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The Face Behind The SiteI'm Kenda, Massachusetts mother of two who loves tech, beauty, and design. Let’s face it – grout can be a real pain to deal with in a shower or tub area – but cheap plastic or fiberglass surrounds aren’t the answer because they just don’t last (and are prone to discoloration and cracking). System 1 – PVC Backed Composite Sentrel Walls – One of the most interesting new product on the market in the last 5 years is the decorative Sentrel tub and shower inserts.
There are different sized trim moldings to accommodate a new construction or remodel installation (it is possible with this line to go over existing tile). System 2 – Acrylic walls – Acrylic shower and tub wall surrounds have come a long way since the days of the plain white walls that were originally used in hotels to go over old tile. One of the challenges with acrylic walls is they can be difficult to source as a DIY consumer and the colors are more limited than the Sentrel materials. System 3 – Solid Surface Shower & Tub Surrounds – Solid surface panels are another option for a DIY’er. If you’re looking for more information or an estimate to install or supply the decorative Sentrel shower or tub wall panels contact The Bath Doctor of Cleveland (216-531-6085) or Columbus (614-252-7294).For nationwide direct product sales call Innovate Building Solutions (877-668-5888). President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors. Please enable Javascript in your browser's settings to enjoy the full functionality of the HomeDIYStuff website.With your current settings, various enhanced menus, animations and user requests may not operate correctly.
Having a sheet metal bender in the workshop makes a huge array of normally difficult DIY projects, suddenly simple.
Professional workshop (or even DIY hobby) sheet metal and acrylic benders, do not usually come cheaply.
Our DIY metal bender provides sharp and professional looking folds when used on 0.5-2mm thick sheet metal, tin and aluminum sheet.
A step-by-step guide would likely be overkill for a project of this simplicity, so for this project guide, we mainly rely on photos of what we did to show how the design went together. In general, this is a quick and easy project with very satisfying results for those with basic DIY skills and relatively basic tools available in the work shed.
The bender is great for making protective metal and aluminum boxes for electronic circuit boards, protective edging for furniture, component covers, etc. Firstly, if not using particle board as we did, at least use a strong, rigid wood or metal for the main base and folding parts. We would not recommend using particle board thicknesses anything less than 15mm (and if done again from wood, we would possibly double up the 15mm board, or use a 30 mm thick particle board). Secondly, use extremely sturdy metal hinges with little or no give in the joints (ie: backlash).

The hinges need recessing into both the base board and the folding board such that the axis of the hinge joint sits flush with the line of fold (between the base board and the folding board).  A wood router or CNC machine will be a great help in cutting this recess if available, but the job can also be done manually with a little careful chisel work. While the cutout doesn’t have to fit the hinge area exactly, it is important that the depth is at least accurate and that the folding edge between the base boards is positioned to be close and well seated. A standard drill can be used to make the required bolt holes in the base board and clamping board. When drilling the holes, use wood clamps to fix both boards tightly together in position and ensure the clamp board edge and the intended folding edge are aligned correctly before drilling through both boards at the same time.  Remember to allow for the width of the aluminum strengthening strip.
Screw or glue additional lengths of particle board to the underside of the base board (as in the photos) to allow the unit to sit flat on a table without the bolt hexagonals protruding through the bottom. The clamping board holes then need to be drilled out to be slightly larger than the M8 bolts.  This allows the clamp board to slip over the top of the bolt threads easily. If wanting a unit which also handles thicker acrylics and plastics, use adjustable slots in the clamp board instead. The slotted holes allow us to adjust the inner folding edge away from the bending point of the base board when bending thicker acrylics and plastics. We built a machine with the slotted hole clamp board option.  The slots were made using a CNC machine. We were impressed with what we had produced in such a short time and by the great job it did!
After the easy and professional looking folds we made in 2mm sheet metal and thicker acrylics, we immediately started thinking about a merits of a larger, heavier duty steel version for bending thicker plate steel.  Keeping the same general concept of design, but by significantly increasing bend leverage and material strength all round, we are sure this general design will still work well on heavier applications. Thicker materials tend to give a rounder looking edge on bends.  If you are looking for super sharp folds, go the extra distance and do the job using this professional technique. For cleaner angles we recommend pre-slotting a channel along the line of the inner edge of your intended folds, before bending.
Upon folding, the channel will allow the inside of the fold to collapse in on itself more easily, bending into a neat 90 degree angle. You will be able to have good and nice look only our nail without bothering with the design. Some nail designs may not make you feel comfortable while doing house chores but this art is very cute. Sentrel is a PVC backed composite that fuses of an advanced high resolution digital image and a scratch resistant hard coat to create the look of real stone at a fraction of the price. The system uses a specialized polyurethane adhesive to adhere the DIY tub or shower wall panels over sheetrock or existing tile. These panels come in different sizes for both standard or custom sizes in over 60 different colors. It is even better if that same bending machine can also be used for bending acrylic sheet and other plastics as well.  That’s why we want to share this great DIY project with you, because this thing is just so handy!

Our design is suitable for the Home DIY masses, since it is made from easy to tool wooden particle board.  With a bit of noise and dust in the workshop, you can have this project cut and screwed together in just an hour or two. We can also use it alongside our DIY workshop oven to bend acrylic and other plastics up to a thickness of 10mm (ie: using an external heat source).
We have only just started to scratch the surface of the machine’s future potential ourselves.
Any flex of the base or clamp boards will degrade the quality of metal bends, especially in thicker sheet materials.
So what type of shower wall panels can create a cool low maintenance space for a DIY’er that’s easy to work with and won’t bust the budget? This material is easy to install and comes with a range of accessories (including 2 different sized niches, corner shelves, trim moldings, and accent strips). I will include a link here to check out these products – feel free to call us – we would love to help!
The slot depth should be approximately 30-50% of the depth of the total metal thickness and of similar width. You can gather Black Diy Acrylic Nails For Prom guide and see the latest DIY Acrylic Nails Step by Step in here. It is warm to the touch and is flexible in it’s ability to go over old tile shower and tub surrounds. Solid surface panels are usually cut with a circular saw with a fine blade (this may present a challenge for a DIY’er who does not own this type of equipment). There are also ready to purchase DIY shower and tub kits that include precut walls and trim pieces for an even quicker installation.
But that creates a layered 3D effect that can catch on fabric, break off, scratch your kids (found that out the hard way). This gave me a different natural look with more pink and it was a little bit stronger than the first try. If you decide to stock up on supplies, you’ll want to store them separately and securely.
Click HERE to watch a great video by Bold n Trendy Nails showing how to keep your at-home set looking great.TweetKendaI write stuff, drink too much coffee, and laugh at my own jokes.

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