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Japanese design firm Conof makes these wonderful bracket-shaped lamps with a light that swivles up to 270 degrees and a few spare USB ports for charging your gadgets.
Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. This iconic lamp whose shape and form are spotted right away in countless stores, homes and offices, was first developed in 1931 by an engineer. This iconic lamp met an English fashion icon, Paul Smith, who has given it a remake with a new vibrant twist.
Paul Smith’s remake of the Anglepoise lamp is the first ever multicolored iteration of the lamp as it was introduced at CDW with a suite of six distinct colors that highlight different aluminum components of the lamp. Although the remake is not something of drastic change, adding certain bright colors of specific combinations changes the look and feel of the overall lamp.
Although there’s not much furniture design doing on here, it was interesting to see how a famous fashion designer like Paul Smith transformed the look and feel of one of the most iconic lamps with simple alterations and color iterations. Do you think Paul Smith’s remake of the lamp is sufficient enough to be a product worthy of exhibition at DCW? Than authentic use, though you can choose an adequate wattage for the lamp to supply lighting. For a hectic home office with inquiring pets or little kids, the most secure place for computer desk lamps to mount them on the ceiling or walls.

There's no pricing available, but these are lovely in that soulless modern deco way I kind of like. Over time, its features have been refined and reiterated by designers and this lamp has now become so well known as the Anglepoise task lamp.
This new remake by Paul Smith was showcased at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) which is held from May 20th to 22nd this year (going on right now!).
This lamp shows how important colors and textures are to furniture and products, and how color effects the way things are displayed and even used.
The lamp brings out the brand with just a glimpse and gives the users a new experience of using it. Even, if the office desk is only used in the morning and the afternoon where there is still adequate light, office desk lamps are still important to add aesthetic look of the desk. This lamp is practical because it is simple to hold it firmly at your desk due to the spring-hinged pressure clip attached. The lamp itself is fully immobile and designed to assemble on the back core of a conventional office desk. This is particularly proper of an office space where kids already familiar to printers and computers. Started five years ago, CDW has now become one of UK’s leading independent design festivals where designers, brands, companies, architects and businessmen all come together to create a rich and diverse community to share their ideas and products.

Wall mounted office desk lamps have a stand that is installed with fastens in a straight line into the wall with either into a stud or drywall wires. The particular Angelpoise lamp of the shape above is the Angelpoise Type 75, which was a redesigned version of the original lamp by a leading product designer in Britain, Kenneth Grange. While office desk do embrace compactly when sited on a desk, they are not intended for home offices with kids who possibly will try to pull the clip-on lamp loose. These lamps will characteristically have a supple or hinged neck to let autonomy of association with the lamp.
For a person who favors to transform the intensity of light at his desk or wants to regularly adjust it for different spaces of the desk, the grates option is adjustable-neck lamp.
This style of office desk lamps is built-in with a one-sided stand so that it sits tightly on the desk’s exterior. Therefore it is important to knowing several types of desk lamps so that you have many options to choose from for your office. The neck is fixed with manifold turning points or even a telescoping backbone to allow for incomparable flexibility.

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