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Stever Robbins, Get-It-Done Guy February 7, 2013 Now that everything comes with an embedded microprocessor, can surf the web, and requires six hands and a wireless connection to operate, even the simplest gadgets come with instruction manuals. Make sure your computer files are being backed up regularly so that you don’t lose any of this important data in the event of a crash. Media files, such as video and audio, take up a lot of space on servers and are slow to download for those with slower connections. Once your media is loaded into your channel on the Podcasting Server, you can link to it from within your Vista course. But before you go an upload everything you can get your hands on, please remember that there are copyright issues to consider. You will need to create an account and request a channel on our Podcasting Server (Click on the Request Podcasting Channel Link.
Please note: using the Podcasting Server as a repository for your media is different than using it as a podcasting channel.
After your media is uploaded to the Podcast Server, you then simply link to it from within Vista. If you’re looking for a free alternative to Adobe Reader, one of the best options out there currently is Foxit PDF Reader. I used Adobe Reader for years because it was from Adobe and I felt it had to be better because Adobe is a behemoth and they create amazing software like Photoshop! The best thing is that it can do everything Adobe Reader can plus a whole lot of other stuff. In this article, I’ll go through a lot of the features in Foxit and why I like it so much as my primary PDF viewing software. The first thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that the interface looks awfully similar to the new ribbon interface Microsoft introduced in Office 2007.
It’s so good in fact, it also seems like it would fit perfectly into the Office family of applications. It also has the standard multi-tab style for viewing multiple PDF files that you see in all web browsers. There is Reading Mode, which hides the ribbon, Reverse View, which reverses the order of all the pages and Text Viewer, which gets rid of all formatting, images, etc, and shows you just the text in the document. Outside of the great interface for viewing, organizing and searching your PDF files, Foxit has a whole set of tools for creating your own PDF files. The PDF format used by Foxit is 100% standards compliant and therefore will work with any other PDF program out there.
If you have a lot of documents to scan, you can easily scan them straight to PDF format using Foxit rather than converting them from images to PDFs later on. There are a lot of useful collaboration features in Foxit Reader that make life more convenient. You need to have the Evernote Windows application installed in order for the icon to become active. For corporate environments, Foxit also include SharePoint Integration, which is really useful for companies in the Microsoft camp. You can markup text, pin notes and files, add textboxes and call outs, add drawings, highlight areas on the page, add stamps to a document and manage comments. By default, Foxit is set to prevent PDF files from sending information over the Internet unless explicitly allowed to do so. In addition, if you are receiving documents that are digitally signed, Foxit uses a ISO 32000 compliant verification process to ensure that the digital signature is genuine and that neither the signature nor the document have been altered. Overall, Foxit is by far the best free application for replacing Adobe Reader as your primary PDF reading program. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. The MyCN Remote Access tool is only available to Community Network customers whose department pays for Home and Share space access. Right click on any open space within the main window and select New then either Folder or any of the listed file types.
You can either select the file or folder and click on the Delete button on the Tools bar or right click on a file or folder then select Delete from the context menu. Click on the Upload button located in the Menu bar then select the Browse button at the end of a text field, select a file to upload, and click on the Upload button when finished.
Folders will need to be compressed (Zip file) to be uploaded without doing each file it contains individually. To download a file simply select the file then click on the Download button, select Save File, and then OK. If you attempt to download a folder by selecting the folder then clicking on the Download button a dialog box like the one in the example above will pop up. In the dialog box that pops up, adjust the Expiration date entry to reflect the date you would like this link to expire. Enter a password (this is needed to download the file) into the Password and Repeat password fields. Adjust the Download count limit field to reflect the number of times the file can be downloaded before the link expires. Click on the Generate button to generate the external link that can be emailed to individuals who need to access a copy of the file.
Folders will need to be compressed (Zip file) to be downloaded without doing each file it contains individually. To search for a file or folder select the directory you would like to search in then click on the Search button.
Location: Select the appropriate radio button to limit the search to the current folder or all server directories you have access to. Once you have the desired parameters set, click on the Search button in the upper right hand corner of the dialog box to start your search. From the initial screen, select the Menu button on the device then select Add New from the menu. Save the settings then select the newly created connection from the main screen to launch it.
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This freeware plugin uses F12 as the new folder hotkey, which unfortunately isn’t changeable. To install this properly, you need to close all Windows Explorer windows and then choose Run as administrator from the right-click menu. Once installed, it should immediately start working… just hit F12 to open the new folder dialog. You’ll have to scroll nearly to the bottom of the page to find the installer download. Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis. Thanks slapout for the info, but StExBar IS NOT shareware, it’s open-source (and donationware if you want to support the author). Debu, it’s preetie working on vista, Hold Down ALT, and follow the sequence F-W-F by pressing the key.
When opening a new folder in Vista there seems to be a bug when creatinmg a new folder.that opens hundreds of new foldes and locks up the program.
On my new install of Windows 7 the folder is created Read-Only with no simple way to remove the attribute. DID YOU KNOW?The twist-grip throttle found on millions of motorcycles the world over, wherein you twist one of the handles to adjust the engine throttle, was introduced in 1867 and has remained largely unchanged ever since.
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WebLogic Portal provides a Syndication Producer Servlet and several preconfigured syndicated feeds that you can modify. The preconfigured syndicated feeds include basic examples of using display template JSPs to select and display content.
Use these basic preconfigured syndicated feeds as a starting place for developing your own custom syndicated feeds. Table 12-1 lists the three preconfigured syndicated feed URLs provided with WebLogic Portal. Shows the files in a particular directory with the latest files at the top of the directory. Any parameters not set in the URL should be set in the syndication configuration (wlp-syndication-config) file. The parameters passed in through a URL have precedence over parameters passed in from the syndication configuration file.
Syndicated Feed JSPs – These files retrieve information from the repository and display the feed and content of each item. The rss_detailed_view.jsp contains the HTML that displays the contents of the item in the list, that is, the article itself, as shown in Example 12-3. The syndication configuration file sets the parameters passed to the Syndication Producer Servlet and maps the Syndication Feed JSPs to a namespace, which allows you to change which display templates are used.
To modify the preconfigured syndicated feeds in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, from the Merged Projects View, copy the WEB-INF\wlp-syndication-config.xml file to your web project, and then edit the file. Example 12-4 shows the syndication configuration file (wlp-syndication-config.xml) for the preconfigured syndicated feeds. These search types direct the Syndication Producer Servlet to query data from either a published (pubmeta) or versioned (vermeta) repository. Depending on the search type, either the node or versioned search property is set in the syndicated feed JSP (Example 12-2).
The syndication configuration file for the preconfigured syndicated feeds offer a number of options. This design allows you to point to your own JSPs by making changes in the wlp-template-config.xml file. To modify the preconfigured display template configuration file in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, from the Merged Projects View, copy the WEB-INF\wlp-template-config.xml file to your web project, and then edit the file.
Be sure to read Section 12.1, "Using and Modifying the Preconfigured Syndicated Feeds" to help you understand how syndicated feeds work.
Because content repositories are connected to WebLogic Portal using the Virtual Content Repository, your JSP display templates can show data in any content repository as long as the repository is connected to the Virtual Content Repository. For information on creating JSPs, see the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse documentation. After you develop your display templates (JSPs), you map them to a namespace using a display template configuration file (wlp-template-config.xml). The syndication configuration file sets the parameters passed to the Syndication Producer Servlet and maps the Syndication Feed JSPs to a namespace, which allows you to select which display templates are used. Usually, you control visitor access to portal resources by configuring visitor entitlements in the WebLogic Portal Administration Console. For more information about security deployment descriptors, see "web.xml Deployment Descriptor Elements" in Developing Web Applications, Servlets, and JSPs for WebLogic Server in Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing Web Applications, Servlets, and JSPs for Oracle WebLogic Server. If you are not going to create an actual podcast to which student subscribe, you will use the embed or link code method to put the media into your Vista course.
Other than being able to view a PDF file, the program has a huge number of features that pushes it far beyond Adobe Reader and much closer to what Adobe Acrobat can do.
For example, you can sign your PDF document with an ink signature for free, but if you want a real electronic signature verified by a third-party, you will have to use the DocuSign service built right into Foxit. Along the left side are a couple of buttons that let you access a few convenient features like bookmarks, page thumbnails, page layers, comments and annotations, any file attachments, security settings and digital signatures. If you go over to the View tab, you’ll see two sections called Document Views and Page Display.
If you have Office installed, Foxit has plugins available that will let you create PDFs directly within Office programs. If you click on the Comment tab, there are a lot of options for adding notes and annotations to your PDF document. Foxit has a feature called Safe Reading Mode that will basically warn users if any PDF file tries to make any external call and lets them decide to terminate the process or to go ahead.
Also, using their paid software like PhantomPDF is a lot cheaper than Adobe Acrobat and the feature set is just as good, if not better than Adobe’s. A conversation with MysticGeek last night prompted me to look into this, and so I’m posting the answer for everybody. If you are using this in Windows XP, you’ll get the benefit of the new toolbar button that it adds, though.
If you hold down the Shift key and hit enter after typing the folder name it will immediately navigate into the folder, which I find very useful.

These JSPs display general metadata, such when the content was created, who created it, and the name of the content node. Modifying the URL allows you to pass parameters into the Syndication Producer Servlet without modifying the syndication configuration file, which sets the parameters passed to the Syndication Producer Servlet. You can use the URL to help determine and test the parameters that you want to pass into the Syndication Producer Servlet. The first three JSPs generate the list of content items, and the fourth generates the content itself. For information on how to use Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse for this purpose, see "Using the Merged Projects View" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Portal Development Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal. The nodes in a published repository provide only a single version of information; the user of a syndicated feed sees that information every time the content node is updated. The Syndication Producer servlet uses the content query to retrieve the data from content management. For information on how to use Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse for this purpose, see "Working with the Merged Projects View" in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Portal Development Guide for Oracle WebLogic Portal.
You can only use this search type in a managed repository, that is, a repository where a library services are enabled. For example, you'll need to develop JSPs that display the portions of data in your content repositories that you want to show your users, such as the name of the article and author's name. To speed your development process, you can use the same content query to retrieve information from your databases and present that content with different XML formats for different readers.
Display templates are then referenced from the syndication configuration file (wlp-syndication-config.xml).
Display templates are then referenced from a syndication configuration file (wlp-syndication-config.xml). It contains the valid attributes and tags you can use when configuring the wlp-syndication-config.xml file.
However, a malicious user who knows the correct URL can access the syndicated feed directly. These descriptors allow only users whose role is Administrators, Portal System Administrator, or AppTesters. To help with all of these problems, we want to keep media files on a separate server designed for media. Also, you can create simple PDF files from scans, from the clipboard or by adding text boxes and images, but if you want to create more advanced PDF forms, you’ll have to purchase their PhantomPDF software.
Using Word to create a PDF file is much more robust than creating one in Foxit from scratch. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.
There is another way to download folders from your Home or Share space by right clicking on a folder and selecting Compress and download from the context menu. For example, content publishers can configure a feed reader on their local machine that reads a syndicated feed that includes all content that is ready to publish. The preconfigured syndicated feeds are compatible with RSS feed technology and consist of URL formats that can be read by most RSS readers. For example, if the searchMaxResults parameter is not set anywhere, the syndicated feed could display hundreds of entries. This saves you time because changing syndication configuration file requires redeployment of the application.
The nodes in a versioned repository provide multiple versions that can be searched and managed.
Additionally, you probably want to present the information in a format consistent with the look-and-feel of your portal. Additionally, video from the first generation FLIP cameras that many faculty have are not useable by the podcasting server. Once you have done this and the account and channel are approved, you have access to the Podcaster Manual which details how to manage your channel.
When you use the link code and a user clicks on it, a new window is opened in which to play the media. Performance has improved over the years, but it’s still massive compared to a program like Foxit.
By default, there is a text tool and some drawing tools under the Comment tab on the ribbon for creating your PDF file within Foxit Reader.
The email feature will basically open your default email program set in Windows with the PDF file attached.
This will create a zip file containing the folder with the original contents and download it to the local hard drive..
By subscribing to a syndicated feed, using a feed reader or aggregator, a user stays up to date on content changes. After establishing the correct parameters, you can edit the wlp-syndication-config.xml file and redeploy. When you enable library services, your content is automatically versioned and a new copy of the content is saved whenever you check in content to the repository.
You can either use one of the preconfigured syndicated feed JSPs as a starting point or build one from scratch. Specifically, you use web.xml deployment descriptors to secure access to the Syndication Producer Servlet.
Once instalation finish It installs itself as a virtual PDF printer driver (see the picture mentioned below) so there is no exe file to run in order to convert your documents into PDF files.Now how to create a PDF file using doPDF converterI have tested this tool using Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and  internet  browser, this tool can create PDF files easily in the all software.
Generally, you use versioned repositories in a workflow, where a manager approves the content before it is published. Keeping all this sorted out is a nightmare.My solution is to create a set of equipment files. Click on Ok and choose a location for your PDF file and the click OK to create a PDF file. Whenever I buy a new piece of equipment, I create a subfolder with the name of the device, and the date that I bought it. Also, I note or take a picture of the device’s serial numbers, box labels that have wireless IDs, and any other info and I add those to the file.

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