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This step would be really straight forward if widths of boards didn’t vary so much depending on where you live.
But if you don’t, first attach your trim to the shelves with either 2? finish nails and glue or 2? screws and glue. Simply build a frame out of 1x3s, either using a Kreg Jig™ or 3? fine screws to build the frame.

Then tack beadboard to the back, but make sure the beadboard would fit in the opening in the shelf. Keep the beadboard first and foremost flush to the back 1?8, as this is the seam that will be most visible.
Don’t stress this one too much, the sides are going to get beadboard (super strong) over them.

In this manner you can easily adjust the width of your back to the width of a 1?12 or 1?10.

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