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When we first walked through this house, I knew I wanted to redo the fireplace mantel and flank it with some nice floor to ceiling built-in shelves. And now I cringe because I just showed you how messy my home is on a regular basis…actually, in all honesty, it’s probably usually worse! Here’s the problem area, tempting our mobile baby with all of the cords and things to pull on. I did all of this carpet-removing during naptime, and since I’d built and painted the shelves the night before, was able to actually build them in during the same nap.
I didn’t want the whole thing to be white, so the shelf on top of the closed cabinets will be a nice birch plywood, with (eventually) more adjustable white shelves on top of that (with a dark, charcoal gray background? While building the lower cabinet, I used a couple of furring strips across the top under where the stained top will be. You can also see in the pics above and below that I screwed through the shelves with some 3-inch screws into the wall. In fact, if you look closely in a couple of the pictures above you can see that there are shims under the corner that sticks out, because the floor is higher back in the inside corner than the front right corner.

With the top in place, I cut the rounded trim to size and again used Power Grab to keep it in place. I would love nothing more than to finish off my mantel and built-in shelves in the living room, but other things are more important around here right now.
I spent time looking on pinterest for inspiration and liked various aspects of the following few examples.
But I could start the bottom part, which would allow us to get our electronics off the floor and out of Jules’ reach. Eventually we plan to remove all of the carpet and let the beautiful hardwood that is hiding beneath shine. It made it easier to paint and stain each piece individually than to put it all together at the beginning. I made the face frame out of simple 1x2s, but waited to cut and paint them until the book shelf was in place.
I thought about using a couple of 2x8s to give it a nice, chunky look, but in the end wanted a shelf that was nice and smooth (without having to sand the heck out of it). To hide the plywood edge, I used some simple rounded trim, but waited to attach it until it was all in place.

In the picture below you can see that I put a bead of Power Grab on the cabinet before lowering the top. I didn’t want to fill or stain nail holes, and Power Grab is the duct tape of home DIY.
I did, however, put in some pocket holes before installing it, to make attaching the top quick and easy.
This way I could put them exactly where I wanted…in an old house (or any house for that matter) you don’t want to take level floors or square corners for granted! When we rip up the carpet and put down some shoe molding the gap will completely disappear.
While fixing up our first house I discovered my love for all things DIY: renovating, building furniture, crafting, crocheting, sewing, you name it!

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