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Research shows that up to two cups of coffee a day can improve liver health, especially for heavier drinkers.
People who reported drinking three or more cups of coffee were the most likely to have normal liver enzyme levels — regardless of whether they drank decaf or the strong stuff. Interestingly, heavy alcohol drinkers who also drank coffee appeared to have healthier livers than heavy drinkers who drank no coffee. More research is being done to find out what in coffee benefits the liver, other than caffeine. However, it’s often difficult to find a cafe that makes consistently high quality coffee and serves great food as well. Luckily, there are numerous cafes and coffee shops scattered around the CBD for that little kick-start to your day. Cafe Essen is a popular choice amongst coffee enthusiasts like Ciara (18 years old) and Angela (17). For a hearty breakfast, Elan (20) from Watson says “you can’t go past Gus’ Cafe.” They have an all-day breakfast menu and at just $13, the eggs benedict is a steal! Within the Canberra Centre itself, there are a number of cafes and coffee shops to choose from – Aroma Cafe, Babar Cafe & Bar, Cream, Coffee Guru, The Coffee Club, Raw Sugar, and Xpresso Bar to name a few. French roast coffee is a style of coffee characterized by beans that have been roasted almost to the point of burning. The flavor that comes across in French roast coffee usually has more to do with the roasting process than the actual quality of the beans.
There are several phases of coffee roasting, and French varieties run to the far end of the spectrum.
Why is some coffee sold under the label French roast, rather than under a label indicating the type of bean used, and why is Italian roast, for example, not sold as Italian roast? Actually, French Roast is the darkest, followed by Italian, Espresso and Viennese Roasts and then American and breakfast roasts being even lighter.
It’s like bacon and eggs, macaroni and cheese, and apple pie and ice cream  – they just go better together.
Plus, there are other factors to consider like price, whether it’s so busy you can’t hear yourself think, and whether the staff are friendly providing that little personal touch.
The two Essen devotees (from Chapman and Waramanga respectively) rave about their coffee, and the friendly staff and service. Or just a hop, skip and a jump down the road is the City Walk Centre where you’ll find City Walk Cafe, Gina’s cafe and Jazz Apple Cafe.

A selection of coffee shops and cafes all located within Canberra’s City centre to help you find your little piece of morning paradise.
The resulting beverage is nearly always very dark in color, and has a distinctive caramelized taste.
The roasting style is modeled after the darker brews preferred by many Europeans during the turn of the 19th century, when coffee became something of a hot commodity in North America. Though this term can be somewhat subjective, in the coffee world it usually indicates a brew with a strong bite and a pronounced taste. By the time the beans are dark enough to qualify as French, most of their original flavor has dissipated. Raw coffee beans are green and all but unusable before roasting, where the beans are separated and set on a pan over a very hot flame. It is often easy to identify roast by looking at when in the cracking process it was removed from the heat.
Many roasters are hesitant to subject their best quality beans to this process, as little of the bean’s original flavor makes it through such an intensive roast process.
The flavors of a dark roast are stronger without a doubt, but in terms of potency, lighter and medium-bodied brews usually come out on top.
One of the most traditional methods is what is known as drip brew, where hot water is slowly pressed through ground beans.
All of the beautiful and subtle flavors that are present in a light roast are burned away with a french roast. Once you go past the completion of second crack, and every bean is shiny black, you are just playing a game of chicken, trying to set fire to your coffee beans. It's not really a subjective thing, either, if a supposedly Italian roasted cup of coffee is darker than a French roast then they're just being called the wrong names. So when you do find the perfect cafe – that little piece of paradise – you hold it close to your heart and don’t let go! They recommend ordering a chai latte, and taking a seat at an outside table to read the newspaper, check your Twitter feed, and watch the world go by. Gus’ Cafe also offer a scrumptious selection of vegetarian dishes to suit everyone’s tastebuds. The Jazz Apple (also known as The Cupcake Emporium) is a family-owned and operated cafe serving customers the best cupcakes in Canberra (and coffee to go with it).

Coffee houses may have initially adopted the “French” name as a means of adding an element of classiness or sophistication to their brews; today, however, the term does little more than indicate a very dark roast. In its place come the tastes of caramelizing sugars, bittersweet coffee, and often a bit of smoke. Mild and medium-bodied roasts, such city, full city, and Vienna, are done somewhere after the first crack but before the second.
It is not uncommon to discover that many French roasts are actually made from somewhat inferior beans — and may actually be a composite of several different bean varieties. Espresso is another option, though this usually requires a specific espresso machine that will force steaming water through a small cache of grounds to make what is known as a shot of coffee. Work your way through Chocolate Banana, Red Skin, Sticky Date, Custard Apple, Lemon Meringue, and Red Velvet flavoured cupcakes to name a few.
Leaving beans in the fire for about a minute longer yields Italian or Spanish roast, both of which are right on the brink of incineration. French roast, on the other hand, is not done until well after the second crack — often mere minutes away from burning up. Bean consistency rarely impacts the flavor of this style of bean, which is usually made or destroyed on roasting process alone. Moderate roasting brings the compound out, but as time over the flame wears on, it slowly disappears.
French roast is also particularly well-suited to the French press — when grounds are steeped in hot water, then pressed out with a mesh plunger. Coffee lovers who enjoy a dark brew often choose French roast in part because of its easy availability, but also because it often has more of a coffee flavor than Italian or Spanish options. French roasts are almost always caffeinated, but do not pack quite the punch of something on the lighter end of the scale.

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