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Are you thinking about tackling a basement finishing project yourself as an owner-builder?  On a previous post, we talked about different ways to add space to your home.
Electrical Plan (including lighting, cable outlets, switches and any special electrical outlets). HVAC Plan showing locations and sizes of supply ducts and return air ducts and any additional equipment needed.
If we are going to put time, effort and money into basement finishing, we need to make sure we take steps to keep the moisture out. Install interior and exterior draintile connected with bleeders through the footer every 8'. For a large basement, run a diagonal draintile under the floor connected to the sump crock.
It's also a good idea to run a dehumidifier in your basement during the summer months to remove the moisture from the air. We have been talking about how to properly plan your basement finishing project as an owner-builder. We have also posted a new video on how to use the bid sheet to save time and money when bidding out your basement finishing project. We've given you a full size copy of the scope of work and specifications for the trim carpentry activity in our basement finishing project. The second major objective of the scopes of work and specifications is to outline the quality you expect. Below is the second page of the scope of work and specifications for trim carpentry for our basement finishing project.
Crooked Columns: Have you ever seen an architectural detail that was crooked or not straight?
Check out our new video that describes how to prevent these problems by performing a frame quality check on your new finished basement.

This rough mechanical quality check is essential to completing a quality basement finishing project. Sound control is another great benefit you will see from the insulation in your new basement finishing build out. When you first bid out your new basement finishing project, be sure to include in your carpet bid package the requirement to have seam diagrams.
Because standard carpet comes in 12' wide rolls, you typically will have at least one seam in your larger rooms. Your new basement finishing project will go smoothly if you follow the builder tips and secrets we shared with you here.
Woodcraft manufacturing offers tradional, shaker, cottage styles for every room in your home. Cabinet Door Shop America’s Choice for Cabinet Doors, Drawer Boxes, Cabinet Refacing and Accessories Welcome to Cabinet Door Shop online. In our example, we tell the trim carpenter where we want the door shimmed and how high off of the floor to set the door.
This desire to maximize available space to the hilt has seen designers and homeowners embracing the attic and the basement with renewed vigor in the last few years. If you are shopping for kitchen cabinets, USHomeProducts is the best site to buy discount kitchen cabinets online. We also let them know we expect them to protect all other work and to clean up at the end of the activity.
So what kinds of things can go wrong if the rough carpentry in your basement finishing build out is done in an inferior fashion? The basement is an absolutely perfect spot for a cool hangout, and a home bar, a functional home office or even a much needed kids’ playroom.
And while you might not get one ready for the red carpet extravaganza and Oscar fever this year, maybe these 10 amazing inspirations will tempt you to revamp the basement for the summer blockbusters ahead!An Air of IndulgenceManaging the acoustics of a home theater and ensuring that the lighting is indeed spot on is a lot easier in a controlled environment like the basement.

Or you may be require to pay additional penalties for not pulling a permit for your basement finishing project.
The seating arrangement is simple yet comfortable, and there is ample space to add additional seating in the future. The more accurate we are in our description of what we expect, the more accurate the bid will be.
This is largely because homeowners want a ‘true theater’ experience and also because darker colors deliver better lighting conditions.
The addition of a curtain in front of the screen enhances the appeal of the space, while the low ceiling seems to give the room a cozy ambiance.
A basement home theater will most likely need a false ceiling in order to improve the room’s acoustics. Instead of adding just a home theater, opt for a design that also offers a small home bar and some additional seating space. But the reality of space and budget constraints often mean we have to work with what is on offer.
Make sure the viewing distance from the front seat to the screen is at least 10-15 feet, and do not use an overwhelmingly large screen in a small space.
A simple color palette with two or three neutral colors works best, as too much color can lead to visual clutter and fragmentation of the already small space.

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