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This is not just a coffee table book, but a very special publication of interesting information on indigenous freshwater fish in Sri Lanka which definitely will catch the attention of academics as well as nature lovers.
The monograph with exceptional collection of photographs of rare and endangered fish species is the first publication of this nature . As it reflects, so far no adequate attention is given on endangered fish species in Sri Lanka.
The conservation has become a critical issue and no proper measures have been taken by the parties responsible with this regard.

This precious effort of Mr.Samantha Gunasekara-Deputy Director of Customs, aligned with 30 years experience in Customs in the field of biodiversity conservation, will precisely favor the fulfillment of the gaps encountered under this theme. The contents of this publication have been presented blend with his knowledge on the subject matter together with the findings of his research conducted for his Masters degree at University of Andalucia-Spain, the only University which conduct Masters Degree and Doctorate on International Wildlife Trade.
The valuable data explored on the topics of species composition, distribution of fish fauna in Sri Lanka, endangered indigenous fish in the ornamental fish export trade, their trade trends have also been widely discussed and cited gorgeously. In this publication ,moving further more Mr.Samantha Gunasekara has successfully covered some other important topics such as Conservation status, Benefit-cost analysis of the export trade of endangered ,endemic ,freshwater fish(1st attempt in Sri Lanka),Legal-policy and institutional aspects related to conservation and sustainable use of freshwater fish fauna in Sri Lanka, and issues related to ornamental fish trade.

It has no doubt, the recommendations mentioned with referred to the conservation and sustainable use of freshwater fish would be very much helpful for the policy makers &conservationists and also for the academic personnel to move further towards their objectives. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to be an academic or a professional to refer a publication of this nature.

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