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CUSTOM MADE & DESIGN and other trademarks, service marks, and designs are the registered or unregistered trademarks of CustomMade, Inc. I have looked at many different deck chairs and glider chairs and always wanted to build a couple. Click on the picture for a bigger image.Once all the base pieces were cut to length I took a little bit off of the edges to square them up. I use a little masking tape to mark my start and stop points so that each end will be the same.Cut out the bottoms using a band saw. There area many other ways to make a mortise but I like the accuracy of my big old mill.Square up the corners with a good sharp chisel. I like using big old furniture clamps for this to help keep things square and provide good clamping pressure. Click on the picture for a bigger view.I used my handy dandy Wixey digital protractor to draw all the angels. Be sure you cut the radius on the front side of the piece, that would be on the longer edge.Now cut the back leg as shown.
Once all the pieces are counterbored drill a countersink hole using a countersink bit with a drill for a #8 screw.

I bought some cedar plugs for the pocket holes to fill them.Sand everything and you're ready for a finish, or not. You won't have to any more with this very affordable, yet high quality cedar and pine lawn chair! I suggest instead of drilling counterbore holes for the back supports that you drill them for either carriage bolts or large lag screws.
These will be the mounting holes for the hangers.Next comes the real fun, cutting all the slats. That will be the back side of the seat and back.Roundover the front edges and ends of all the slats.
I also used a square to make sure that the ends aree square to the sides.Start at the back with the largest slats. Do not roundover the notch at the back of the arm rest.Drill two pocket holes in the top of each leg to attach the arms. Some people like to apply an oil or stain to cedar and some people like it to take on that silver aged look without any finish. If you add the optional footstool as well, you will have an unbeatable combination of comfort and affordability.

Making them out of clear cedar was very nice but quite expensive in today's wood market.Since I was concerned with how it would feel and how the balance would be on the hangers I made a prototype. Order up to 50 units, discounts if you purchase 5 or more to seat your guests!Also available: fold-able lawn chair, matching table, and much more products of the same style. I figured I'd use it as firewood after I was done with it but Marilyn want's me to put it back together, paint it and use it at our camping place so when all is said and done we'll have three gliders, cool!To begin with I cut, drilled, rounded all the edges and sanded all the pieces before I put it together. I marked the center of every piece on one end and used that mark to adjust the width of my fence. Making two chairs at once took up quite a bit of space but in the long run it made it easier.First I made the base.

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