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Take advantage of taller pantry shelves and try using curtain tension rods as support dividers for sheet pans, cutting boards, and serving ware. Mallory devised this genius kitchen storage storage: a custom-built storage rack for canned goods that slides into that sliver of unusable space between the refrigerator and the wall.
The team at Family Handyman show you how to install pre-made closet racks within your cabinets for storage of canned goods and other pantry staples. Cassandra and Nate totally tricked out their walk-in pantry with DIY storage shelves made from MDF and plumbing pipe fittings. Finally, check out this wine glass holder made from T-molding (originally designed for wood floor transitions).
And this design is incredibly easy so let’s get right into our easy DIY wall to wall closet. Decide what you are doing for doors FIRST, this will determine how big your openings need to be.
Since we were going wall to wall (132 inches long) we decided we wanted two sets of doors, having that center part framed in really ended up helping us hide some of the structural elements of the closet shelves.
Definitely don’t hesitate to email me if you have any specific questions about the framing. And, we had the whole space primed and painted first, I definitely recommend doing that, too, if you can. When it comes to the closet shelves, we had the nice guys at the Home Depot rip the 4 x 8 foot sheets of Purebond to 24 inches. And, knowing that these were getting screwed into the wall right under each shelf, I only primed and painted one side and one edge. And here’s where that center wall proved to be in the perfect location to hide extra supports.
That left the perfect little 3 foot section for hanging clothes on the right of the closet.
So, for ease of everything we made our shelves 8 feet long starting on the left side of the closet and supported them on 1) both sides, 2) all along the back, and 3) with two additional supports for the front of the shelf. You could definitely nail everything in with 3 inch nails and a hammer, it would just take a bit more woman power. Once we got the third shelf installed we decided to add the vertical board that would separate the hanging section of the closet.
And then we paused to appreciate a puppy who is not a huge fan of the noise of the nail gun and compressor. This time using the finish nail gun, Joel acted as the eyes (scary, I know) to make sure each shelf was at the right height and that I had the gun lined up straight and we nailed the new vertical support right into each shelf. The top two shelves went a little different just because they needed to run the full length of the closet, and we were still working with 8 foot long sections. For the fourth shelf, that lines up with the top of the hanging clothes section, we used the full 8 foot piece again and then cut a piece to fit the rest of the way. For the top shelf we actually decided to cut down two 8 foot pieces so the seam would be hidden behind the center wall.
Just personal preference on that, because that did leave us with smaller pieces leftover, which isn’t awesome. I just clamped the two scrap pieces at the same time to a 2 x 4 and used a hole saw the same diameter as my rod to cut holes in them.
You could just buy a set of rod supports that are easy to screw in, but they were about $5 and plastic and the hole saw was about $6.
And the painted supports under each shelf all but disappear in there after a little spackling, caulk and touch up since they are painted the same color as the wall. We added a little 4 inch high baseboard around the bottom and magically made the edges of the plywood look like wood with stainable Birch (to match the plywood) edging. I may have cursed that sliding edging and the hot iron close to my delicate little fingers and all the little trimming of excess edging and glue a few times.

And for those of you who actually use your iron for clothing (weird!) you should use a rag between the edging and your iron to prevent any glue or stain (if you are in the stain first, iron later camp) from ruining your iron.
I tried that for a hot second until I realized I needed to actually see if the edging was lining up with the plywood, so good luck with that. Update:  The doors are finished and hung, and I learned a few things about my husband along the way, read all of the details here.
Hmm, someone might have thought I was going to unpack the boxes we still have in our kitchen and dining room and get a little organized.
And if you’ve missed any part of our Key West home renovation you can get caught up right here. Two-Toned Walk-In Closet OrganizerMixing woods in a custom closet system is a great way to add a splash of subtle color and modern flair to any storage space.
Traditional Wood Stained Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis elegant walk-in closet features a granite topped island with drawers and a sitting bench, raised panel and glass doors, custom shoe fences, built-in dresser and covered hanging storage space.
Simple and Functional Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis clean, crisp walk-in closet organizer is done in white with flat paneled drawer faces and contemporary style hardware to match. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Corner Shelving and Custom LightingThe corner unit of shelving in this walk-in closet allows for deeper shelf space and ample room to open the drawers on the left and right sides.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Raised Panel StylingA mocha veneer with raised panel drawer and door fronts add a rich tone to this functional closet system. White Contemporary Walk-In Closet OrganizerCloset accessories add function to this contemporary closet organizer. Dark Brown Walk-In Closet Organizer with IslandDark rich tones, surface detail, granite and opaque glass doors make this closet space unique and inviting. Large Modular Walk-In Closet OrganizerModular closet organizers are great for modern tastes. Walk-In Fur Coat ClosetThis specialty closet houses fur coats as well as plush fabrics and pillows.
Modular Walk-In Closet OrganizerMix and match great modular closet organizers to fit your needs. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Shoe Storage SolutionsThis red-toned melamine closet organizer has a little bit of everything including different shoe storage options. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Crown MouldingThis example is a beautiful walk-in closet with ample space for hanging clothes, shelf items, drawers and cabinets.
Walk-In Closet Organizer on Back Wall Behind BedCustom closet organizers can create quite the impact on small spaces as well. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Vanity AreaA great idea for a large space: a vanity area in the closet. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Tall CeilingCustom closet organizers with high shelving provide extra storage space for seasonal storage, display items and draws your attention to the elaborate moulding on the ceiling. Modular Walk-In Closet Organizer with Mid Level DrawersIf there is enough room between a higher hanging pole and lower hanging pole, mid-level drawers can work.
Traditional Walk-In Closet Organizer with Glass DoorsA deep brown tone works well in this nicely lit closet system with light colored flooring. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Various Hanging SectionsThis closet features examples of double hanging sections for standard hang items, a medium hanging section for suit jackets, a long hanging section for dresses and a garment lift near the top for seasonal items. Long and Narrow Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis long walk-in closet makes use of it's narrow layout by designing the hanging area on one side and the shelves and drawers on the other; this will allow more open space once the items are placed inside.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Pull Down Closet RodsThis light maple colored walk-in closet features walls of pull down closet rods to make use of the high ceilings.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Back Wall ShelvingPlacing adjustable shelving at the end of a narrow closet allows for easier access to the hanging clothes in the corner and makes for functional closet storage.
A limited storage area doesn’t mean you can’t create a wonderful walk-in closet design idea.
Sign-up for FREE and stay up-to-date with the latest news and great offers from Closet Pages. The Easy Track starter kit is the perfect foundation for a complete closet organization system.

You can customize your system by adding accessories like drawers, shoe shelves, wardrobe rods, baskets or doors to fit your taste and organizing needs. Make sure you enter a valid email address in the e-mail field (don't worry, that info is kept private). You can increase your chances of winning by sharing the giveaway on your own blog, Facebook, or Twitter.
Use the easy share buttons below, and make sure to leave a comment linking your blog post, Tweet or FB status update! I live in an old victorian house with very small closets and this would help maximize the effeciency of that small space!
When you open the wardrobe, all clothes that is inside falls on you, or it can take hours for you to find something in it. If the doors of lockers open on the outside, you can set hangers on the door for belts, ties, scarves, hats…If you do not have shelves put boxes.
Please consider updating your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. And since the choice to remodel isn’t one to take lightly—in fact, the kitchen is the most expensive room in a house to renovate—sometimes we have to settle for smarter storage rather than more. Her (highly recommended) tips include repackaging and labeling cleaning products so they fit side by side. I’m totally pinning this for reference because I have the saddest closet system complete with sagging plastic rails (not due to me over stuffing them with clothes or anything).
This 2 foot deep closet organizer makes use of small decorative additions to make a plain white closet pop!
The Easy Track starter kit package: this week's giveaway prize (it's available in three colors: truffle, white and natural cherry)!
The deluxe starter kit is a do-it-yourself (DIY) storage system that fits a 4’ to 8’ closet and is very easy to install.
My Husband And I are in serious need of a master bedroom closet make-over, I keep giving clothes away to goodwill but we still never seem to have enough space.
I finally have a bit bigger of a closet now and would LOVE to have this beautiful organizer. This giveaway is now closed; we'll tally up the results, select the winner and let you know ASAP! Our bedroom is in the basement and we have a small room off our bedroom that would make a great walk in closet. Becky figured out a creative solution to this common annoyance by mounting measurement tools on—get this—paint stirrers inside her cabinet door.
This would really help us utilize all our space and make for a happer, more organized way of life. Our dream is to have all of our clothes in one location in stead of spread out in 3 different locations. Before the organization of the closet, you need to divide the clothes on summer and winter clothes. We've teamed up with Easy Track, makers of easy-to-install closet organization systems, to give away an Easy Track starter kit, worth $270! You can organize each color by length, for example from shortest to the longest, or from short sleeves to long.
If the closet is bigger you can organize each zone separately, for example, dresses, shirts, etc. If you don’t have a special place for bags in your closet, you can add extra shelve on top of it.

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