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So what can the hip and responsible parent do  to combat this age old issue of toy storage organization? I’m glad you asked. 2.)  Badger Basket Three Bin Storage CubbyMore of a solid choice in storage bins, this three bin cubby resembles furniture more so than another toy for the kiddies to play with. 3.)  KidKraft Austin Toy BoxAnother sturdy piece of furniture to go with the 3 bin cubby is the traditional toy box. 4.)  Jumbo Toy Hammock NetWhat better way to get those stuffed animals out of the way than to hang them up in the corner. About Cool Storage IdeasCool Storage Ideas is a website dedicated to helping you get the most out of your living space with cool techniques and products to help you organize the madness.
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Well, from an economical stand point you could make them of wood and paint them silver or black, oooooh yellow. On a good day in my own children’s bedroom you might be able to see a piece of the carpet beneath the sea of toys and other child related paraphernalia. Another great selling point is that this unit can be stacked so the sky is the limit regarding storage space.

Toys are out of site and out of mind when using this functional piece of furniture that doubles as a bench.
Comes with a spacious interior, so it will be able to accommodate a lot of toys, it means the child will return the room neat and comfortable when seen. I couldna€™t find label holders in a color I liked, so I decided to customize my own by painting them with neon pink nail polish.
This is a cool toy box, because it comes with a safari theme, with pictures of animals such as giraffes, lions, elephants, and trees. You can put some multifunctional furniture, which aims to save space, such as storage bed headboard or bookshelf.
This furniture will be suitable for your child’s room, and will be a great addition to your home. There are plenty of toy boxes and chests in different stores like IKEA but imagine how happy your kid would be if you make such box by yourself. Just as if youa€™re painting your nails, cover the metal pieces in several coats of polish until you achieve full coverage, then finish with a clear top coat.
On the other hand if you have this toy storage organizer in a closet or some other locked room than this is a great buy.

Pin the two pieces together with the right sides of the fabric facing and all of the edges aligned. Trim away the excess fabric from the point of each corner as well as from each interior corner. Turn the whole thing right-side out, carefully working the fabric through the opening left in the stitching.
Iron under the raw edges of the fabric at the opening so it blends in with the seamed edges. Sew the two edges of the arms together along the top stitching line you made in the previous step.

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