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Ordered a 6'x12' enclosed trailer today and I was hoping that I could see some pics of your trailer layout for tool storage. The cheapest way used to be to buy those metal assemble yourself 24'' deep x 48'' wide x 60'' tall shelves, put them together and install them upside down so you had a lip to hold everything on the shelves. Table saws and miter saws, put them on stands, and stand them up against the walls and rig a holding system to clamp them in place. I guess that everybody is different by what they carry from day to day, but I'd like to see some photos of good ways to stay very organized while carrying tools for the many trades that we remodelers perform on a daily basis.

You can then attach them to the metal studs of the trailer with self tapping sheet metal screws, doesn't take too many, mayber 5-6 per unit and they are not going anywhere.
I'm sure with a quick view of all of my tools, I could come up with something, but I wanted to hear (see) what works good for you guys!
Whether you buy or make cabinets and fixtures to store the load, think it through as best you can.
I suggest though that you toss the press board shelves that come with it and replace right off the bat with plywood.

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