wrong with doing a semi-gloss on your cabinets if that’s what you want. If you ever wanted to sell your house, anyone looking at your kitchen would immediately recognize that. Plus I wanted Adel to be comfortable using the product he is familiar with and will be proud of his end result.

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