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You don’t have to wait for Earth Day to come in order to start recycling and repurposing old stuff such as reclaimed wood or old wooden crates. The DIY Project collections mentioned above have some great DIY ideas that you can use in order to mark Earth Day, but if that was not enough to inspire you, we have made another eco-friendly collection of 18 useful and easy DIY ideas to repurpose old pallet wood. This collection is mostly aimed at people who have a stash of old, unused pallets in their lofts or basements acquired with the purchase of some large products. Well, it’s time to put them to some use so roll your sleeves up and start working on those pallets! All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. My friend Liz Sharp has this classic red, white, and blue barn wood decoration in her entry way, and I think it is so cute.
Tree stumps are extraordinary : they`re heavy, short and wide, they offer your interior a very bold direction, a proper tree stump coffee table enroots your design into our realm, it moves the entire center of gravity of your decor through a beautiful massivity. It is clear that the sculptural branch beautifully enhances the decor here but take a moment and notice the floor, the extremely spectacular wooden ergonomic chair and the light bulbs at the end of the branch. In Shabby Chic Interiors and Scandinavian Interiors alike a top of white will never do any harm. Wall art requires no introduction in DIY projects but above us we have an example that shows how repetition can work very well with fluid and organic lines.
This might look odd for some but if you take a moment to envision it in a shabby chic or Scandinavian interior design you will change your mind for sure.
High end handrails are quite pricey and the customization possibilities on affordable ones are really dull. While the candles above your head might look quite inappropriate you can always replace these with LED lights that produce no heat. Old mirrors can be easily upcycled and the possibilities are endless but if they’re in a good state why not use them for their original purpose. Whether you are looking for a new lamp and you’ve decided to purchase a lamp kit or simply upcycle an old one, using branches as a  structure is a safe and viable option. Probably the most creative solution in our guide and the least expensive bar hanger ever produced. Old work boots make good planters for flowering plants that add charming accents to an old ladder and create striking backyard decorating.
Rustic wood ladders look wonderful, adding warmth and soft natural wood colors to green garden decor.
Garden ladders are inexpensive and eco friendly backyard decorating ideas that create organic, pleasant and unique garden design. It is not difficult to make inexpensive and cute country style garden decorations of wooden ladders for your balcony, patio, deck or porch decorating. You can easily make cheap outdoor garden decorations from an old ladder and simple natural materials, like tree branches and recycled metal wire, glass jars and small wooden boxes, transforming  your old wooden ladder into unique garden art piece for your backyard decorating. I started with different widths of one inch thick pieces of wood and had them cut at the hardwood store.

With the paintbrush I would paint a layer of water and then a layer of stain and rub it off quickly with a rag to get that gray color. We cut two separate pieces of plywood and then nailed all the boards to the plywood to keep them together. I seriously love every last detail on this, from the antiqued look to the cute little birds on the picture frame. I have real barn wood that has been water damaged so I was searching for a fix when I stumbled upon your post.
It looks like you just have wire on it but I was wondering what type of wire and if the barn wood stays put with that type of hanging? Ask at Home Depot, they know what they are, and then I always find a stud or use dry wall anchors first. The sole purpose of DIY projects is to use what you have at hand and upcycle creatively items into objects filled with memory and substance. Tree branches on another hand are quite different : they`re fluid, organic, slim and long, they tend to reach the sky on a path filled with dynamicity, texture and flowing beauty. You can surely find some fallen trees to use and you can always talk to the local forester. Here it has been used to complement the corner but you can easily hang it or move it around the house whenever you want wherever you want.
Here the branches have been fixed into place but if you are insecure about your current environment or you tend to design versatile multipurpose spaces you can find below a free standing coat hanger .
In this manner you would use far less materials but the result will look a little more artificial. The composition and structural demand in perfect static and graphic equilibrium is hard to realize but always rewarful. Moreover, the branch pierces the wall in just two points to sustain its weight and carry the frames. Imagine its evolution through seasons, every time the branches wearing a different decor for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and so on. You can always use this graphic handrail as a temporary solution until you move towards your dream handrail. Ask a friend that owns the right power tools to slice them beautifully, sand them and stick them on the contour in a neat composition. The small branches have been sliced here but you can create a bigger ensemble of twigs and branches in your hallway; the branches will serve as a coat hanger while the small twigs can work as key hangers.
We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below and we would be more than delighted to see your crafts on the subjects . Simple and eco friendly backyard decorating ideas that recycle old items help get rid of clutter and protect the environment. Old watering cans, bowls, candle holders or shoes with small plants and flowers, placed on a wooden ladder, make gorgeous garden decorations that add personality to your backyard decorating ideas and help recycle useless items. Rusted watering cans or candle holders, placed on a ladder can be used for your creative backyard decorating ideas also.

Wooden ladders offer attractive backyard decorating ideas in winter, and they create stunning displays in summer, when adorned with green plants and blooming flowers.
Wooden ladders make excellent garden decorations, plant stands, garden trellises, exterior wall shelves, hanging racks, chandeliers and creative sculptures.
Get inspired, use what you have in your garden for informal, relaxing and peaceful backyard decorating ideas.
Old garden ladders provide natural and recycled material for creating unique outdoor garden decor with watering cans and flower pots, wind chimes and small handmade garden decorations, that bring beauty and ambiance to your home at no cost and help save the planet.
One weekend I decided I wanted to make something with barn wood or something similar for our master bedroom. The water keeps the stain from getting too far in the wood so it’ll be gray not black. And as a precaution- you know-just in case I don’t get a gift from you…I make one this weekend!!
Liz’s sister Jennifer Stewart spray painted some barn wood and added the paper stars from the craft store to make the flag. These crafts are not easy yet each and everyone will surprise and reward you into the right context. As a result their uses are quite different, you can use them as a handrail, as an extremely graphic hanger or as a body for floor lamp. You can also use less twigs and more branches to obtain a more solid result but these are here to warm us. Make use of the organic, warmth and coziness of wood in your design and imagine the bigger picture. Old wooden ladders make elegant garden decorations with small plants and flowers, wind chimes and watering cans, creating a beautiful focal point of unique garden design. I searched online for a while to see if there was anywhere close to me to purchase and everything was a far drive.
After publishing a DIY tree stump inspiration pack today we are presenting you twenty hand picked DIY Branches Crafts that will surely amaze you. Needless to stay that you can stack them up and realize everything that you would realize with tree stumps in a more sensible design but the amount of work invested increases and so are the resources required.
The branch will also allow you to change the composition with ease every time you like in every direction .
After stumbling across this post from Young House Love on how to make new wood look old I decided to try! Timing was very important as the board dried the stain would go darker especially the Ebony. I was going to use the vinegar-steel wool method but with the size of my project it would’ve worked out.

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