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Create keyboard shortcuts open desktop apps - windows , Create keyboard shortcuts to open desktop you can't create a shortcut for that app. Windows 8 app shortcut desktop - computer performance, Windows 8 app shortcut desktop create shortcut windows 8 modern ui app desktop.. It is so much easier to just right click On-Screen keyboard and create a shortcut in desktop and drag and drop into Quick Launch bar. Tech Tips Weekly - If you don't want our Tech Tips newsletter every day, then sign up for this weekly newsletter to get the best information of the week. WorldStart's Daily Deals - Every week, we send out great deals in our Daily Deals newsletter. Just For Grins - Each issue includes a couple clean jokes, some funny quotes, and a hilarious reader's story. The Xbox Games Metro app is one of the most commonly used ones for those that have an Xbox system along with Windows 8x. Desktop shortcuts provide you with easy, convenient shortcuts to open applications, websites, or files on your Windows computer. To create a new desktop shortcut for an application, the first step you will need to take is navigating to the program using the Start menu. I’m 27, and live on Long Island, NY with my beautiful wife, our dog and our beautiful new baby boy.
If you have certain websites that you view frequently, you’ve probably already added them as a favorite in your internet browser program, but what if you wanted to save even more time and get to the website directly from your desktop?

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For those not familiar with the Windows onscreen keyboard it’s, as the name states, a keyboard that appears on the computer screen.
Thanks for this help it was very useful and easy to access to the virtual, makes it easy by having it on desktop.
Many of these deals are exclusively for our Daily Deals newsletter subscribers and can't be found with our regular specials. However, you might not like having to go to the Metro interface each time you want to open that specific app.
You can easily change that via the Properties menu but you will have to find the Games icon yourself this time.
If you have a program you use frequently that you currently access from the Start menu, create a desktop shortcut for that program instead, and save yourself the unnecessary time and steps. Keep reading for a step by step how to! I have always had a passion for all things tech related, and that passion has provided me a great variety of work growing up. You can make a website shortcut right on your desktop and then just double click to launch the same as you would any other program.
On the next screen you will be able to name the shortcut.  It is a good idea to name the shortcut with the same name as the website that the shortcut goes to, to prevent confusion.
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We are here to show you how you can quickly create a desktop shortcut for it so you will not have to.
Once you find the application that you want to create a desktop shortcut for, right click to open the menu options as shown below. Note that you can use this method to create shortcuts for other apps as well but you will have to know their specific names as described by the system.
Alternatively, type osk into the search field on the Start Menu and R click the .exe item (#1) and make the same selections. Good idea to always have a quick method of getting to things such as the keyboard in case of a physical keyboard issue.
By default in Windows 8 any user can easily uninstall the Metro application from the system. You may create your own shortcuts for your conveneince.Windows 8 provide an easy way to personalize the setting and customize all the Windows apps on the start screen in the form of tiles. But sometime you want to create your own shortcuts for easy navigation to the apps that are the most useful.

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