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These practical people with can-do attitudes are quietly working away across Australia to make farms more efficient. The heartbreak combined with the loss of income from animal deaths is a major issue for the dairy sector as farmers can not milk a cow until she has given birth to a calf.
Craig Bassett designed and constructed portable, small metal clad sheds that house five calves. His innovation is inspiring other farmers to use small sheds as little dairy calves are notoriously fickle creatures.

Greg Heffernan of Candelo in the Bega Valley has the usual large permanent calf shed, but sees the advantage of the new portable structures. He sees that portable small calf sheds can help with hygiene that prevents the disease and death that are a constant worry for calf rearers. Calves take a lot of time and labour to keep alive, and that means increased expense on a dairy farm so secure, clean housing is the challenge for calf rearing. His innovation evolved from seeing structures on New Zealand dairies that he then adapted to be stronger and portable calf houses for large Australian dairy farms.

He says two or three people can lift the calf shed before towing it to a clean, new location using a four-wheel-drive vehicle, tractor or four-wheel motorbike.
Craig Bassett says he won't give up the farm job he loves, despite owners of all types of animals encouraging him to make flat pack sheds for home assembly.

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