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The rise of smartphones and the cloud will render traditional desk-based computers all but obsolete within three years, claims Google Europe boss.
A senior Google executive believes the rise of smartphones will see the desktop PC all but obsolete within three years. Google Europe boss John Herlihy told delegates at the Digital Landscapes conference at University College Dublin that the move towards the cloud would see mobile devices capable of increasingly rapid and complex applications.
He cited Japan as an example, claiming the majority of research there is now done on smartphones, not PCs. Herlihy's comments largely echo those made by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress last month, where he announced that the company was shifting to a “mobile first” strategy, having already built strong foundations through its Android mobile operating system and key role in the Open Handset Alliance. According to Herlihy, part of Google's success was down to its willingness to try out new ideas, embracing those that worked and discarding those that didn't with “relentless brutality and execution”.
He also revealed that fear of “the next Google” was one of the primary forces behind its seemingly relentless expansion.
With the holiday season fast approaching, tech companies will be doing their damndest to get you to buy one of their gadgets or gizmos, though it looks like companies focusing on PC sales are going to have a far harder time of it than those with tablets or smartphones to offer. Research firms have been informing us for some time now that sales of desktops and laptops are on the decline, with consumers turning increasingly to reasonably priced tablets and smartphones that do more than enough to keep them happy. Gartner said Wednesday that worldwide PC shipments for the three-month period from July to September hit 80.3 million units.
When you look at the sales figures for the leading players, the situation doesn’t look quite so bad.
With 2013 PC shipments certain to show a decline over the previous year, and tablet sales forecast to grow by a hefty 67.9 percent with 202 million sales, companies struggling in the shrinking PC market without anything exciting to offer in the increasingly saturated tablet market, or in any other tech market for that matter, certainly have their work cut out to ensure healthy revenues in the long term. HPa€™s consumer PC sales continue to languish, but the gamea€™s not over yeta€”certainly not on the companya€™s new Envy Rove, a 20-inch all-in-one that can lie flat for multiplayer games.

The Envy Rove all-in-onea€™s 20-inch LED has a resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels with integrated Intel HD graphics. The Envy Rovea€™s ten-point capacitive touchscreen display can function as a gaming table, and it comes preloaded with games including Electronic Artsa€™ Monopoly, Disney Fairies, and Fingertapps Jigsaw Wars and Musical Instruments. The other all-in-ones announced today are the 20-inch Pavilion TouchSmart 20 and the 23-inch Pavilion TouchSmart 23.
The Pavilion TouchSmart 20 will be available on June 23 for a starting price of $620, and the 23-inch Pavilion TouchSmart 23 will be available on June 5 for a starting price of $749. HPThe Envy 700 desktop is designed for configurability, with a tool-less side panel and plenty of room for additional components. With consumer PC sales struggling, HP CEO Meg Whitman admitted today, a€?we have to take another look at the low end of our product line.a€? Other than the Envy Rove and maybe the Phoenix 800, nothing in the new line of desktops helps HP stand outa€”and even the Envy Rove has competition from huge tablet PCs from Lenovo and others. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Melissa Riofrio spent her formative journalistic years reviewing some of the biggest iron at PCWorld--desktops, laptops, storage, printers--and she continued to focus on hardware testing during stints at Computer Currents and CNET. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
And with that trend likely to emerge in western markets too, Google is shifting its focus increasingly to the mobile space.
While this is a figure not to be scoffed at, it does however mark an 8.6 percent drop from the same quarter in 2012 and, more worryingly for manufacturers of such machines, is the sixth consecutive quarter of declining worldwide shipments. Ita€™s designed to be portable, with an integrated battery rated to last for up to 3 hours.
These systems use a less-expensive, five-point optical touchscreen technology and will be offered with a choice of Intela€™s fourth-generation Core CPUs and AMD CPUs.

In addition to integrated webcams, the Pavilion TouchSmart all-in-ones will come with 25GB of free Box cloud storage.
Notable among them are the Phoenix 800 Desktop PC, a gaming system that will use Intela€™s fourth-generation Core CPUs, Nvidia discrete graphics, Beats Audio, and optional liquid cooling. Designed for configurability, it has a tool-less side panel and can accommodate up to three hard drives or solid-state drives. But with new CPUs and a new version of Windows coming soon, HP may at least hope for a rising tide of interest in new PCs. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. We seek feedback at every opportunity on something – we either kill it, adjust it or redeploy resources. Youa€™ll likely be tempted to pick it up by its spring-loaded, hinged stand, which is actually designed for users to set the desktop at an angle or to lay it flat on a surface.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Dell, too, saw sales improve by 1 percent, with 9.3 million sales in the three-month period. Offering a choice of Intela€™s fourth-generation Core CPUs or AMD CPUs, the Phoenix 800 will go on sale June 5 starting at $599.

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