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Easy to assemble wood table base kits are guaranteed to go together fast and easy, with just common sense. Each table base kit comes with everything you need to put together your own quality table base – instructions, hardware, etc. Blending the best of the traditional engineering with the accuracy of modern technology make our kits exceedingly simple for you to assemble.
We are a Vermont company that designs and manufactures quality wood components for furniture, cabinetry and architecture, along with fine unfinished furniture.
Fluted Farmhouse Dining Table Base Kit-1, Seats 6Assembled Base Size is 32" x 51"Suggested Top Size approx.
These kits include all base components for stunning results, yet allow you to lay up your own top for the desired grain pattern, and to match your finish with existing furniture. The most common type of dining table base you’ll see is the standard four-leg configuration. Unlike the pedestal style bases, long legs don’t have to worry about bumping into the base and can stretch out unhindered. Table legs, of any type of material, are, however very sturdy, reliable and visually unobtrusive. More ornate options, such as decorative metalwork, bring new layers of color and character to the dining table base. Statuary bases are truly transcendent style, bringing the classic lines of antiquity into your home. Another beautiful option is a hybrid base which features three or more legs that are connected by a bridging piece.

Table tops get all the glory when browsing for a new table, but as you can see, there’s a whole world of style going on underneath! Before we chose to focus on making the finest table legs in America, we made some of the finest wood furniture in America. Each table design benefits from the use of modern equipment as well as traditional know-how.
If your kitchen island is to have a stone top, we can notch the top of the leg to accept the steel bracing that supports the heavy stone countertop.
The kit is a breeze to assemble and the unique curved notch at the top of each leg creates an incredibly durable, seamless joint with the apron. Four leg configurations work best on square or rectangular tables and work well for people of all sizes.
On round dining tables, where maximum seating is concerned, four leg bases get in the way of comfort and seating arrangements.
Round tables, in particular can take advantage of the space saving design, as they sit in the middle of the table; well out of the way of dining chairs.
Vintage or antique decors will welcome the flowing vine and leaf carved bases or even just a simple column base. Urns, for instance, look stunning as a base for glass-top tables and they look perfectly natural to boot. This design is often seen in patio tables, but is stunning when made for dining room tables. Dining table bases aren’t just for holding the table surface off the ground, they are equally as important to a table’s good looks.

The business was called Matthew Burak Furniture, and Matt led a team of skilled artisans in making colonial reproduction tables, beds and case pieces the old-fashioned way. The reward is not just a table, but a unique table – assembled and finished with one’s own hands. Yes, Matt is a skilled woodworker, but our testimonial pages are full of comments from DIYers who tell not only how easy these kits are to assemble, but also how delighted they have been with the quality of each kit.
Dining table bases range from simply four square-cut legs to an ornate glass and metal pedestal base.
From elegant bevels of the table legs to a contemporary, angular pedestal base, table base style knows no bounds.
All part are fine sanded, the aprons are even pre-drilled for the mounting of your own table top. For the commercial woodworker, the benefits are similar, with the table base kit also being an efficient way to boost production while saving labor.
Also includes two pre-drilled apron joiner cleats, mounting screws for your top and assembly instructions.
The mortise and tenon joinery is historically accurate and proven to be the strongest assembly technique for building wooden dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, kitchen islands, vanities and benches.

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