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Omnidroid v.10, also known as the Omnidroid 10,000, is the final Omnidroid created by Syndrome. Laser cannon: The final version of the Omnidroid was equipped with a head-mounted laser cannon. Flight: The Omnidroid, thanks to the rocket launchers in its claws, was able to fly clean off the ground without effort.
Durability: The Omnidroid was absolutely resistant to effectively any physical attack from bullets, missiles and even the incredible strength of Mr. The Parr family escape with help from a repentant Mirage and arrive in the city in a camp bus that crashes.
The Omnidroid appears as the final boss in the video game of the same name's final level "Save the World".
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. It could pick up and throw enormous boulders over vast distances, punch down trees, and hold its ground against Mr. Its programmings enabled it to effortlessly and immediately overcome any obstacle or opponent it was confronted with; as a result, it never fled from an opponent and was utterly relentless in combat. The Omnidroid sees them there and attacks the costumed family, and a climactic battle between the Incredibles and the Omnidroid erupts.
Unlike the other Omnidroid bosses in the game, the Omnidroid 10 has five lives instead of three.

It is a very important character in the 3DS version, it appears as a opponent and boss in the final board. The two models before it, 08 and 09, were medium grey in color, whilst the 10 was a metallic black. It is the secondary antagonist of Pixar's 2004 feature film, The Incredibles (since Mirage reformed). The Omnidroid was so intelligent that it began to question why it had to be controlled by its creator, and quickly figured out how to overcome Syndrome's control over it. The hero only managed to escape its clutches after Syndrome falls into a monologous rant, hurling Bob away from the robot in a fevered rage. The Omnidroid throws a fuel truck that nearly crushes several civilians, but Syndrome catches it. Its strength allowed it to punch through concrete and thick ice, and also make craters in entire roads just by lowering its body. The only material hard enough to penetrate its armor, ironically, was the Omnidroid itself. Violet Parr saves him by creating a force-field, but the Omnidroid destroys the field with its mass. So each adventure shows a series of challenges that breaks down the bot until it makes its final attempt. Incredible, Syndrome finalizes the design and programming, and moves forward with Project Kronos.
As he cheers for himself, pleased at what he is doing, the Omnidroid notices that the remote controls it.

If the player loses, it will regain life, by destroying the buildings on the game board until it is fully healed.
Two nights later, the robot is loaded into a rocket, which is launched with coordinates aimed at Metroville. As per its programing, Omnidroid identifies a flaw in its tactics, IE that it can be remote controlled, and blasts the controller off of Syndrome's wrist, who then flees in terror.
He realizes that the only thing that can penetrate the Omnidroid's metal shell is its own weapons, flashing back on how he defeated v.09 previously. Bob lands besides the remote, and recognizes it and yells out that he has it, accidentally drawing the robot's attention. Bob uses the remote to detach another of the Omnidroid's legs before throwing the remote to Dash.
When it's close enough, Helen presses the button and it causes the claw to fly out of Bob's hand and through the Omnidroid, piercing its shell and extracting its core.
It stands motionless for a few seconds before tipping over and falling down, and then explodes.

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