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A stylish wooden coffee table is one such piece of furniture that can transform the look and decor of a whole room.
The arrangement of the crates leaves a square empty space in the center of the table and here you can get a few ideas about how to utilize it. Yet another similar coffee table made out of crates, you can experiment with the color and finishing for unique designs. You can actually buy wine crates online at pretty cheap rates; just make sure they are all of the same size and proportion to avoid unnecessary problems with sizing your table later. You can start using your wine crates as a table just after attaching them together to form a large square platform, with or without legs. Here is a table made with white finish wooden crates, showing how it is not always necessary to have a dark and heavy piece of wooden furniture for your drawing room. It is a good idea to color the table to match your interiors and furniture; check out the gray table in the picture is complementing the dark sofa and off white carpet. The simplest crates make the most beautiful coffee tables, being suitable for beginners with no experience in woodworking. Yet another white table design, the empty space in the center of the table really gives you a scope to be creative and think of something unique to fill the gap.
You can utilize the open side of the crates to make your own DVD library, keeping all your movies handy so you can browse through them during a coffee break.
This DIY guide gives instructions for a unique crate table with a wooden platform and solid sides instead of the open crate design.

You can even make a simple glass-top table just by adding a glass sheet on top of the crate table. This collection of 16 handy DIY projects from old wooden crates will give you a lot of ideas about how you can use those old crates collecting dust in your garage or back yard to make something that you will use daily and be proud of it because you made it all by yourself. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain.
But, they don’t come cheap and you will probably have a hard time finding a nice coffee table below $150-$200 that you will actually like.
The flowers at the center, along with the polished finishing, give it a professional touch. You can go for any contrast color combination, like this one showing a table in black and white. Or you can just cover the gap in the center with a small square piece of glass so you don’t have to worry about dusting or cleaning.
Coffee table is one of such unique objects that can be constructed easily and have a wonderful looks in different locations. However, if you are willing to dedicate some time and a little effort, you can get a trendy coffee table for your drawing room for free!
Filling the space with colorful pebbles or corks before covering it with glass is usually a good idea.
By adding rustic nails and varnish coats the original designs of wood are enhances to give an antique looks.

This exclusive furniture piece can e decorated with plenty of options as vases, flower pots, toys and much more object can be hold in its sides that can enhance its looks. Once you have your pallet you will need a can of Wood Stain, Wood Screws, Tape Measure, Hammer, a Crowbar for removing old nails, a Powered Drill, a Wood Cutting Circular Saw, Legs for the Table support and Safety Protective Equipment.
Why not acquire one of these versatile wood products and recycle it into something useful that you and your family can enjoy for years to come? We liked the MALM Ocassional Bed Table but the price of $129.00 was too high for being such a simple looking table. To make something similar, cut down the door and use the leftover pieces to make the sides of the table. When most of us used to actually still listen to music on CD, we all had these racks in our homes for easy access to our music collection.
The cool things that can be made from a wood pallet is a bed, desk, swing, patio furniture, garden, and much more.

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