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So I decided to basically BLOCK both of these nuisances with a Cinder Block Garden!  Now, when I saw this on Pinterest, I Googled to find more, and well… I am going to give you the REAL D-I-Y on how to do this thing. I would highly recommend this project to anyone wanting a unique, fun way to have a garden! Kim, I dont think it matters, since I planted annuals… they should look the same year round. I can't even imagine how a child would be able to tip over a concrete slab that weighs probably several hundred pounds. That concrete slab table could kill a small child trying to climb up to it so it better be well balanced so that it cannot possibly tip over. Love the outdoor benches (1 and 7)!  Now I'm wishing I wouldn't have asked my husband to get rid of the few cinder blocks we had laying around outside our shop.  Great ideas, thanks for sharing! Capree Kimball is a design nerd and a dog-loving optimist with a penchant for collecting tin robots and gobbling up gravy-smothered biscuits. Cinder blocks make great frames for a raised garden bed as they’re more durable than untreated timbers and it may not be safe to use treated timber anyway!. A trendy humor filled website with videos, memes, pics, articles, plus trends, reviews and product suggestions. There is cardboard underneath – because the bed is raised you can place that as a lining rather than having to till up a garden.

I am looking at putting in an above ground fish pond and want to use this cinder block planter idea to surround the pond.
But with some creativity and elbow grease, you can put them to work transforming your outdoor space into a stylish living area!
I wasn't looking for ideas other than planters and you have enlightened my inner creativity.
They are easy on your back and will give your plants good drainage and generally better soil quality. Easily picked up at your local home improvement store, with a little creativity you can use it to create garden hardscaping that will last.
Bonus tip: Fill the cinder block hollows with dirt and plant a little border around the garden – perhaps some herbs or small edible flowers?
It combines well with other elements such as wood, and is easy for even the beginning DIY’er to work with.
Build the retaining wall is kind of amazing thing to do and everybody loves to have such a thing in their gardens, but you also know that the price will always be the main problem to deal with and that is the main reason cinder block retaining wall could be your perfect answer you are looking for at the moment. Once you've joined, you can either continue to use your social credentials or you can login with your username and password if you prefer. And, of course, being so durable, you don’t have to worry about time-consuming or costly repairs from time to time.

Thank you.Barbara Schmidt Reimer, Wisconsin USA Brilliant and thanks - really useful tool! Read the rest of this article is a very wise of you to do since I am about to show you how the retaining wall made of the cinder block could possibly bring something amazing to the house right now.Building a decorative wall to the garden and bring amazing idea of the landscaping is in everybody’s dream at the moment.
Overall, cinder blocks make for a very practical and economical choice for building raised garden beds. Yet, we are not only talking about visual addition, but also how the retaining wall provides more security peace of mind at the same time.
Although this kind of addition could possibly bring so many benefits, there is no need of you to spend and waste a lot of money just to build one since there are so many options are available for you to choose from, such as the cinder block for an example.
More and more people opt for this kind of thing since it is the most affordable solution.The retaining walls indeed are expensive, but it is just some of them.
Wow,,I work around them and can't wait to start setting some "as perfect as I can get" ones aside.
I can't wait to give my teenage boys the news for there next mommy project lolMarie Gennoe, Stellarton Nova Scotia Canada hello , i am arali from south algieran (tamanrasset ) you have good idea thanks for all knowledje araliArali Sidi, Southern Algeria Love this site.

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