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Always (most of time) cut your crown standing up, at an angle against the fence of the saw (you’ll see a pic later). I used a piece of MDF that was 4 inches wide I had on hand leftover from the paneled wall, cut it the length of the door and nailed it up.
Here’s the piece of crown after I finished cutting, and I got this right the very first try! Your side pieces will have a 45 degree angles as well, and also one straight angle (the side that touches the wall). Please note: When you cut your side or end piece, you will also cut the crown upside down, BUT, for this cut you can just lay it flat on the saw since you need a simple straight cut. Goodness, I know this is a long post and tutorial, but I couldn’t think of any other way to tell you all. I used a small thin piece of flat decorate trim to cover the seam between the door casing and mdf.
That looks so pretty…Saws make me a little nervous but I’m sure my husband could make the cuts! Oooooh you’re right that makes your doors look so pretty : ) Your nails look rockn to!
It looks absolutely amazing, but I think my favorite part is that you did the whole thing with perfectly manicured nails. You did a great job with the molding and I really like that you went with a rope detail in both the crown and trim piece. Installing decorative trim around an entry door -- whether old or newly installed -- is a quick way to give your house a facelift.
Urethane foam trim is light, paintable, easy to cut, and will never rot -- ideal for exterior trim.

To establish the width of the header (the piece above the door), hold each piece of casing in place and mark along its outside edge. To assure that the header will stand proud of the casing, glue in place urethane parting stop along the inside of the top and bottom of the header.
Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin! I'm replacing some existing exterior door trim (pediment and pilasters) due to door replacement and some other work; I believe they are made of urethane.
I'm in the process of home improvement and I would like to know where did you purchase the exterior door trim (Pilaster & Pediment) from? I looked up what I wanted at fypon site and then ordered via Lowe's or HD, I can't remember which.
I never knew what they were called, and have been searching the web for their name so I can now search for them and replace my ugly rotted one over my front door. Usually when you have crown molding up on the ceiling, the most decorative part is on the bottom part. Make sense?) ¬†Also notice how I’m standing up the crown against the fence of the saw and holding tightly before I cut. We are going to turn a few of our dark furniture pieces into rustic furniture via whitewashing, and sawing. With the advent of urethane foam molding, there is now a wide range of affordable molding styles to choose from. Urethane foam cuts as easily as wood, but if the saw blade binds and overheats, a hard crust will build up.
If you are handy with DIY and your doorways are not trimmed out, this is the project for you!

Then I also used wood glue for my side pieces, but do not use your nail gun on the small side pieces because they are too fragile. She has a great site that gives step by step tutorials and plans on how to make TONS of furniture and stuff.
If needed, seal and insulate the gap between the jamb and the framing with non-expanding spray foam insulation.
The header looks best if it extends beyond the casing; add twice the thickness of the header to the overall length and mark for cutting. Drill pilot holes and attach the casing with 6d casing nails driven into the jambs and 10d nails driven into the sheathing and studs. You may need to measure your door and order the header -- the horizontal piece at the top -- at a certain length. The existing has held up well (16 years) but didn't know if it was easier to screw into the vinyl vs. And if you have any experience with distressing wood to make rustic feel, please direct me to your blog!
And once you do it and get it right, it’ll be like a piece of cake the next time you need to cut some crown.

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