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Sign up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! Mehrmals haben wir auf Freshideen Ihre Aufmerksamkeit weckt, indem wir coole Mobel und Accessoires von weltberuhmten Designers prasentiert haben. Heute wollen wir Ihnen das Werk einer talentierten Designerin, namens Hilla Shamia vorstellen. Genie?en wir die Kunst dieser Designerin zusammen… Eins ist sicher, die Fantasie des Menschen kennt keine Grenzen! By clicking "Sign Up" or "Sign In with Facebook" I acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. July 12, 2012 by Kristi 60 Comments Yesterday I finished up my dumpster coffee table makeover.
Initially, I planned to paint the entire thing, including the cheap particle board top with the plastic paper-thin veneer with wood print. This first board shows what the wood looked like immediately after applying one coat of the vinegar to the wood.  You can see a slightly gray color. Let me also point out that I used my electric sander to give the edges of the top a slightly rounded look.  I think this looks so much better than the squared edges. I still need to give the table top another coat of wax, but here’s how the table looks now after staining the top and antiquing the base. I’ve been out of town doing a vintage market, but as soon as I get settled back in, I will send you some pictures of what I mean. If you go onto YouTube and watch the videos about the Kreg Jig that are actually by the company, I think you’d probably want to go TOMORROW and get yourself one!! I had no idea I could revamp my coffee table with just a few things that I already have around the house!
Thanks for letting me know I can attach my table top with the jig…I thought I was missing something!

The mixture of vinegar and steel wool creates a chemical stain that is used by woodworkers to ebonize wood. So sorry for the multiple posts — I was typing from my phone and kept getting an error message.
Tiffany, my experience with this has been that each time I’ve done it, I get a different result. Designer Mobel sind unique nicht nur wegen ihrer Individualitat, aber auch wegen ihrer Wirksamkeit. Es gibt Menschen, welche durch ihre kunstvolle Arbeit und ihr Talent eine unvergessliche Spur in der Desingwelt hinterlassen. Shamia, eine geniale israelische Kunstlerin, stellt originelle, au?erordentliche Tische und Stuhle aus Holz und Aluminium her. If you’ll remember, just a few days ago, I found this coffee table leaning against the dumpster at my condo. But then I decided that those pretty little turned legs were worthy of a real wood top, so I removed the cheap top and painted the base. In the cabin the upper section of the cabin was an add on and they used plywood for paneling, quaint for a mountainy type of look but I don’t like it AT ALL. I did check youtube and am doubly sold on it – there are lots of projects I can imagine trying with that that I think would be out of my league without it. I agree that pine (and other paint-grade woods like poplar) can be tricky to colour without covering the grain pattern, but it’s possible. Designer Mobelstucke haben einen  einzigartigen Charakter und verkorpern die Kreativitat und Fantasie ihres Herstellers.
Ihre unique Herstellermethode bringt das kalte Aluminium mit dem schonen, warmen Holz zusammen. It wouldn’t be so bad if the walls matched the lower half especially in the loft area but as it is now it sticks out like a sore thumb.

My birthday and Christmas are the same month, so it’s going to be a long wait if I have to wait for it as a gift! Between keeping up with my job at Dish and the rest of the household, I never have time to shop for staining supplies. A simpler solution to the one you posted here would be to apply one or two thin coats of half pound cut shellac. I will let you know how it turns out….this may be another Monday project to finish in the future! I had to do a web search just to see what it does and it already went on my Amazon wish list! You just want light coats because all this is intended to do is seal the pores of the wood so it will take whatever stwin you are using evenly.
Das Verbrennen des geschmolzenen Aluminium kreiert auf der Holzflache eine schwarze Karbon-Schicht, welche eine schone visuelle Grenze zwischen der kalten Silberfarbe des Metalls und der warmen, naturlichen Farbe des Holzes schafft. I just use a regular amber shellac that I make myself, but you could also use Zinnser or similar. Wegen seines geschmolzenen Zustandes erfullt das Aluminium jeden Riss im Holz und gestaltet somit eine feste Beziehung zwischen beiden Materialien. Zu Ihrer Aufmerksamkeit kommen Mobelstucke, welche durch ihr uniques Design bezaubern und Ihrer Wohnung einen einmaligen Look verleihen konnen! Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR that has plenty of recording space to accommodate my little DIY obsession.

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