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What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. It often happens that some people who are both ready and willing to grow their very own indoor garden find that they cannot do so on account of their not having enough space at their disposal. A Norway-based designer named Daniel Zeller has decided to take care of this issue by creating a desk that doubles as a terrarium. Treehugger explains that the plants grown inside this green-oriented desk can be easily watered by pulling the storage drawer containing the terrarium, and that, all in all, this indoor garden is fairly low maintenance. The desk is made using tempered glass and wood, and almost everybody who has had the chance to take a look at it agrees that it stands to brighten up one's day, especially on those occasions when one has to work from home. Web designer desks can be very inspiring, so we've asked 20 leading pixel pushers to lift the curtain on their workstations.
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Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Order your Miami Curved Designer Desk with your choice of a left or right side return!The Miami designer desk features a contemporary mix of ergonomic executive desk design with modern style and executive class.
FEATURES: The most contemporary feature of this designer desk in Miami retro contemporary style is the built-in conference table. All Miami desks include the slide out keyboard tray, built-in computer cabinet and built-in 2 drawer cabinet.
Important Note: The return side of this office desk is the wrap around portion of the desk, opposite the built-in meeting table. ARTISAN DESIGNER WIRE GROMMET HOLES IN DESKTOP: Miami desk models that are equipped with the computer connector panel option, have our artistic designer wire grommet hole and cover installed on the Return desktop and the Main desktop to provide direct access into the computer and printer cabinets below. CONCEALED SOFT CLOSING DRAWER SLIDING HARDWARE: The Miami Desk has state-of-the-art drawer hardware so that any of the box drawers and hanging files drawers on a desk drawers may be opened without the unsightly look of exposed hardware on the sides of the drawers.
AccessoriesMiami Designer Desk - "Deco Model"This older model desk is still very unique and curves around the user and has a built-in meeting table.
EXECUTIVE AND DESIGNER CHAIRSSmall Meeting TablesSmall meeting tables for executive offices or conference rooms. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. The contoured Miami designer desk design allows you to keep all of your items within arms reach for maximum efficiency. In addition to greater desk surface space, this conference table is perfect for meeting with clients or employees in your executive office. There is no more need to reach under your desk and move computer to hook up these devices when they are now easily accessible right on your desktop.
If the user prefers to use the drawer for his computer keyboard and mouse, he can flip down the front of the drawer to create a comfortable palm rest for easy use of the keyboard and mouse. This allows you to install one or more video monitors or other equipment directly on the Return top or on the Return side of the Main desktop without having wires running on or around the desk. Our drawer systems use concealed hardware mounted below the drawer to suspend the drawers.

This white designer clock sits at a slant and is perfect for all those corporate clients that have style. That's where the magic happens, and that's also why the right setup of your workstation is extremely important.
An attached side conference table not only provides additional desk space and width, but also allows you to conduct conference meetings with your employees or guests. Our Miami desk comes equipped with a hanging CPU cabinet with wire access holes in the top allowing you to run your wiring straight up and through the main desk top. Outlets for AC power, data and telephone are now connected at your desktop eliminating the need to reach behind or under your desk.
For extended use as keyboard drawer, the drawer may be closed with the palm rest in the down position. We've invited 20 leading web designers from the UK and the US to give us an exclusive look into their offices, show us their desks and explain the setup.
This designer desk in Miami style provides you with the functionality all executives need, with the aesthetic only a designer could provide.
The Miami desk also provides a sleek wiring channel across the desk top where the wires can be accessed and managed.
If the user prefers to use the drawer as a pencil or document drawer, the user keeps the drawer front in the up position.
Our drawer hardware includes springs and pneumatic devices that are activated within the final 2 inches of closure to slow the drawer down and then softly close the drawer automatically and quietly.
The resulting showcase provides a fascinating insight into people's personal work style and the kit they use. This flip down keyboard drawer is available only in the models with the computer connector panel option.
This soft closing drawer hardware system has handles mounted below the drawers to allow the drawers to be easily removed and replaced for cleaning or to reach items that may have fallen behind the drawers. A slide out keyboard tray lined with leatherette is provided and can be installed beneath the central desk top section. Thumbwheel adjusters are also provided under the drawers to easily level them when they become heavily loaded. The slides are concealed out of view beneath the drawer, removing unsightly tracks while allowing easy access for the drawer's removal. All drawer frames of this desk model are made with solid wood joined with dovetail joints, which is the most respected cabinet technology by cabinet makers worldwide.
The drawers of this executive desk are also lined with heavy gauge black leatherette to complete its elegance and functionality. I've been plugging into a larger display less and less these days, preferring to put my feet up and use my lap more. On top of the drives is a Domo-kun wind-up toy I brought back from Tokyo, and a wooden nut from speaking at the Build Conference in Ireland.
I like to use a mouse pad to dampen the noise of sliding the mouse around, and the one here is a new Ugmonk leather pad which I'm really digging.
Other than that, my keys, a sketchook, a Curtis Jinkins print I've been meaning to frame and a stack of books. MacBook Air and Thunderbolt display, plus excellent Creative Gigaworks speakers and the lamp I’ve had for twenty years. Only the books I’ve yet to read get desk space, alongside pots of pencils and Sharpies.

I exclusively use one MacBook Pro, so my exact design and development environment comes with me wherever I go. At home at this desk, I have my Drobo for mega media storage and backup, a 27" Cinema display, and super ergonomic Microsoft keyboard and Kensington trackball.
Underneath, in the gross tangle of wires, is an APC power supply which has saved me through countless power outages. The printer is a WiFi enabled Brother laser printer which is the most recent addition and has convinced me to never go back to slow, expensive, garbage inkjets.
I have docks for my iPad and iPhone, and I prop my display up a bit with a riser that has a built-in USB hub. On each side of the desk represent my two best relationships, my marriage to my wife, and a house plant I've had since college. And to provide much-needed distractions, I bash away on a much-used electronic drumkit, synth and recently acquired Rickenbacker bass. Apart from that, there’s a cup of tea (always), paperwork pile, a few wee books and a stylophone for musical interludes. I've got various FireWire and USB hard drives permanently attached to the iMac; the Air is for when I'm on the road or just want to work downstairs on the sofa or in the garden.
I have a few Hello Kitty items, one of them is my eyeglass case that I got from the first Sanrio store in Tokyo.
There's also a helmet for when I'm avoiding the dart fights at work and my pink roxio headphones to concentrate. A LEDU drafting lamp provides ample lighting for sketching and glancing at my favorite wedding picture, reminding me why I do all of this. I can easily slide my chair back and forth between the three computers and I have an open view of the TV. Things can get all over the place on my desk when I’m in the middle of my process, but after that I clean things up, as I like to keep my desk as organised as possible. Whether it's my journal, scrap paper or the graphic artists guild handbook on pricing and ethical guidelines (highly recommended). My machine is a 15" Macbook Pro with a matt hi-res screen, and with it I use a Midori Travellers’ Notebook, Whitelines paper, Faber-Castell pencils and Muji Pens. A Fuji X100 (which I love) is usually on the desk, but I’m using it to take the photo. I have a Polaroid Pogo printer for quick photo-sticker printing which go into the notebook. It’s got a nice view, and the only point of access is an external door, which helps keep my work environment separate from the rest of the house.
That’s supplemented with an ever-evolving collection of devices (tablets, phones, etc) for testing. The little drawers are from my grandfather's work shed from when he was a painter and the wind-up toy was a gift from my mother.

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