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The quest for the perfect workspace has been vexing for a great many geeks, but one man has taken things to a completely unheard of level. Results I 15 of 27 The best selection of how to articles project plans videos and tips on Desks from the alright Woodworking Magazine Subscribe now. So when I started having the final plans on my head, it was pretty clear that it must have place for PC-hardware, and dual monitor stand, and rather good placement for speakers (reason for only two screens).
As you might notice the door is not sealed on the cube, there is about ~13mm space around the door, to let the air flow in (and the back will be open for exhaust air). So to get the things going'n'flying, I was pressured to go buy plywood and start the project and not just be lazy and dream about it. And I also got too much left-overs (Not in the picture), propably going to use most of it to build subwoofer, and maybe some kind of stands for the speakers to get them higher, and off the table surface.
So from here it was just all about starting working, drawing lines and mark places for few holes and start drilling to get started. Then you take the B-piece and press it where it should be and the pins will make marks which are aligned with the A-piece so they'll fit together, that is wonderful! I was inspired by one of the previous see-through computer desks posted on HacknMod, but I wanted mine to be slightly different.
I built five LED fans ($3 on eBay) into the desk to keep things cool along with five temperature sensors so I can monitor conditions. I was just wondering if you guys could help me, i have an entertainment system wich is composed of a surround sound system, an xbox 360, a bell expressvu receiver and a portable hard drive.. The DK-01X and DK-02X - pictured - combine high-end PC chassis design with the functionality of furniture, but has Lian Li priced them to sell? Lian Li has confirmed plans to launch its chassis-cum-desk designs as full retail products in the UK, confirming the DK-01X and DK-02X as heading to market in August with considerable price tags attached.
Teased back in February, the school-desk inspired PC-DK01 has been renamed the DK-01X and is joined for a retail launch by the DK-02X, which boasts the ability to house two systems simultaneously - one, the company claims, for workstation use and the other for leisure pursuits. Both chassis feature support for side-mounted 360mm radiators and a bracket for a front-facing radiator; in the case of the single-system DK-01X this provides room for another 360mm radiator, while the dual-system DK-02X provides two 240mm brackets for independent cooling of the two rigs.

The desk configuration of both cases is adjustable, offering a height of 805mm extendible to 835mm for greater leg-room. It'd be nice too if the keyboard tray was pullout and if the desk was a little slimmer, but I guess considering you can't push in the keyboard tray, there ought to be enough room for your legs. I'd be more interested in Lian Li making another one of these desks but with the low-profile form factor and a pullout keyboard tray. Good concept but not too convinced by the execution, although it looks much better than the toy-looking prototype.
I think I would've preferred a single, spacious top surface with the sockets going down into the desk and possibly with an opaque cover. You can and should check out the forum thread linked below, not so you can replicate what he?s done, but so you can marvel at how much cooler his PC is than yours. Forest Index page From Pro Shops Crown moulding installment storage locker cap in style Plans Articles Tips and Techniques from. Find completely your wood plans from the woods Magazine including many magazine carpentry plans astatine Woodcraft the leading provider of woodwork supplies.
Also there is ridiculous ammounts of space on table surface, we'll see how long I can keep it neat and clear. My initial plans were to get 30mm birch-plywood but as there was none, I had to change the measurements little bit and go for the 24mm birch-plywood. Of course you can't build anything if you don't have any propper music to listen while doing your job! It was pretty easy on the horizontal pieces, as I just laid the piece on the work table and drilled about 15mm deep holes. Then it's just mater of attaching the rack-rails, start thinking about bunch of rack-cases to build and get the plywood for the actual table! Both support HTPX and smaller motherboard formats, with the DK-02X adding the ability to stick a mini-ITX motherboard in alongside.
The DK-01X can hold 10 hard drives in individually-removable drive bays, while the DK-02X can hold eight drives for the mini-ITX system and a further nine for the HTPX system.

If you're wondering what makes the design worth the money, Lian Li has provided a video overview below. From their video, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of cable management so I doubt I'd want to show off the internals through the top. Paslis started with some 3D renders of the finished product, then he got to fabricating the frame. Nation dewy-eyed never goes knocked out of style especially not with these forest cartridge clip favorites. I also stole the idea to make a cube-shaped extension for the table, thou' here I had to improve the idea little bit, and I'm going to stuff a sixteen unit (16U) rack inside, to house all the PC-hardware.
Speakers I'm getting are Genelec 8020b:s propably, and I would want to have some kind of tips what kind of stands should I make for them, I was thinking some kind of aluminium square-profile bars, but I started to think that they might get some nasty sci-fi-harmonic-vibrations if they are not sturdy enough, maybe somekind of plywood stands?
Both include support for CPU coolers up to 180mm in height, power supplies up to 280mm in length and graphics cards up to 410mm in length as standard.
Front IO, located on a sliding drawer, offers four USB 3.0 ports and HD Audio connectivity on both cases - although the dual-system DK-02X doubles these up to provide connectivity to both rigs. Furniture Plans How to build a beautiful Shaker lap desk sew made for today's laptop computers. The sliding drawer also includes a single slim optical drive bay, which can be used to host an SSD if you've given up on buying your games and software on physical media.
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