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This Adjustable Student Desk Lamp is a great desk accessory for any student desiring a calm, clean studying environment.
While wandering the halls of ICFF this year we came across this beautiful new LED Lamp design by Koncept and were instantly smitten with its graceful lines and clarity of purpose. The new Z-Bar High Power comes in cool white to match daylight, or warm white to match the warm glow of regular light bulbs. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. I purchased a 14x6 grid rectangular Koncept desk light several years ago and, out of 84 LEDs, 32 are no longer illuminating. The new generation Z Bar scheduled to be released soon (end of June 2007?) is supposed to be brighter, has the option of "warm white" light, and will be dimmable -- all while still being priced reasonably and consuming very little power. Previous posters suggested that a lamp using a 11W T2 fluorescent tube would be more efficient and would produce a more natural light than the Z Bar. It looks like the LEDs have no sort of heat sink or anything - heat can severely affect the life of LEDs - the hotter they burn, the quicker they dim.
Jill, I am not usually grumpy, and I LOVE good designs - that is why I hang out in this site A LOT!!! By the way, the top portion of this lamp with the LEDs plugs into the arm so, assuming the manufacturer was still making this, at the end of the LEDs life you would just have to replace that portion - not the whole lamp.

LEDs have come a long way and are all the hype these years, but let's admit there is still room for improvement.
The bif item for me would be this: by their Koncept's admission, the LEDs fade after some time.
If there is no designed replacement, then this item, while indeed beautiful and well designed (almost except the possible fatal flaw of replacement of LEDs), is plain garbage. The Tizio Lamp from Artemide also received the coveted Compasso d'Oro industrial design award. Receive a once-a-month email update with DIY projects and design ideas to make your home jell!
Thank you for reaching out…we have sent you an email with your requested information. LED has inherently narrow "radiation pattern", that usually makes them good for torchights, but not general purpose lighting. Fluorescent lighting is still your best bet to actually light anything efficiently: a T2 11W lamp, available in any color temperature you might possibly need, would develop 900 Lumens, instead of a 100. This repurposed bus turned oh, so groovy office desk was intentionally chopped up and gutted to park amongst its surrounding workplace decor – from the left side front and sliding doors, the windows and entire roof (and rag top), to pretty much most of the interior features (though, I think they should have at least held on to the steering wheel and floor stick shift!). Looking for the right image, I came across the picture of a repurposed VW bus on your website and it was just the perfect metaphor (especially since I used to own one of those!

This gooseneck adjustable desk lamp adjusts to throw light wherever you need it and can be used as a night side table lamp or can be used on your work desk.
To make a LED "lamp" with wide beam width, you can install multiple LED in different angles, use a diffuser (just examples).
Or is it another one of these landfill-stuffing items that is good for some time then you just trash it? That's why high-powered LED, like that of Luxeon, have heatsinks built-in - So that manufacturers don't have to design their own heatsinks. To my understanding, the former will reduce the lux rating, and the latter will reduce both the lux and lumens rating. Its playfulness and functionality for two people offers a unique and creative working environment. And according to this, the lamp will go bad in 18-19 years (assuming 270 days of usage per year).
Oh, yeah…and the functional headlights will certainly come in handy in case of a building-wide blackout.

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